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  1. Eh, I know, I just kinda wished I knew why. It's not like I was one of those needy online guys, or constant arguing or debating or anything. Like I said, just extra salty about if I guess... petty of me probably.
  2. It probably sounds incredibly stupid and petty, but today I lost someone who I truly considered an actual friend online (for at least a year and some change). RPd and just shot the breeze all the time. All of a sudden I'm kicked from all his friends and actually blocked from messaging him on several sites... I can't figure out why... and it's left me surprisingly hurt. Sorry, not a whole lot of people I could vent this sort of thing to. Anyone else ever have a good online friend bail on them suddenly and without word?
  3. The deer was caught off guard by her brazen attack, considering it was a dramatic shift in her strategy, from his eyes of course. He didn't expect a brute like her to be so adaptive, but that wasn't enough to scare him outright. He dropped the magic scythe as she tried to use it to her own advantage, not at all interested in being responsible for his own death. But, that was his mistake, he didn't have much time to erect a proper magic shield. He channeled his magic just barely throwing up a simple ethereal kite shield, one that wasn't exactly enough to cover himself by much as Maple rapidly pressed her advantage. She would be able to see it in his eyes, the realization he had made a grave error in his tactical decisions. "Oh how marvelous little brother! Simple, but cute no less!" Sally beamed in delight, giving Woody a good once over as she took a look. "Well... you could use a few... trinkets to complete the look. An appropriate ensemble if you will." She conjured a long earthy brown cape with soft fuzzy faded grey and black fabric like fur on the underside and around the hem of the hood. She clasped the ties together around his neck, tapping her cloven hoof to her snout in thought as she considered Woody's 'look'. "Oh! I almost forgot!" She snapped quickly. "Those ponies are such fools about their cutie marks..." Sally, without consulting Woody of course, plinked an mark onto Woody's flank. It was the image of a small yellow bird singing on a twig. "Perfect! Now, let's get going, shall we?" She said as she turned towards the open portal. From where they were, they could clearly see the fight between Maple and the Priest on the other side. It was fairly clear Maple did indeed have the upper hand... and things were going to turn rather sour in a mere moment. Though, why some blue robed skeleton creature was riding on her back, was anyone's guess. Woody could clearly see the strange creature, just like Maple herself.
  4. The assembled Eldeer gave uncertain looks, glancing at each other. Some of the nobles in the back exchanged whispers and hushed comments. Meanwhile, Candor merely gave a smile as he stood beside changeling Will. "Interesting..." The lead Eldeer replied, rubbing the chin of his snout curiously. "I've personally never seen such a spiritual cohabitation before... I'm sure the king would be most interested in meeting you two. Certainly my fellow Loremasters at the White Tower would love to speak with you!" He paused, then bowed his head politely. "Please forgive me emissary, I never provided my name. Loremaster Valeskar Grove Hoof, Stellar Mage of the White Tower." "Come!" He said, rising from his bow. "You must be famished from your travels, might you fancy some orange grape whine? The palace has the most wondrous selection of whine and a brilliant set of galleries to relax in!" Valeskar didn't really wait for a response, apparently eager to get off the docks. He turned around, expecting Will and his small delegation of Equestrian nobles who had gathered behind him, to follow along.
  5. One last move? I take it you you're probably dropping out of this one then?
  6. @WiiGuy2014 Also, what precisely do you mean by hard to follow up with?
  7. Mort merely shrugged. "Eh, just not my thing I guess. But these hens though..." He dug into the juicy tender chicken, not at all pausing for the sake of manners or anything as silly as that. Even though there was a guest present, he couldn't help himself from enjoying a good well prepared meal. Not that he demanded that sort of thing from the servants all the time. More often than not, he was perfectly fine with some simple more... local foods, despite his often carnivorous appetite at times. "Wow! They really outdid themselves this time! Well, almost as good as last Friday." Mort mused as he continued to eat, before looking over to the dragon. "I can't imagine you get something so impressive back in the Dragon lands."
  8. Oh, well, Will can just introduce himself to the noble and explain the whole two souls one body thing, since the noble seems to misunderstand. Doesn't matter to me one way or the other, do whatever you wish.
  9. You might want to re-read my latest OOC post. No major criticism. Just a clear-up.

  10. (sorry, traveling this week >.< Doing posts from phone) The Eldeer's scoffed at her comment, raising the shield to block her arrows just in the nick of time. As he did, the deer leaped backwards several times to avoid the bat. As a result, the deer was kept from attacking her, bringing his large cyth up to cause her to rethink getting close to him. Meanwhile... Maple's companions had flown up on to the adjacent roofs, cheering her on. They'd dealt with the cultists down below and cut the captives loose. Pest gave a polite tilt of understanding with his old greying rat head. "Oh, well, I suppose I could... teach you a thing or two." Sally smiled, pleased at his suggestion. "Now, first and foremost, you MUST visualize your creation... that's you in this case... Every tiny little detail. Every hair, every vein, all of it. Else you might find yourself somewhat... Uncomfortable. Difficult for some mortal to achieve of course... but, well, God's such as ourselves are superior intellectuals." She explained. "Then, it's as simple as channeling your power into your thoughts." The portal remained before them. On the other side, they could see Maple attacking Sally's cultist. Despite seeing this, she was more interested in teaching Woody. "Now, obviously you need to consider the elements, chemical compositions, component and system interactions and all that nonsense, but I'm sure you know biology." She added off handedly. Pest looked up, scratching his head and looking a little lost. Clearly their two methods we're slightly different.
  11. @Duzzkey hey, if you're worried about time travel in the past, just go with the Novikov Self Consistency Principle! Also... I choose the ability to forge and create elemental minions to do my bidding!! Mu ha ha ha ha!
  12. Mort smiled in delight, surveying the wonderful spread. He wasn't really in the mood to hide how hungry he was, not that he would have any other day anyways... "Excellent!" Mort said as he took his own seat at the table. "I bet you don't get stuff like this back home eh? Have to say, we certainly have the best chefs around. We like perfection, you see, the best of everything." He chuckled, before looking over to Luminio. "Hey, did the chefs use that sixth century brick oven I got from my trip to the west? I feel like this would have been the perfect opprotunity to test it out. I heard it gives a rather distinct flavor." Mort began cutting into his hen, along with some of the sides of course. He gave a quiet thanks to the servants after they set it down. He wasn't much for muscles though...