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  1. @Bakugou Is My Man <3 Yes, I have attempted that. I still receive the same error message when it's off. I'm unsure whether or not the issue is with my phone or the site. Regardless, I'm just hoping there's someway to connect to the site through my new phone.
  2. Recently I bought a new iPhone eight, but for some reason I can't log into forums through it. I've tried multiple browser, but when I input my information into Poniverse, it loads a second, and then I received and error message that reads, "Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred." I have gone into the settings and toggled pretty much everything, but I still receive the same message. I'm unsure whether or not this problem is caused by the phone or the site, but I'm a pretty big mobile user and haven't encountered a problem with it till now. I can log into Poniverse itself, but I'm unable to get into forums through there still. Any advice would be helpful!
  3. Oh wow! She looks super good, you're so talented at drawing!!
  4. My favorite main pony is rainbow dash, and I think she has the best design for the main six. But my overall favorite is Princess Celestia, I think she's underrated for how much she's done.
  5. A True True Friend for sure, it's so happy and catchy, I actually really liked it as a way to wrap up season three.
  6. 80 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny, but with a little bit of clouds
  7. I love cats, I grew up with them They're adorable fluff balls and dogs r alot of energy, plus they don't bark like dogs :3