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  1. How many countries have you been to?

    I've been to 13 different countries so far: In rough chronological order: USA (born & live here) Canada (eh) Mexico Japan (was stationed on a ship based there for over 3 years) South Korea Australia Singapore Thailand Bahrain United Arab Emirates India People's Republic of China (Hong Kong) The Netherlands (it was an 8-hour layover on a series of flights for my second trip to Bahrain to meet up with my ship after being temporarily assigned to a different ship for over a month, but I was on the ground in Amsterdam, so it technically counts) I'd love to go on a proper trip to Europe, especially since I have a friend from the first ship I was on who got married to an Irish lady & is living in Dublin now, but finding the kind of money for that & jumping through all the hoops needed to get a passport in the US has proven to be a bit daunting....
  2. Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    OMG! I literally have the exact some dress that Sunset is wearing in this pic! How cool is that!
  3. Do you play an instrument?

    Does this count? If so, then yes, I use my MIDI controller & DAW to make music. Other than that, I don't really play any "real" instruments due to being a klutz who might as well be named "Fumble-Fingers McGee" when it comes to trying to hit the right guitar frets or keyholes & such like that... Thankfully, due to being able to use VST Instruments with my DAW, I can virtually play just about anything under the sun using my program & MIDI controller.
  4. So, After several weeks of music theory class, I decided to take a crack at doing an electronic re-make I'd been wanting to do of a traditional piece called The Sailor's Hornpipe, The College Hornpipe or Jack's the Lad. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out overall, and one of the more interesting surprises I had when making it was that, when I decided to go with the lead-in being entirely traditional instruments, but at 150 BPM, I went with a standard jig/hornpipe drum beat on an old-timey drum, and when I went through my loop libraries for some techno/house beats I could use, I found a set of related loops in this old CakeWalk loop library I have that uses the exact same drum pattern for the kicks, so I decided to use that as a way to show how modern music is related to & can be mixed with traditional music. The photo montage I used for making the video are all photos I've taken from 2000 - 2013, both when I was in the Navy & of museum ships at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD. The ships featured, in order of appearance are: USS Constellation Sloop of War (museum ship, Historic Ships of Baltimore) USS O'Brien DD-975 (first ship I was stationed on, decommissioned Sep, 2004) USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 (lead ship in the battle group the USS O'Brien was part of during Operation Enduring Freedom, Still in active service) USCGC Taney WHEC-37 (museum ship, Historic Ships of Baltimore) USS Torsk SS-423 (museum ship, Historic Ships of Baltimore) USS Belleau Wood LHA-3 (last ship I was stationed on, decommissioned Oct, 2005) USS Missouri BB-63 (museum ship, Pearl Harbor, HI)
  5. Gaming Video game franchises that might as well be dead

    Yeah, the Soul Calibur series: Soul Calibur V pretty much killed it dead with it's half-baked release that had almost zero content. On a related note, add Duke Nukem to the list, especially since, after living up to its name by taking forever to be released, Duke Nukem Forever flopped hard....
  6. BTW, here's an article that appeared on one of the LEGO forums I used to frequent several years ago that explains what I was talking about earlier, and I'm willing to bet eventually bit them in the ass: (And it wasn't just LEGO that they'd mark up like this either).....
  7. Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    I've had the Sailor's Hornpipe (also known as the College Hornpipe or Jack's the Lad) stuck in my head for several days now... Of course the fact that I'm working on doing an EDM remix of it might have something to do with that, but it is a rather catchy tune:
  8. Unfortunately, I saw this coming for some time now: While Toys R Us always had great selection, they would mark up the prices on all their stuff like 15% or so, then every so often have "sales" that gave you 15% off, so you'd be paying what you'd pay at other retailers. I was wondering when that kind of shady business practice would bite them in the ass, and it looks like it finally happened.
  9. What other hobbies does everypony have?

    Well, non-pony hobbies of mine include, but are not limited to: Collecting Disney Princess dolls Collecting Ever After High dolls (Raven x Apple = otp) Collecting Strawberry Shortcake dolls Collecting & building Lego stuff (I'm a member of the local Lego User's Group or LUG, which are officially recognized Lego clubs) Making music (which will be getting a significant boost, now that I'm finally taking classes on music theory) Drawing Writing (which I'm planning on getting back into since my one friend who is a professional author told me she thought I had what it takes to make it as a professional author, but I want to take some creative writing classes at the local colleges first) Playing various video games & posting videos for some of them on my YouTube channel
  10. Gaming Most unheard of games, that you know?

    I actually still have a copy of Arcanum floating around Anyways, there's this old, DOS game from 1992 that practically nobody's ever heard of called Executioners that was a Double-Dragon type beat 'em up, but with rather bad graphics & animation, however what makes this game stick in my mind is the entire warped storyline & combat was a black comedy gold mine:
  11. Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    Now Dragon Lord Ember will REALLY have trouble telling Starlight & Twilight apart, lol. EDIT: @ChB I'll try to remember to vote for Starlight tomorrow, but I'm going to be busy helping with the cover reveal for a friend's book that she's finally getting published.
  12. Upcoming Equestria Girls Bishoujo Statues By Kotobukiya

    I definitely need to see about picking up a few of these for my collection, provided I have the cash for it.
  13. Gaming Favorite Final Fantasy Games

    My favorite games in the series are VII VIII & IX, but my absolute favorite, by far, currently is XIV, partially because you can create your own custom character in the game (it's an MMORPG), and partially because the online friends I made in-game have helped me get through some really rough parts of my life, and I even met my very best friend in RL through the game (it turns out she lives about half an hour from me). Here's a quick pic of my character as a level 69 Astrologian (I have all mage classes except Astrologian at the current level cap of 70 right now):
  14. Have you ever been kicked out of anywhere?

    Despite being able to speak fairly fluent Japanese & familiar with Japanese culture & customs, I've been given the old "Chotto gaijin sama dame" (Sorry, but 'honorable' foreigners aren't allowed) line at least once when I was stationed in Japan for 3 years. I tried asking why (in Japanese), but the hostess just kept repeating the same line over & over, so I just said, "Ii-yo! Koko ni bachi atare!" (Fine then! May divine judgment fall upon this place!), and left, but not before seeing her eyes widen when I basically invoked the wrath of God on her establishment, but I figure if you're going to be a bigot, you deserve it.
  15. Question about Sunset and Starlight

    That pretty much describes me in a nutshell: ENTP on the Meyer-Briggs personality matrix, but due to having horrible social skills due to a combination of ADHD & parents who were proud introverts who lived in the middle of nowhere, I was constantly rejected & bullied by my peers from Kindergarten all the way up to when I graduated high school, and as a result, I've developed similar issues with fear or rejections & fear of interacting with others due to said fear of rejection. I've been seeing a therapist for the past almost 2 years to help overcome these issues, but I wonder sometimes if I ever will... Still, this is one of the reasons why Starlight is my favorite character, due to the fact that I can fully understand & sympathize with her insecurities & fears (although at least I can say I never tried to brainwash large groups of people into accepting enforced mediocrity)....