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  1. (OOC: Sorry for short post! Crazy week, you know how it goes...) @Techno Universal The griffon glared at Techno. He was not at all pleased, folding his wings back to his side and leaving the mare's uncovered. Grim blushed a little, quite unsure how he was supposed to take the comment. "Wha-" Grim replied, grumbling as he rubbed his forehead. "Never mind... so someone's up here trying to take down the ship? And... ah, have you even told the captain any of this!? If there's someone trying to kill us all, everyone should know! Why, the entire ship should be on lockdown!" Grim was in a tizzy over it now, the white feathers of his head puffed out. Both claws he slammed on the table for emphasis. @BloodDrops "Oh, most appreciated!" The skeleton replied, nodding his head graciously. "But it's not for me, I apologize for misspeaking. It's for My Lady, the Countess. I keep a full supply, naturally. But like I said, it was stolen from the cabin." He shrugged. "You equestrian's are a strange bunch... not exactly respectful are you? Privacy and courtesy is everything in the Vampire Coast." The skeleton turned around and started for one of the rooms down the hall. The countess was only a few doors down from the Stag's room, just stone's throw. At that point Kiloton had walked away, just in the process of turning the corner before he looked back at Blood as she stood there. Kiloton narrowed his eyes as he stared at Blood.
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    At the rate they were going, the sphinx would just bleed out. Unfortunately, it wasn't happening fast enough. She was severely wounded, but there was no sign of her giving into the pain. The resistance to it was unreal. There was clearly something else at play with the Wolf's warriors. The sphinx managed to toss maple onto her back, but she wasn't finished. She continued snapping at the bat's neck, despite being kept at bay for the moment with all paws focused on keeping maple down and her weapon from making another strike. It was a stalemate, though it appeared as though the sphinx was in the lead. A few others around the arena had paused their own activities to watch the fight with lazy interest. "Very well master!" Grim replied happily, "And no need to worry. I've been doing this sort of thing for a while now... one way or another, chaos will reign! It's impossible for us to fail!" The giant bird laughed maniacally as he grabbed his halberd out of the air from the grasp of his attendants. He used it to prop himself up, rising onto his hind legs and flaring out his wings, Woody still clinging to his back. He was big enough on all fours, but standing upright only made him look more massive and intimidating to the small warriors below him. "Flax! A portal to Tambelon, just outside mind you. Don't want to be split in half again, lost my lucky rabbit paw that way..." He commented absently. "Are you ready master?"
  3. @Techno Universal "Mhmm..." Grim replied skeptically, raising a brow to Techno. He clearly didn't believe Techno, especially given how he spoke about it... "I don't need magic to defeat my enemies. Nor do I need some frilly cape to help me along. My gear is traditional and ornamental. Fighting is entirely based on skill for a Griffon Knight." The large bird replied as a matter of factly, and a little boastfully. "Now, you still didn't answer my question... what's going on? What's all this about murder and death?" While he clearly wasn't interested in Techno's 'snugling', he was more than accepting of the two mares on either side of him. @BloodDrops Kiloton shrugged apologetically, still holding onto the machine. "Ugh, wretched beast... return her device at once! I have no patience for your kinds behaviors, and I must speak with the doctor here." Someone stepped behind Blood in the hallway, looking over her as the creature stood much taller than the average pony. It was the other undead passenger of the ship. Well, that's if you didn't consider the Vampire to be undead. The skeletal zombie had been fairly quiet among the other passengers, the creature consisting of nothing but bone, a product purely of magic rather than science or alchemy. Kiloton gave them both an apologetic look before handing over the centrifuge. It was... quite dirty, not to mention some of the tubes were spilled out onto the floor. The dog moved past the two quickly and made his way down the hall towards the rear of the ship. "Sorry to trouble you miss. I was wondering if you happened to have any samples of fresh blood. Someone broke into My Lady's room last night at dinner time and stole her supply..." The skeleton grumbled something under his breath at that. "I shall more than happily pay any fees you believe to be reasonable."
  4. Just let me know. I have no problem picking up an older RP from time to time if you'll still have me as the DM.
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    I... I... couldn't help myself XP
  6. @Techno Universal Grim was not at all pleased to have Techno join him on his side of the booth, especially as a mare sat on either side of him. As Techno moved to sit next to him, the griffon gave him a stern look, before shoving the pony off the seat and onto the floor. The little colt smacked his head in dismay as Grim pointed to the opposite side of the table, which was empty. "No offense, but I didn't invite you over for a tender moment..." Grimclaw stated sarcastically. After giving a sigh, still looking at Techno sternly while he gestured to the other side of the table, he leaned back and wrapped his wings around the two mares on either side of him. "Now, what's all this talk about death and murder? Don't like being left out of the loop! Makes me look the fool..." He stated. @BloodDrops "No." Kiloton stated bluntly, though to which question in particular wasn't clear. Then again, perhaps to all of them? Again, he wasn't usually much for words. The diamond dog stepped forward, pushing past Blood and into the storeroom to stand in front of her precious centrifuge. Of course he had seen her fawn over it... she wasn't exactly subtle about it. With his dirty paws, the palm of his right one coated in black engine oil over his fur, grabbed her centrifuge and examined it. "Regardless of the cause of death, the room is a crime scene. No one will enter but the authorities, for any reason." He stated in his soft quiet voice. There was no one else in the hallway at the moment. Everyone else was too busy on the upper deck having lunch to be wandering about at the moment. Parts of the storm were still causing a little bit of turbulence. Kiloton continued to fondle the device with his dirty grubby paws without any regard to how dirty it was making her centrifuge. He seamed fairly interested in it, giving the object a scrutinizing eye while pawing at some of the panels and covers. "What's the point of this thing?" He asked curiously.
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    The sphinx charged forward in a mad and wild fury. She didn't seem to care about her own self preservation any more, instead opting for an aggressive and mindless display of combat. Now, she dropped to all fours and leapt towards Maple. Her claws were fully extended as she dove through the air. Without any hesitaion she slammed into maple, trying to get her sharp teeth around the bat's throat. The claws only attempted to distract her, slashing and swiping before trying to grab at Maple's arms. She was trying to get the pony up onto her hind legs so she could throw her onto her back. "Of course! Can't go unpunished, can he?" Grim chuckled. "Such disregard for your family's children." Grim tisked condescendingly, to go along with Woody's comments of course. "Let's see... I believe he'll have headed back to the Empire's capitol. Tambelon is fairly deep into their territory. Plus, the city itself is heavily warded against unwanted incursions. Ah, but there are plenty of ways around that..." Grim chuckled as his pegasus, Pepper, returned with a dozen other flying creatures carrying additional armor pieces. Four of them flew low as they just barely avoided dropping a giant halberd as they approached their prince. "Oh it will be a grand spectacle... all the Elector Counts will be there to watch as we slay the general! Ha! Shall I assemble my armies as well? Nothing like a surprise invasion in the heart of their Empire to stir things up... though that doesn't help much with peaceful negotiations..." The last bit he said a little sarcastically.
  8. @Techno Universal Everyone watched with a mix of curiosity as Blood left in a huff. Well, all except for the first mate, who at that point was fuming. He decided to stomp off in the other direction out of sheer frustration. The captain accepted the state of affairs and returned to his table with some of the other passengers who were joining him. A little colt walked up to Techno as he lounged on the couch. It was Grimclaw's squire. "Uhm, excuse me sir, His Lordship states that you look bored all alone over here, and extends his invention to join him at his table." The colt said, bowing politely and gesturing to the table where Grim was surrounded by mares and joking while chowing down on large slabs of fried fish. @BloodDrops "The captain ordered you to return to your quarters." Kiloton stated, looming over Blood as she left the store room. "Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I was certain your quarters were in hall 3B." The black and white diamond dog was well spoken, especially for a diamond dog. His intelligence certainly earned him his title as head engineer, but his size certainly didn't hurt either. He retained all the same strengths as his kin along with that learned intellect, making him a dangerous foe in any context. Though, usually he was quiet and soft in his speech. He didn't 'waste words' as he called it. "Return to your quarters, ma'am." Kiloton stated. @PuddingPonyPal Inside the slit cut into the bottom of the mattress were two odd things. The first was another scroll, this one in a dark violet ink that shimmered in the light. It wasn't written in the same language as the scrolls in Lighthorn's luggage, this was some sort of code and written with an entirely different look. All the paper had on it was a bunch of ones with slightly different curved tops and bottoms. The second item was... It radiated with something oppressive, just looking at it gave a feeling of dread and wrenched the gut. It was some sort of stone disk, or at least half of one. It had been broken in half, the edges where it had been snapped well defined. There shouldn't be any problem connecting the other half should it have been found, if doing such a thing was a good idea to begin with... The heavy paw steps from the diamond dog from before returned, stopping in the room adjacent the the one Mehndi found herself in. Kiloton was talking to someone, but it was difficult to discern what they were saying.
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    The sphinx brought her weapon down just as anticipated, unable to bring it back up in time to deflect Maple's knife attack with it. The sword hit the ground with far less force than when she was using both paws. With her free armored arm, the sphinx attempted to essentially parry Maple's attack. She smacked Maple away, but not before the bat landed a deep blow. The sphinx was now bleeding from two different wounds, the knife wound considerably more over her left arm. Undetered, seemingly spurred on even more by the pain, the Sphinx dropped her weapon and extended her claws. With a vicious fury, she leaped forward after Maple. "Ha! Wonderful, I'm in!" Grim replied quickly. "So what did you have in mind? Going to blow up one of his cities!? Maybe... maybe rip apart a few of his little followers! Ha ha, that'll show him!" Grim chuckled. "This is going to be exciting! Just like old times, it's been a long time since I've palled around with one of you." He beamed with excitement, flaring out his wings. Grim started to stretch in anticipation for what he expected they were preparing to do. "Oh Peppermint! Pepper, I need my special things!!" He shouted out into the air, his little retinue still following them. A pegasus popped up from behind a tent and nodded quickly before flying off at a substantial speed. Grim decided to sit down right then and there in the middle of the path between the tents. His command team waited patiently as Grim continued his discussion with Woody.
  10. I'm sure @Techno Universal would continue as well. I would be willing to continue with this RP, but I don't think the others will be. Suppose we could just kill them off...
  11. @Star48955 Meh, looks like this one died
  12. @Techno Universal @PuddingPonyPal Firefly finished burning the papers and logs at the fireplace, then turned to find some more things to burn. The changeling wasn't interested in the conversation taking place across the upper deck, leaving the room with a excitement in her step. She was definitely a little firebug. Saturn rubbed his forehead after the comment Techno made out loud. "Yes, that was the plan..." "I don't care if you believe me or not." Saturn replied angrily, turning back to Blood. "Just ask anyone else in the bridge crew. We were, you know, flying through a storm... everyone was on deck. Meteorologist, both helms ponies, the navigator, communication, relations... and the command team. If anything... you are the more likely culprit, the infirmary is centralized, and you were alone during the storm... your assistant was stuck up here in dining." The captain finally stood up, approaching Saturn and Blood. Still everyone was fixed on Blood after she had made her stunning accusations. "Dr. Blood, return to your cabin." Captain Thunder interrupted, face neutral and stalwart as always. "It's been a stressful evening. Take this time to relax." It wasn't a request, it was an order. @PuddingPonyPal Mehndi left the items in the slit under the mattress as she stood up in the center of the room, before taking the torn journal of course. Her scrutinizing eyes revealed some interesting finds. At the foot of the bed by one of the bed posts, was an exceptionally long feather, perhaps longer even than Mehndi's leg. It was a pristine feather, ornamental even. Atop the pile of grass and leaf clothing strewn in the center of the room, was a lock of chocolate brown hair. It looked- no, it in fact WAS her hair, part of her tail. Oddly enough, mixed in with the clothes, was a much shorter more average sized brown feather, neither had the same look as a pegasus. Avoiding the puddle of ink on the floor, she found her way to the closet. There were few things in the closet save for Lighthorn's luggage that had been dumped out. A few empty notepads, some silver and iron rings meant to fit atop his antlers, and a some scrolls with indecipherable woodland deer writings, the text shining green on the tan parchment.
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    Being at such a close distance, and leaping through the air, there was little the cat could do to dodge the arrow. So, she took it to the chest as she smashed her soward into the dirt path Maple had been standing on before she dodged herself. The impact caused a hefty cut in the surface of the packed earth. Without skipping a beat the sphinx snapped the shaft of the arrow, leaving the arrow head and a quarter of the shaft embedded in her chest. Suddenly, she lifted her sword up and began twirling above her head while she stood on her hind legs, armored arm free while she swirled the sword above her like an airship propeller. Slowly she began to advance towards Maple, armored arm at the ready to attempt to block. She was quick to learn and adapt, that much was clear. There was a sparkle in Grim's eye as he looked back at Woody. "Oh... I know that look... almost exactly like your brother! I loved it when he had that look... brings back memories! Ah, but he's a bit shadier now around me... doesn't let his mind show anymore." Grim nodded. "Indeed, a powerful foe. Certainly not one to tackle alone, even for any of you other gods. But well, you know... four might do the trick..." He chuckled knowingly, picking up right away with Woody's idea. "But... I fear that may be a greater challenge than you might think. What exactly was your plan? Most gods intervene if other gods harass their followers, but mortals troubling mortals? Just another day in Tartarus really. I've been trying to find a god to slay myself for millennia! Ah... but they're not interested in playing with me..."
  14. @Techno Universal There were a few others lounging and drinking some wine on one of the other couches near the fire. Firefly, the mare that had yelled at Techno earlier, was transfixed with the fire as she sat in front of it, poking at the papers and logs within. She seemed utterly distracted by all the embers she was producing as the papers slowly burned away around the edges. The changeling mare had moved them around with the poker for maximum fiery appearance. Just then, Blood tapped at her glass on the other side of the hall. Everyone paused to give her a look of curiosity, listening to her accusations. @BloodDrops @Techno Universal Saturn merely smacked his forhead in dismay, while Captain Thunder merely rubbed his forehead in frustration. "We were all on the bridge you dolt..." He commented with a sigh. "We needed all crew at their stations, and ours are on the bridge. Ten was there too. I asked him to calm everyone down when we found out what happened, so I..." The first mate paused, before noticing everyone else was there listening too. Instead he got up form his booth and stepped over to Blood to speak to her with a hushed tone. Most probably couldn't hear it on a normal day, but everyone was silent trying to listen in. "So I told him to tell everyone it was an overdose. We didn't want the murderer to realize we were onto them... make them think they got away with it... maybe next time before you make some blasted accusation you'll discuss it with us first! Or maybe ask why I told you to say it was a bucking overdose if you didn't understand why! I expected you to just follow orders, since you know, I'm your superior!" It started as a hushed whisper, turning into a growl, then into a stern dressing down. "The- there's a murderer on board!?" One of the noble stallions shouted out in fear.
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    indeed... simple, right?