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  1. I didn't like this episode but I can relate to adults overlooking the fact that children have passions too and can be very serious about them. I remember when I was younger being told by a lot of the adults that I couldn't know what I wanted to do with my life because I was too young. I remember vividly this thing we had to do in middle school to discover future careers and our interest. We had to take a test and it'd tell us what career was best for us. I don't remember what I got but I don't remember being impressed. My mom said she had to do one and got receptionist or something like that, even though she is pretty shy and would be so bored just answering phones. The test isn't a bad idea, I just hated the approach the adults had on it, as if they and the test knew better than us. I wanted to be a writer then and still do. I haven't grown out of my passion and hate that so many adults act like these things will just pass. For some it might, but not for everyone. My parents also treat my passion differently than I do. My father looks at the financial side and my mother doesn't really like the dark stuff I write. Anyways, that's just my experience.
  2. True, it would have been nice if they spent more time with Scootaloo and her friends, learning more about her, but I can't help but put myself in the parents' shoes. They love their daughter and were away from her for so long, I can understand why they'd immediately want to act. They probably felt guilty and really didn't want to miss out on Scootaloo's childhood. I would want to act immediately and mend the relationship. As for being alone, maybe they should have visited the place before moving so she could meet some people there, I am assuming there are some ponies there, if not then that's a bad move on the parents. True, but even so I think Scootaloo really needs to be with her parents. Also yes but she could adjust, which is why earlier I suggested a sort of trial visit. New environments are hard but that doesn't mean you should avoid them. I have a habit of doing that and yeah, I miss out on a lot. Also, it seems like this is very personal for you. I get it, it's the reason I hate Newbie Dash with a burning passion. I can't convince you otherwise, I know from personal experience, and I'd rather not make you think of sad things like having constant panic attacks, so maybe we should put a close on this?
  3. I totally get what you mean, they've been awful parents. However, they are trying to change things and take their parenting role seriously. The episode makes it clear that the parents have an important job that they have to live close to. They did their best to change things, making it so they could live somewhere permanently for the sake of Scootaloo, and yes it comes with the sacrifice of moving but they're trying to be good parents. Scootaloo has mentioned how upset she is at having little support from her parents and seems to be being tossed around from parental figure to parental figure (the episode shows her staying with her aunts then mentions her having to stay with Rainbow Dash). She needs more support and her parents need to start being more active in her life. Living together is a wonderful way to do this. It's hard of course, but doesn't mean it wouldn't be good in the long run. I didn't have many friends as a kid either, but I've learned that no one can rip you away from your friends unless you decide to give up on said friendship. It is your choice if you want to keep putting in the effort or not. Her friends could visit her monthly, which can pass in no time if you keep yourself occupied, so it's not like she was completely isolated from her friends. Also, I have no issue with Scootaloo being upset, I have an issue with her getting her way in the manner she did. I respect your opinion, we all experience different things in life which changes how we perceive things, but my opinion hasn't changed.
  4. So, not sure if anyone will have the answer but I'm unsure. Is it okay to use a quote as your signature and can it be from other media (like an anime) instead of my little pony?

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  5. Yep. Scootaloo needs to spread her horizons and her parents are letting her refuse to grow. They should know as ponies who travel a lot how enriching the experience can be. Also, my best friend is way overseas. We meant each other online and have never seen each other in person but became fast friends and have known each other for years. Even though we are so far apart, we wouldn't give up our friendship for the world. So, hearing Scootaloo whine about a visit every month made me roll my eyes. I wish I had that luxury and one month passes by so fast. If you really are good friends, distance is nothing, which would have been great for Scootaloo and her friends to learn. It would really strengthen their bond. You make a really good point. They are great examples of how enriching travel can be and how important it is to spread your horizons.
  6. I really didn't like this episode. It had some good ideas but ended up being a hot mess. Let me explain. This episode presents the idea of change but does nothing interesting with it. I really wanted to see Scootaloo have to move and learn that, no matter how hard she tries, she just has to accept the fact that things change and adjust to these changes rather than fight them. It could be a great episode for children who have had to move and had issues adjusting, along with being a great way to develop Scootaloos's character and show a new location. But, instead, the child that keeps stamping her hooves and complaining gets her way. Yeah, not a good lesson for the kids. Sure it makes sense why it worked out for Scootaloo, sort of, but, in reality, things don't usually work like that and I feel like this situation will give the wrong idea to kids. But that brings me to the lesson of the episode which, while it's a very good one, just doesn't fit the episode at all. Don't get me wrong, Scootaloo's parents are the perfect pair for this lesson. They haven't seen Scootaloo in a long time and so they don't understand her passion or her. I also adore the lesson because I can relate. Parents often get so caught up into their career and passions that they forget the fact that their kid also has a passion that is just as important to them. Adults sometimes assume that just because someone is younger than them, they don't have goals and aren't very involved in any activity. Their too young to be serious about something is what a lot of people seem to think and I can vividly recall from my childhood adults constantly telling me I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life (ps, I wanted to be a writer and still do). So I get where Scootaloo's frustration is coming from. However, Scootaloo's parents realize they are being neglectful and were doing their best to fix it and spend more time with their daughter they love, yet they're the bad guys for trying to be good parents. Again, this gives off a very bad message to the kids. So, why are they the bad guys? Because they are taking their daughter away from her important job that helps all of Equestria! Yeah, let's explore that further. I will not deny that the cutie mark crusaders have done some good, but in no way have they helped all of Equestria! They are solely based in Ponyville and the only time they spread their horizons is when they travel with the main six or when someone from a unique race comes to them. The whole ceremony with the claim that they help all of Equestria is a child's fever dream; over exaggerating their passion to make them feel famous and more important than they really are. Be honest, a lot of us did that as a kid and believed we were the next Picasso. Yes, be open to your child's passion and don't keep them from it, but don't be won over by childish and false claims. Scootaloo believes she fully understands the situation but there are a lot of things she's overlooked that an adult should have guided her through. Firstly, you only have parents once and they can help guide and teach you (I'd be fine with her staying if she was a teenager, but she's a child, she needs some parental guidance and her parents need to take responsibility of it rather than putting the duty on others), secondly, she could continue her work at their new home and spread the CMCs message and good deeds to further reaches, thirdly, Scootaloo has not seen all of Equestria, like she believes, and there are plenty of great places to explore and, as said in the second point, spread the CMCs message. So good message, but it just doesn't fit the episode and everything comes off as extremely childish. In short, this episode gives off a very wrong impression to kids. From Scootaloo whining and pouting and getting her way, the parents being framed as the bad guys for trying to be better parental figures, to making it seem like you should fight change instead of adapt to it. Yes (speaking of bad parenting) parents should not sit their kids in front of the tv and let them get all their morals from that, but still, children's shows that teach morals should take care of what message they are giving off. But, I know some of you are thinking, "but you've been talking about the children the whole time, how do you feel?" and well, I am talking about "the kids" so much because this episode feels like it was written by a kid! It comes off as extremely immature with its elements and very far fetched. I am the one that usually complains about things being "too real", but I think this episode would benefit from a dose of reality. Secondly, my biggest issue is the promise of change but nothing interesting came from it. I want to see the characters grow to new heights and, this being the last season, it's a great time to go all out with creative ideas. Yet, instead, we get this bland episode that really would have benefited from a rewrite. The show is so scared to change the status quo with some elements and I don't understand why. This is the last season for goodness sakes! We want to go out with a bang, not see the same thing over and over. I ended up giving it a D. Ps: I loved the aunts