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    @Maple Bat @Techno Universal The two guards looked at each other, before looking at the group, clearly skeptical now. They looked ready to do something aggressive, but a third guard swooped down from above and landed beside them, a much smaller bat pony. Both soldiers saluted the bat as she landed. "Why are we still out here!? Hurry up, the storms hitting shortly." She commanded. "Yes ma'am. These four claim to be some sort of missive from the Equestrian outerworld, but the golemn implicated them in a lie!" The bone guard replied smugly, gesturing to Techno. "But... Captain Maple states her golemn was merely malfunctioning." The rotting one added uncertainly. The bat rolled her eyes and scoffed. "You know the other officers laugh at me because of you two..." She said a little jokingly. "Alright," She looked at the group. "Simple enough, let me see your papers. Certainly your superiors wouldn't send you without some sort of proof." The officer couldn't help but look Techno up and down. There was some sort of spark in here eye as she examined him, waiting for maple, or anyone, to provide some kind of proof. She even smiled at him, in a coy sort of way, flicking her mane. @Maple Bat "See?" Salacious added, smugly of course. "And I told you before, you are not allowed here without my express consent! Speaking of which, how did you get in here!?" War huffed, snorting a little bit more smoke. "Your magic is as weak as you are stupid. Now, I said it's my turn! Give him up!" Salacious began to rise out of her little bath, her size growing and expanding quite a bit. The servants still in the room didn't waste time cowering in fear or waiting to see things out. Apparently, they already knew what to do. All of them bolted out the door as quickly as their legs could take them, leaving the grooming supplies behind. "So then, we're doing this again hmm!?" Salacious growled. "In front of our newest brother too? Are you trying to make us look uncivilized!?" Her form began to change, that beautifully and perfectly groomed form turning into something monstrous and feral. Teeth growing sharper and longer, mane disheveled, and about eight extra arms sprouting from her side. The corners of her mouth tore past her cheeks into a wicked smile. "Hmph, so be it!" War shouted, reaching behind her to draw a bastard sword almost as long as her own plate armored body, easily bigger than Woody. She twirled the giant weapon, causing it to sing as it cut through the air, before slamming it in the marble floor and resting both gauntleted paws on the pommel.
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    @Techno Universal @Maple Bat The two guards nodded in agreement to Maples conclusion. They started to turn in order to lead the group of four, but gave pause when Techno began to explain their situation honestly, and in depth. Both turned back around, glaring at the group. Galifor smacked his forehead in dismay. "Tour? Wait, so you lot... aren't apart of any delegations?" The rotting guard asked, raising what little brow he had left. The bone guard snorted in anger, stomping his hoof on the ground. "They're trying to make fools of us!" He whipped around to snarl and tower aver Maple. "Well, I hope you lot have six thousand fangs between the lot of yah! That or we could happily take you to the castle dungeon!" Orange began caughing again, while Galifor rubbed his neck. "Si- six THOUSAND!?" Orange exclaimed in shock. "But- but- how could we even carry that much on us!?" @Maple Bat "Oh, little brother, you should know that I tend to take these things way to far..." Salacious replied with an evil grin. She leaned over to Woody's tub and dipped one of her talons in the water. It suddenly and instantaneously froze, turning into a giant ice cube. Fortunately, the attendants had finished with their work with him and had already climbed out. She giggled in delight, then glared at something past Woody. War snorted, letting off a small bit of smoke from her nostrils. Arms crossed, she stared down at the two draconequus enjoying their time together condescendingly. "You've had him long enough, it's my turn!" The wolf snapped at Salacious. Salacious scoffed at her sister, giving a smug look in return. "Actually, he's decided he wants to stay with me. Perhaps he yearns for the civilized side of the family... you can see where the problem lies, can't you? No hard feelings."
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    @Maple Bat @Techno Universal The bone guard didn't move, apparently trying to appear impressive and imposing as he stood before Techno. He looked the alicorn up and down, but it was impossible to read his thoughts without any skin or muscle. "Is it true then? Your with the captain as well?" He asked, skeptical in tone, exchanging glances between Maple and Techno. "If that's true, then why do you look so... beaten?" The last was directed towards Techno. "And where's your escorts!? Or your retinue?" The other guard rose a brow, or at least what part of his brow was still left. "Well, she is bat. And I think he's called a... what was it again? An alicorn I think. Those are pretty popular in Equestria I heard. I'm pretty sure alicorn's are like the Flash Golemns, it's just what's in style over there. I think the Countess had an alicorn once, but it broke down pretty quick." "Oh..." The bone guard replied, staring closer at Techno, before the guard started poking the alicorn's chest. "Seem's pretty lifelike hu? Okay then, make sure you get it repaired ma'am. The twin tails from Tambelon are a twitchy lot, and superstitious as all Tartarus." The rotting guard nodded in agreement, before pausing to point at Orange, who was still wheezing, and Gallifor who gave a polite bow to the undead guards. "These two with you as well? I can take you all to the castle, I'm sure she and the delegation will be delighted to hear of your arrival." @Maple Bat "What, you mean that mortal pet of yours? Oh she's fine." Salacious replied dismissively. "That deer you mentioned, I have him keeping an eye out for her. Plus, Shadows is watching over her as well." "Oh relax, just sit back and enjoy the meal and pampering. Stop being so tense, she has a chaos god watching her every move, I doubt anything bad could possibly happen to her!" The ponies attendants were almost finished doing their jobs. They hadn't stopped the entire time, working around the little spat from earlier desperately trying not to fail at their assigned function. Woodland himself was as clean as ever! Fur softer than a snow rabbit, and main flowing like the wind. "I hope we get to do this every day! Share a meal, a nice grooming, maybe listen to my orchestra later? Or perhaps a rock band is more your type." She mused. "You don't know how long I've had to wait to find someone I could share my time with." @Burpy @The Candlekeeper "Oh, no no, I'm not their master, I'm their-" He paused mid sentence as he helped her up, noticing the bloodied hoof. "Good heavens! Did they do this to you!?" With his head, he lifted her off the snow and rolled her onto his back. Quickly he pranced through the snow towards the hut, pausing momentarily to acknowledge Morph with the stick on fire. He shifted so Cutima could see him. "There, nothing to worry about, your friends safe too!" He said quickly, before pushing into the tent. There he layed her down on a large leather bedroll, removing the cape Techno had provided her. Without thought, he tore a strip of cloth off the cape with his powerful jaws. "Hey, pony!" He shouted over at Morph. "There's a box on a sled outside with a slug on it, bring it here!" The wolf looked back at Cutima, a mortified look across his face. "Look, I'm really sorry about all this, they can be real dense sometimes... that's putting it mildly... I've been trying to teach them to be more civilized, but you can guess how that's going..." He added sarcastically.
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    @The Candlekeeper @Burpy Morphs ploy worked, the dogs all paused in confusion, pawing at the ground and inadvertently sending his rock tumbling too and fro. They looked at each other, growling and barking in anger. They might have even been blaming each other, at least, that's what it seemed like from their snapping and shoving. Then came Cutima's scream. They all heard it, all of the beasts perking up and realizing she had gotten away. In an instant the piled out of the hut, leaving Morph alone with the fire in the middle of the room. Despite her efforts, the wolf was far too strong for her to fight off. It tried to bight at her cloak, trying to rip it off with mixed results, biting at her hooves as the little mare tried to fight back. Rushing up behind the wolf was the rest of their group. "Wh- hey! What are you doing!?" Someone snapped, his voice young and full of energy, it sounded a bit suave as well. Suddenly, the wolf atop Cutima was shoved off of her, rolling into the snow. "I leave for less than a day and THIS is what I come back too!? I told you guys I'd bring back some food! What, am I just invisible or something!?" He scoffed, extending his paw to pull Cutima out of the snow. It was another wolf, still rather big and powerful in appearance. Yet, this one looked entirely different. If he were a pony, he would have been mistaken for a male model or something. His coat was a mix of grey and white, practically sparkling along with his sky blue eyes. His brow wasn't as... archaic as the other wolves. A long scarf of yellow and purple wrapped around his neck, while there was a tight black tank top hugging his torso tightly. This wolf looked like he just stepped out of a hair salon, ready to walk out onto a runway. "My lady, are you alright!?" He said, staring down at her with sparkling eyes.
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    @Maple Bat @Techno Universal The guard with the rotting face rendered a practiced and professional salute to Maple. "Welcome to Threeraods, ma'am." The bone faced guard was a little less pleasant, staring at Techno. It was exceptionally difficult to decipher his emotions without any skin or muscle. "There is." He replied bluntly to Techno, looking at the wounds at the alicorn's side, and his exposed mechanical interior. "That, is a problem. Countess Posner has expressly forbidden the public display or presence of otherwise unusual creatures and entities, including golemns. Your horn and wings together presents as unusual as well. This decree continues up to two days after the delegation from Tambelon has departed. Anyone caught outside faces a fine of two thousand fangs. Anyone seen by the delegation forfeits their property, and is subject to sacrifice to the serpent or the slug." "Ma'am," The fort face leaned down to speak with Maple, trying to be more respectful at her level. "If you leave post haste or take your golemn indoors, you'll only need to pay the initial two thousand fang fine." Orange was wheezing as he slowed to a stop behind Maple, trying his best to catch his breath. Clearly he wasn't one for running... or being in shape... Galifor the deer was a bit better off, casually joining the group, head still held high and looking every bit the stuck up noble he claimed to be. @Maple Bat Salacious leaned back into her tub, flicking her wrist once more to summon the bowl of ponies. She set it down on the space between them, and casually plucked one out. "We live a complicated life you and I, that's what we get for being gods of chaos. All I know, is that my methods have made my followers safe and strong, free to pursue their passions with no one to tell them their foolish or stupid." She concluded. "Perhaps you'll find my strategy to be the most effective, once you have your own followers pleading to you for help." "Oh, and we can do other things with them too, but I'm not interested in a dance competition today." She giggled. "Would you like any particular flavors?"
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    @Maple Bat @Techno Universal Orange and Galifor almost fell over as Techno and Maple just rushed past them on the road. Galifor didn't seem interested in running, the deer having an air of superiority about him as usual. "W- wait!" Orange shouted after them, trying to pick up his speed to match. "You don't even know where we're going!" The road was quiet, not a single pony or other creature out and about. Cottages along the various wheat fields were spouting smoke from their chimneys, lights spilling form windows out onto the light dusting of snow that was beginning to fall down. No one was interested in being out in the cold, this town of Tartarus being like any other one might find in Equestria. The town itself was more compact once they stepped onto the main cobblestone street. Most of the buildings were at least three levels, made of grey cobblestone and wooden frames. Orange lights filled out onto the streets, and the smell of exotic foods and spices permeated the air. There was very little space in between buildings, some completely attached to their neighbors, while others provided tight dark alleys. It had a distinct and rustic 'old world' look, like Trottingham in Equestria. Approaching Maple and Techno were two hulking earth ponies, perhaps even taller than Techno. They were giants, covered in draped blue and black cloth uniforms. Their helmets were stylized with curving ridges, painted a similar dark purple as their cloth uniforms. While most of their bodies were hidden under their uniforms, their decayed eyes and snouts were clearly observable. One had nothing but bone where his nose should be, while the other showed rotting decaying flesh. Both sported a long pikes with ax heads at the ends. "Halt!" One of them barked at Techno, the two undead barring their way down the street. Well, the street was big enough to simply go around them but... they didn't look like the type to just let them pass. @Maple Bat "Satisfied?" Salacious pulled back a little, before dawning a devious grin. "You have no idea, my cute little brother..." She gave a sigh, before flicking her wrist. The bowl of ponies disappeared before them, and the serpent rose out of her own bath to slink over behind Woody, placing her talons on his shoulders. "You're my little brother, and I'm your big sister. It's my duty to teach you, to teach you what we are and who we are." She gave a slight sigh, before forcing her brother to sit down. "You know, there was a time when my followers were seen as nothing more than freaks and pariahs. Others would torment them, harass them at every turn, and even kill them! I felt terrible... when those tormentors passed away, well, they escaped without any punishment." Salacious paused, summoning a tall glass or clear grape and apple hard cider. She held it up in front of Woody's face for him to take. "So... I told my followers, that whenever they find someone that troubles them, they can sacrifice them to me. That way, I could punish them appropriately, and of course have a little fun myself in the process. Sure, they're a bit excessive with it now, taking just about anyone that looks at them funny, but it's the threat of punishment that keeps my lovely little children safe." She let go, slinking back to her tub with a delighted smile. "You wouldn't understand, YOU don't have followers or children to protect, do you? I just happen to make it fun!"
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    @Maple Bat @Techno Universal The captain/tour guide looked at Techno incredulously, pulling back a bit, fearfully so. "Is that so? You'd have the real captain with you hmm? And, you've discussed this with the captain I presume?" He replied, sarcastically, but not in any condescending way. "I'm sorry, I don't really know what your talking about when it comes to flying... but and I don't care how strong you are, but I will NOT be carried up there to potentially get struck out of the air and tumble to my death!" The stallion replied, trying to appear steadfast rather than forceful. "Sorry, I just... can't..." Galifor tapped his tiny hoof against his snout, something clearly on his mind. He was deep in thought, troubling thought. Not surprising all things considered, but he didn't have to jump off the ship with them. In fact, why did he again? "As I said," The captain continued. "We have a contingency plan in place. Not to worry." He looked over to Maple and nodded in confirmation. "Right. And please, call me Orange. Don't let my yellow coat fool you though... and don't worry about the ship. I assure you, things like this happen in Tartarus on a daily basis. Everyone's trying to get one up on everyone else, no rules, no codes of honor like in Equestria. The one's who come out on top are the most powerful, or the most clever. Fortunately, my crew and I are far more clever than a bunch of riled roaches!" With a pep in his step, Orange perked up and began trotting towards the road and in the direction of the large town down the hill. "Come now! Tarry to long, and the ship might actually run into some unsolvable issues!" @Maple Bat Salacious blinked a few times, but her smirk never wavered. She even seemed delighted by his outrage, waiting for him to finish his little angry rant. All while sipping from her glass of expensive looking cider. It smelled absolutely intoxicating. Remarkably strong too. "Proof? Proof that they're safe or something? But according to what you just explained to me, you know very well what's happened to our little playthings." She replied, leaning forward to prop her head upon her talons against the marble floor around them, facing Woodland. "I don't need forgiveness, I've done nothing wrong. These ponies, all the creatures in Tartarus, belong to our family my cute little brother. They belong to us... we do whatever we want with them. Come now, I'll bet you don't cry over stepping on an ant..." Using her magic, the tiny pony he had just saved began to levitate in the air in front of Woody's snout. The little mare was terrified, trying desperately to maintain some sort of fetal position, doing everything to avoid looking at her tormentors, including Woody. "Now, I'm not done with my fun! I'll make you a deal though, you buzzkill you. Swallow this one whole." She commanded. "Eat her, and I'll spare... hmm..." Salacious paused to take a look into the bowl she moved closer to her. "I'll spare the last thirteen, even send them back to their homes. But, if you refuse, or try some silly trick, I'll eat them all. One at a time. Chew a few, swallow others, you know. Maybe turn one or two into gummies! Or perhaps sprinkles on a chocolate Sunday!" The tiny mare was crying, gulping as she finally opened her eyes to stare wide eyed into Woodland's comparatively giant ones. She clearly heard what was going on, there was no telling exactly what she was thinking, but it didn't matter. Her life was completely in Woody's claws, just like that of the other twelve.
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    @Maple Bat @Techno Universal The captain and Techno quickly moved to help tear off Maple's bindings. The stag, however, merely rolled his eyes before his antlers began to glow a sickly purple. An ethereal sword popped into existence, which he used to sever the bindings with relative ease. "I wouldn't recommend you do that..." The deer stated to Techno's rash plan to fly up and intercept the ship. The captain sighed, pulling the last rope off along with Techno's help. "He's right... it's not an effective solution... look around..." He pointed towards the large town down the road. "There's a reason there aren't any flyers going higher than the buildings. Why do you think we had the nets on the ship? The upper skies are dangerous." He concluded. "But... perhaps this isn't cause for alarm. Ragn might be a bit bullheaded..." He said, looking towards Maple apologetically. "And a bit easy to trick... not the brightest by any means either... she'll notice changelings trying to take over the ship. If nothing else, she'll start to realize that's not me up there. We have a contingency plan for that." "In the meantime," The stag interrupted, pointing at a wall of black clouds descending from the larger mountains further up the valley to the west. "We should find shelter in Threeroads, or wherever this is. Wouldn't be ideal to get caught in a blizzard trying to catch the ship, or out here for that matter. Come, I have plenty of coin, let's find a nice tavern in the city." The two seemed oddly calm about the events that had just left them stranded outside a city, just as a blizzard was bearing down on them. @Maple Bat Salacious smirked as Woodland snatched the pony out of the air in frozen time. She couldn't contain her giggling, as she moved the bowl of chocolate ponies away from Woodland. The little mare earther looked up at him, absolutely terrified. She was speechless, too scared to speak or move anything more than her head. She was a lighter blue with a black main, huddling in the middle of his palm. "Well now, you're one to talk..." Salacious replied to Woody. "You just ate four of them. Now three of them are melting in that belly of yours, while the fourth you turned to mush with those delightfully clean pearly whites in your mouth." She leaned over to Woody with her serpent body, all to poke him in the belly jokingly with a smirk. "Oh come now, you can't tell me they didn't taste delicious! I have plenty more where those came from too. I wonder if those three you swallowed whole are still alive in there..." Salacious laughed again, sitting upright in her own tub. She shivered in delight for a moment, before conjuring a glass of cider beside her. "Ugh, you know father never approved of me shrinking ponies and doing whatever I wanted to with them." She shrugged. "Never understood why, they're just mortals. They die all the time anyways. Doesn't matter how it happens in my opinion."
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    @Maple Bat @Techno Universal The stag smirked as he helped the captain out with Maple and Techno. "Ah, I just knew something strange was going on. You can't live as long as I have as a noble and not see something so obvious." He laughed. The captain caughed, using Maple as a support while they helped him up. "Oh, thank you so very much! I'm... terribly sorry about all this, truly I am! This is absolutely unacceptable! What happened exactly? We were discussing who the culprits might be in my cabin when someone comes at me from behind!" "Well, these two didn't exactly make the situation much better..." The fancy deer replied sarcastically, giving a condescending glance to Maple and Techno. @Maple Bat She dropped the three treats into Woodland's open maw. They slid down his gullet and along his tongue easily, with the help of the chocolate coating, and it felt delightful against his throat. Salacious waited until he swallowed completely, giggling a little bit here and there. "Now, before you say anything, just remember how wonderful they taste and how delightful they feel squirming all the way down. Go ahead, take a look." She said. The other draconequus was holding a chocolate pony by the tail in front of Woodland's face. It wasn't just some treat, it was a living breathing thing, apparently terrified beyond belief. "My followers send me so many sacrifices I just don't know what do do with them all. So, I decided to turn them into delightful little treats! Among other things." She laughed again, before bringing the tiny chocolate mare up to her maw and dropping her in.
  10. Well, like I said, he's aware of his surroundings, he can think and all, he just cant act.
  11. @Techno Universal The bubble is removed from time and space, so in other words, a prison until his captor says otherwise, fully aware of his surroundings but unable to move or cast magic. You forget that Tartarus is also somewhat of a prison. So, he basically broke into a prison.
  12. @Techno Universal That... kind of defeats the purpose of punishment >.> let's say he was barred from leaving Tartarus due to the prismatic bubble surrounding him.
  13. Open

    @Techno Universal @Maple Bat Inside the barrel, Maple would find the bound and gagged captain staring back up at her. His yellow coat and white main all that remained, as his clothes and belongings had clearly been stolen. The stag walked over and gave a sigh as he helped Maple pull the guide/captain out of the barrel. It was at that point Techno was beginning to offer his own signs of damage, exploding outward in every direction. The stag dove to the ground to avoid one of the shots, barely missing Maple. Suddenly, the other entity appeared, but that wasn't all. The skies went disturbingly dark, pitch black as the clouds above began to whirl into a maelstrom of sort. Suddenly, rising out of the ground, a dark creature towered over the field in a rather imposing manner. It was a beast with giant black feathered wings, and the head of a raven. Its torso was more like a charred diamond dog, while its draconic legs had the texture and look of a changeling's limbs. The giant monster extended it's talons over Herobrien. A prismatic bubble engulfed the other creature, and the two slowly began to sink into the earth. @Maple Bat "Delicious aren't they?" Salacious giggled a little. Whatever it was, had a rich chocolaty coating and a thick peanut buttery inside. It wiggled the moment he took the nibble, taking about a third of it's form into his gullet. Calling it candy would be a disservice to how rich and flavorful it was. "Personally, I like to swallow them whole and let my stomach do the tasting. Perks of being a chaos god." She laughed, plucking three of them out at once. "Here, see if you can give it a go! You... do know how to change your form at will, right? Oh, and no peaking yet, I'll tell you when. You'll understand why, trust me!" She held them up over Woody, waiting for him to open his mouth.
  14. @Maple Bat Myes... relaxing... enjoy that 'special little treat'... in fact, have several! @Techno Universal you got to give me a second to respond... i told you he's not just going to pop in and out without any repercussions...
  15. @Maple Bat It's a little different in his case, but he'll have problems of his own to deal with that take into account his chaos powers. Just remember, he still has a lack of knowledge, but he is still a chaos god. However, no need to worry about anything going on outside of the palace... at least... until he finds out himself.