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  1. Yes; I think that in the movie there will be a lot of new places
  2. Sorry if I reply so late I'm back home just now. This is great! I was hoping to find someone that coulded help me. I think the first thing to do is to list canterlot paces and then start finding them a localization. Everything based on the show 😊 I want to add to the list a canterlot place seen many times, it's a crossroad with a cafe on an angle. We can see this place when rarity goes to canterlot and also ina twilight's flashback when cadence made an enchantment to let love spread between two ponies. I would like to give a provisory name for this cafe. "Equestria cafe" It resembles me this fan art, that could have been inspired by this place (sorry for my english, I probably wrote something wrong):
  3. This (bad, sorry, my phone's dumb sometimes) screenshot is one of the least known places of Canterlot, the yacht port, I'm putting it here. If someone want to help he can post in this topic Canterlot places, also the most famous ones. I'll keep updated this.
  4. Hi everyone, today I'm proposing a discussion that interests me a lot. Canterlot, the capital, but how is this city structured? We, with our knowledge and a bit of fantasy could make a realistic map for Canterlot, with the real Palace and his towers, parks, residences and main structures. Maybe a lot of you won't be interested but if you are, I hope you'll help this topic grow. I know that in MLP there isn't such a detailed description of environments, but only points where the characters are making their actions. This is why I want your help to structurate a pretty realistic but also accurate map for the city starting by important buildings such as towers, library or Canterlot's arena. After this damn long presentation I need a list of important places. I was arrived until 4th season's start but I had a year without watching it so I needed to restart. Things are re birthing in my memory! If there are Canterlot places not listed until 4th season I ask you to list them anyway. Any idea will be discussed! Without spoilers
  5. Thank you! Appreciating
  6. Hi everyone, nice to meet you. I'm not good at presentations, and I'm italian, wich probably will make this post not easy to read. I hope we'll have good conversations here, I see a big community and that's awesome. So I decided to join. Ps. Anyone knows if the movie will be released at the same time in Europe than USA or later? Pps. Not many people will enjoy that, I'm a supporter of italian alt right, but I'm not phobic of anyone so no problem. I have many gay and muslim friends so don't break my jelly beans And now: