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  1. This hearthswarming season has been great. Got two days off from work and to stay home and read Star Wars comics. Also saw Rise of Skywalker. ( top 3 of 9 for sure ) Gifts wise Avatar TLAB earth bender necklace MLP D&D game. Bath and Body works products D&D dice bag Some plushies that are on the way Fallen order
  2. Today is the first day of Lights Rise. May the light of the Force reach all who need it. 
    May the light of your chosen path refresh you. 
    Should you hold not spirituality then may the light of your chosen family warm you. 

  3. Oh it doesn't still exist.... better notify the residents of Olympia Greece then. Lack of imagination is no excuse for dismissing the idea of an Equestrian Empire or not knowing that a Greek city still exists. Marathons are still called a marathon even when they are not held in Greece. In case you did not know where the story/name originated. In short things keep the name of where they were founded rather often and then travel from its source location.
  4. Hey all. I am finally able to post again. Am I able to keep in the RP? Sorry for the sudden vanishing. But deaths in my family and friends circle combined with 60 hour work weeks to kick my rear
  5. Hail to my favorite Princess. I am finally back to a healthy space. And I may have a surprise to show yall when it arrives after hearths warming
  6. Hey all I know I tried to come back sooner but my rear got kicked by 60 hour work weeks for the entire month as well as the deaths of the two people close to me. Once I am on my days off I will be posting again and trying to post during the week more now that I am not working such stupid long hours 

  7. I apologize for being gone for so long.  I will be slowly easing back into things so that I can help with my duties and get back to RPs here. 
    I had a death in the family and someone I have known since high school was murdered. It put me for a loop and I needed recovery time. Hopefully I can be back to speed shortly. 

    1. Tacodidra


      *hugs* I'm sorry to hear that, my friend. :sunny: I hope you're doing alright! And don't worry about the forums, it's completely understandable – take all the time you need.

  8. Not really. Them drifting apart made more sense. They had to have known each other for some time due to her being ABs teacher as well as the both living in the same relatively small town and yet never seemed interested in each other until the love poison situation. After that they explored if it could have had more to it then the potion and whelp it didn't work. IE no spark from the get go it was all potion. Finding someone new he had never met before just makes more sense.
  9. Being bi myself doubt it would make much of a difference to me. But it would take getting used to. Sound to me you are degrading peoples sexuality. Or that it can be changed if you just try hard enough. Sorta like oh idk conversion therapy. Not feeling any acceptance for the fact that peoples sexuality are a deciding factor who they date/sleep with.
  10. Ill get us started with one of my boys sleeping
  11. Umm no. Its not their right. You do not have a right to touch other people or property against their will. Lets apply your arguement to any other situation: If someone want to just come into your house and take a nap its their choice so its their rights too If someone wants to take your food and eat it, its their choice so its their rights too You do not have any rights to stop other people from doing something legal. You do not have a right to violate the rights of others. And stopping someone from doing what they wish with their property requires one of the following property theft/damage assault trespass All of which are criminal and morally wrong and not something you have a right to do
  12. To all my brothers and sisters who served 

    Happy Veterans Day. 

  13. Hey how many people would be interested in fitness routines and maybe meditations based on the MLP franchise? Is that something people would use / be interested in seeing? 

    1. Tacodidra


      That sounds interesting, for sure! :)

    2. Lord Valtasar
  14. Yes I have Never have I lied to get out of work