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  1. DJ_Bonebraker

    Weirdest/Funniest Username you ever heard of

    I've seen a few amusing ones in both Final Fantasy XIV & Battlefield one. Some of the more memorable ones in Battlefield 1 were this guy whose user name was "A knife-wielding Ninja". I got killed several times by A knife-wielding Ninja that round... Similarly was the guy whose name was "one artillery shell"... Lots of people were killed that match by one artillery shell (that somehow was able to use machineguns). Of course, I also had to give some mad props to Sgt. Alvin York, since whoever came up with that name did their historical research. On my server in Final Fantasy XIV there's someone named "Velocirapture Dionosir", and a cat-girl player character named "Mew Tube" and another catgirl pc named "Meowly Cyrus". Of course, some of the more amusing ones I've seen in dungeon runs with PuGs consisting of players from other servers on the data center were Lalafells (hobbits) with names like "Falafel Fawaffle" or my personal favorite, a Lalafell Dragoon (melee DPS class) named "Ankle Biter" XD.
  2. Well, if you were to look at my FFXIV character's current look, I think you'd be able to tell which version of Alice I like the most: That said, I, like Dreambiscuit said, prefer the original book version of Alice, followed closely by Tim Burton's take & then the classic Disney one, and my character's look is inspired by all three versions. Which makes sense when you realize my character is supposed to be me if I was assigned female at birth, and I created the character as a female version of myself shortly after I came out, as a way to navigate the rabbit hole of finally honestly exploring my gender identity & such....
  3. So if any of you are wondering why & what I changed my avatar to.  I did this for Pride Month, and I added the colors of the Bi-Gender pride flag to my DJ Bonebraker logo, because I am bigender.  I meant to post something about this earlier, but I've been struggling with depression the past 2 weeks or so, and didn't feel up to it until now.

  4. DJ_Bonebraker

    Was the Confederate Flag ban unnecessary?

    I pretty much agree with what Pathfinder said here, but want to add a few more things to it: Speaking as someone who had ancestors who fought on both sides of the Civil War, I believe that the only time Confederate flags should be displayed on public property is on an actual Civil War battlefield, as a way to mark where various units were positioned at key points in the battle, much like how it's done at the Gettysburg Battlefield (which is like 20 mi from my house & the ancestor who fought on the Union side was heavily involved in that particular battle). Furthermore, the flag that most people think of as the Confederate Flag was never actually used by the confederacy! It is similar to the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (Robert E Lee's army), which was the same color & design, but square, as well as the Confederate Naval Ensign (which is the same design & shape, but somewhat different colors), so people waving the current flag aren't even waving a flag that was actually used by the Confederacy! And one thing that really grinds my gears is some of the local yahoos/edgelords who thing their being cool or edgy by hanging the flag outside their houses... I'm basically like, "You guys DO know that they were the enemy during the Civil War right? I mean those bastards burned our town to the ground and you're waving their flag around?! Not cool!"
  5. DJ_Bonebraker

    Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    I just pre-ordered Battlefield V (and got all the swanky bonus weapons for Battlefield 1 that come with pre-ordering Battlefield V) Nice! What server are you on? I'm on Faerie.
  6. DJ_Bonebraker

    Gaming Most disappointing game you have ever played?

    Most disappointing game I ever played? Well, let's just say that, at one time, I owned a copy of the infamous E. T. The Extraterrestrial game for the Atari 2600, and after about 20 minutes of trying to play that train-wreck, let's just say that I was not surprised at all to discover that game was a major contributing factor to an event that almost destroyed the ENTIRE video game industry....
  7. DJ_Bonebraker

    What other hobbies does everypony have?

    In addition to the stuff I posted a while back, I've gotten back into yet another of my hobbies that I'd basically put on hold for the past 7 years, namely building functional steampunk/dieselpunk electronic devices. I currently have two Raspberry Pi projects in the works, and I got a new metal tape embossing label maker so I can finally start adding labels to some of my old projects, like this one:
  8. DJ_Bonebraker

    How exactly does Rarity have that lovely accent?

    Her accent IS fake, for all intents & purposes: It's known as the "Transatlantic Accent" and was essentially America's answer to Received Pronunciation in Britain, i.e. a learned upper-crust accent usually taught & enforced at high-end boarding schools and/or acting schools, although the Transatlantic accent pretty much fell out of use by the late 1950's, even in Hollywood, but if you were to watch any American film from like 1927 (when sound movies really caught on) until like 1955 or so, you'd hear the same accent being used, and there are even still voice coaches who teach the accent for actors wanting to do period pieces set in the early 1900's up to the end of WWII: Explanation
  9. DJ_Bonebraker

    The recent purchases thread

    Speaking of musical instruments, I managed to get this bad boy for $0.95 at this Goodwill Outlet store when I was out visiting my brother in Pittsburgh yesterday::
  10. DJ_Bonebraker

    Soda or Pop?

    That's actually what a lot of people around here call it, including me. Probably because this area more or less falls on the dividing line between the areas where "Soda" is more common & the ones where "pop" is more common.
  11. DJ_Bonebraker

    The recent purchases thread

    Just went to a local Ham(radio)fest today & picked up, among other random misc electronic parts & cables: A vintage "Lollypop" microphone, an aluminum automotive Mini-ITX case, an old Franklin ACE 1200 Apple II clone computer from 1983 & a padded aluminum case: ...And on the way back home, I stopped at Books A Million & bought the rest of the Harry Potter series (Books 3-7) in hardcover.
  12. DJ_Bonebraker

    General Weird things you own?

    Let's see, where to start..... Among many other things, I have a collection of fashion dolls, mainly Disney Store Disney Princess dolls (had to re-build the collection due to She Who Mustn't Be Named taking them all when she left) & Ever After High, and of course all my MLP stuff, but that's fairly tame. I basically started decorating my house when I moved in shortly after marrying You Know Who like it belonged to a wizard from Harry Potter, including a wooden Hogwarts plaque, a wooden framed "A Magical Welcome to New York" from Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find them, a framed replica of the cover of The Quibbler from Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince that I picked up from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2012, among other Harry Potter paraphanelia, including a set of replica Gringott's Bank coins (Galleon, Sickle & Knut), full Hogwarts Uniform (Hufflepuff) and rubber stamp & wax seal sets for both Hogwarts & the Ministry of Magic. In addition to the above, I also have various retro/steampunk appliances, including a kit-built MP3 player with a 2-gang Bakelite electrical box with custom-made brass cover plate & aluminum angle plate framework as its housing (and it also has an analog volume control knob as well as LEDs mounted in old lamp housings for its power/play indicators), a modified Western Electric Model 317 wall phone (the kind with the crank & separate ear & mouthpiece) that was made between 1914 & 1938, but I updated the internal circuitry to work on modern phone lines & even added a bakelite box with aluminum cover with a touch-tone dialer circuit & keypad (payphone type) so you can make calls from that phone as well as take them. I also have a 1978 vintage Stromberg-Carlson multi-line office phone on my computer desk (You can see it in this picture sitting behind my Novation ReMote MIDI controller), as well as a retro-style phone made to look like a 1930's airport field phone that I purchased at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in 2013 in the master bedroom. In addition, I have various unusual flags hanging in various places around the house, including 3 different pirate flags (Calico Jack Rackham flag with crossed cutlasses under the skull above my workbench in the garage, a giant Jack Sparrow flag I got at the Renaissance Fair hanging above & behind my TV in the living room, and a "Pirates for Hire" jolly roger hanging on the wall behind my computer desk for the lulz), as well as a Japanese Naval Ensign that I bought at the souvenir shop for the museum battleship Mikasa in Yokosuka Japan, a banner/sign for the Katsumi restaurant in Miura, Japan that was given to me by the owner because he was impressed with how well I could speak Japanese & as a way to thank me for answering all his questions about life in America, and finally, a flag for the Kurdish YPG (people's protection units) hanging on the wall above my computer desk as well: So yeah, I guess you can say that anyone can tell that no mere muggle lives at my place.
  13. DJ_Bonebraker

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    So, I recently started re-reading the Harry Potter series, and I'm on the Chamber of Secrets, so I had an idea to do a crossover thing with Sunset Shimmer, but it looks like someone else already beat me to it: (Looks like Sunset got the wrong diary, lol)
  14. DJ_Bonebraker

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    I'm rather complicated: I'm about 90% attracted to women, which is fairly straightforward, but on top of that, I'm bi-gender, which means that half the time I'm a guy who is mostly straight, while the other half I'm a mostly lesbian woman. Needless to say this rather limits my dating options.....
  15. DJ_Bonebraker

    Technology Are We In The Dark Age Of Smart Phone Design?

    If I ever own a smart phone, it will be some kind of Raspberry Pi or similar DIY project like the one I linked above, but put into the housing of one of the old "Brick" cell phones from the 1980's that look like this: but with the keypad replaced by a touch-screen.