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  1. The assembled Eldeer gave uncertain looks, glancing at each other. Some of the nobles in the back exchanged whispers and hushed comments. Meanwhile, Candor merely gave a smile as he stood beside changeling Will. "Interesting..." The lead Eldeer replied, rubbing the chin of his snout curiously. "I've personally never seen such a spiritual cohabitation before... I'm sure the king would be most interested in meeting you two. Certainly my fellow Loremasters at the White Tower would love to speak with you!" He paused, then bowed his head politely. "Please forgive me emissary, I never provided my name. Loremaster Valeskar Grove Hoof, Stellar Mage of the White Tower." "Come!" He said, rising from his bow. "You must be famished from your travels, might you fancy some orange grape whine? The palace has the most wondrous selection of whine and a brilliant set of galleries to relax in!" Valeskar didn't really wait for a response, apparently eager to get off the docks. He turned around, expecting Will and his small delegation of Equestrian nobles who had gathered behind him, to follow along.
  2. One last move? I take it you you're probably dropping out of this one then?
  3. @WiiGuy2014 Also, what precisely do you mean by hard to follow up with?
  4. Mort merely shrugged. "Eh, just not my thing I guess. But these hens though..." He dug into the juicy tender chicken, not at all pausing for the sake of manners or anything as silly as that. Even though there was a guest present, he couldn't help himself from enjoying a good well prepared meal. Not that he demanded that sort of thing from the servants all the time. More often than not, he was perfectly fine with some simple more... local foods, despite his often carnivorous appetite at times. "Wow! They really outdid themselves this time! Well, almost as good as last Friday." Mort mused as he continued to eat, before looking over to the dragon. "I can't imagine you get something so impressive back in the Dragon lands."
  5. Oh, well, Will can just introduce himself to the noble and explain the whole two souls one body thing, since the noble seems to misunderstand. Doesn't matter to me one way or the other, do whatever you wish.
  6. You might want to re-read my latest OOC post. No major criticism. Just a clear-up.

  7. @WiiGuy2014 We're you still interested in our RP?
  8. Private Family Matters (1x1)

    (sorry, traveling this week >.< Doing posts from phone) The Eldeer's scoffed at her comment, raising the shield to block her arrows just in the nick of time. As he did, the deer leaped backwards several times to avoid the bat. As a result, the deer was kept from attacking her, bringing his large cyth up to cause her to rethink getting close to him. Meanwhile... Maple's companions had flown up on to the adjacent roofs, cheering her on. They'd dealt with the cultists down below and cut the captives loose. Pest gave a polite tilt of understanding with his old greying rat head. "Oh, well, I suppose I could... teach you a thing or two." Sally smiled, pleased at his suggestion. "Now, first and foremost, you MUST visualize your creation... that's you in this case... Every tiny little detail. Every hair, every vein, all of it. Else you might find yourself somewhat... Uncomfortable. Difficult for some mortal to achieve of course... but, well, God's such as ourselves are superior intellectuals." She explained. "Then, it's as simple as channeling your power into your thoughts." The portal remained before them. On the other side, they could see Maple attacking Sally's cultist. Despite seeing this, she was more interested in teaching Woody. "Now, obviously you need to consider the elements, chemical compositions, component and system interactions and all that nonsense, but I'm sure you know biology." She added off handedly. Pest looked up, scratching his head and looking a little lost. Clearly their two methods we're slightly different.
  9. What Would Your Magic Power Be?

    @Duzzkey hey, if you're worried about time travel in the past, just go with the Novikov Self Consistency Principle! Also... I choose the ability to forge and create elemental minions to do my bidding!! Mu ha ha ha ha!
  10. Mort smiled in delight, surveying the wonderful spread. He wasn't really in the mood to hide how hungry he was, not that he would have any other day anyways... "Excellent!" Mort said as he took his own seat at the table. "I bet you don't get stuff like this back home eh? Have to say, we certainly have the best chefs around. We like perfection, you see, the best of everything." He chuckled, before looking over to Luminio. "Hey, did the chefs use that sixth century brick oven I got from my trip to the west? I feel like this would have been the perfect opprotunity to test it out. I heard it gives a rather distinct flavor." Mort began cutting into his hen, along with some of the sides of course. He gave a quiet thanks to the servants after they set it down. He wasn't much for muscles though...
  11. Private Family Matters (1x1)

    His weapons disappeared, along with the floating shields as Maple secured her weapons. The deer, at least, was willing to hear her out. However, his cheeks puffed out as he tried to contain his laughter. "Bah ah haha! And you call me the liar!?" He burst out laughing. "The sibling of a chaos god... certainly... why not?" He shook his head incredulously. "Ah, such an ignorant creature. Are all you Equestrian's so simple? Well, I expect nothing less than such a terrible excuse from a follower of the Wolf. You lot aren't exactly known for your... cunning or lies. For a brief moment, I actually believed you had the interests of your God at heart. Clearly you're just part of the rest of this rabble around the city." Two shields appeared on either side of him in an instant. At the same time, just to the side of maple as the deer stood mere meters from her, a giant scythe popped into existence. Without any hesitation, the moment it was conjured, the giant scythe swept in front of the deer trying to chop Maple's legs clean off. "Well, considering she's harassing my followers, I'll accompany you." Sally said as a matter of factly, slinking through the air like a snake in front of woody. "After all, wouldn't want you to play favorites... you know little brother, I thought you were past this when you gave Tambelon to my little prince." She huffed indignantly as she changed forms in a flash of light. Instead of her giant serpentine form, she shrunk into the visage of a small petite and skinny doe. She looked such a fragile creature, with a white and grey coat, mixed with a luscious purple main with pink antlers and hooves. A white, purple, and golden cowl appeared around her neck with the hood drawn down. Dark brown earthy gloves wrapped around her wrists and ankles. Her eyes sparkled a sky blue. "Come. And change your appearance. You've already caused quite a stir gallivanting around earlier in your natural form." She stated with her head held up, just as a portal opened up in front of them. Pest grumbled under his breath, his form bellowing from his giant belly. In a similar flash, he too changed forms, but into that of a giant grey rat with horns the size of a larger pony. He wore tattered black and green robes, with belts and straps tying pouches around his waist and across his chest. The feral rat like Pest held himself up with a long wooden staff with a green cloudy orb on the top. "I shall accompany you two..." He grumbled, his voice still the same even in his rat form. "I haven't finished training you dear brother, therefore it would be inappropriate for me to leave you to your own devices so soon." He gave Sally a condescending glance. Him going with the two was more to make sure Sally didn't take advantage of Woody more than any 'biomancy training'.
  12. Private Family Matters (1x1)

    "Evidence?" The deer chuckled. "Well, just ask your friends down there..." The swords and shields stopped spinning, though he was exceptionally close to Maple, standing only a few yards away. The weapons oriented upward as if to give her but a brief moment to discuss whatever terms she had. At the very least, the Eldeer liked to hear his own voice... "Oh, trust me beautiful, I haven't lied to you yet. I don't need to after all." He smirked. "But I suppose I could merely have you as a house servent, I usually let them keep their looks so long as they maintain them. You know, keep the guests visually pleased." He merely rose a brow at her claim though, before outright laughing. "You can't be serious! I admire your... devotion for whichever god you serve, but if you think some meager assassin could harm her eternal beauty the Serpent, than you are far more foolish than I expected... however, if that's your goal, then you have no reason to steal my slaves, do you? Besides, the only one who could possibly stand up against the Serpent is the Lone Wonderer, so unless that's your assassin, or one of the other three, you're wasting your time speaking to me. If you're with the Wolf, then clearly you're looking for the Sole Survivor." Sally's jaw dropped just slightly, hurt at Woody's sudden complete disregard for her assistance. Though, perhaps she should have expected it considering who he was apparently siding with this entire time. "Very good little brother. It takes a great deal of patience, but the land will blossom should you allow it the opportunity to." Pest assured Woody. "Very well, I'll speak with-" "Oh she's fine!" Sally snapped, looking around at the blank canvas in clear displeasure and disdain. "That brat of a sister you have is busy bullying one of my priests! Maybe you should get her under control before *I* decide to." Pest merely frowned, tilting his head. "I was under the impression she was in Valhalla with War and her warriors?" "Nope. She's bullying my followers in Tambelon, which is rightfully mine I might add. Oh, and she has a bunch of undead goons trailing behind her." Sally stated as a matter of factly.
  13. he he, so far, I'm starting to look more and more forward to this RP! I'll admit, it was just a shot in the dark at first... but now I'm kinda excited for it.
  14. @WiiGuy2014 Candor gave a slight nod. "Ah, you don't have to call me Mr. Titles aren't important really, just a way of showing off you know? Strange without my Captain's armor or my troops behind me, but I'm just regular 'assistant' for you two." He smiled, stepping forward as he produced a... decent sized list from under his wings. Candor gave it a somewhat confused and embarrassed look. It was quite substantial, rather thorough. "Very well sir. Should be meeting with one Iltaldus Lighthorn. Not sure where exactly-" Before he could finish his statement, a small group of the Eldeer approached them from the docks, Candor gave a polite bow of is head at their arrival. "Ah! You must be Ambassador Will Guide!" The lead eldeer stated, dressed in blue and white flowing robes with red gems studding the edges. "Your Evolved changeling companion is on the ship I imagine? I'm very eager to see such a unique creature." The Eldeer's group was made up mostly of other nobles dressed in fancy white and blue robes, done up with various makeups. Two in the back, however, were more militaristic in nature. They wore scaled armor robes with dark brown leather wraps around their ankles just over their cloven hooves. Each sported arrows and a bow, along with an ornate short sword in the same blue and white colors of their companions. At the same instance, some of the other diplomats from Equestria were stepping off the ship. Nobles from around Equestria of course, some a little too excited to visit such a new land and represent their kingdom. Despite knowing they were under the full authority of Will during this trip, they weren't exactly an easy bunch of ponies to manage.