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  1. Which EQG superpower would you want?

    I'm going to break from the usual trend and say that I'd like Rarity's forcefield power. The reason I'm going with that one is how versatile it is, especially since, as has been shown in Legend of Everfree & Mirror Magic, Rarity can control the crystalline constructs/barriers she creates (e.g. when she forms a sphere around Sci-Twi to keep her from falling into the void & moves it back to the last remaining bit of ground). I mean not only can you block most damage, but you can also use it, with proper control, to either make stepping stones in the air (like Weiss from RWBY), or even better, surf on a diamond-shaped barrier like the silver surfer. Add to that the ability to form other crystalline solid objects out of thin air (a la the crystal chandelier that Rarity conjured up), and you have one potent, versatile set of powers that someone with a good imagination (like Rarity) can put to use for a wide variety of threats. Someone said that Rarity was basically the Green Lantern to Sci-Twi's Jean Grey, but I think Rarity's abilities are more like another Marvel Heroine: Sue Richards, a.k.a. The Invisible Woman. Granted, she can't make herself or her force fields invisible, but the sheer variety & utility of the force-fields are similar to Sue's, and Sue Richards is far from the weakest of the Marvel super heroes.
  2. Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    So, I went to my best friend's house to hang out & exchange gifts, and check out what she got for me: She actually got me the Build-A-Bear Starlight Glimmer plushie! This really made my day, let me tell you!
  3. Dress ponies fan club

    Not an anthro, but I decided to try to create the feminine version of my ponysona with General Zoi's Pony Creator, and decided to take a stab at making her with her Gala dress on, and I think it turned out fairly well:
  4. Is your pegasus OC blue?

    My Pegasus ponysona, Radar (Sweep, Pulse, Trace or Horizon, still can't decide on which one I want to go with) has a Haze Grey (i.e. the hull color of US Navy ships) coat, but they do have blue hair with goldenrod streaks in it. (S)he does like the color blue, though:
  5. Equestria Girls Cosplay

    I had planned on making a sort of quick EG cosplay for BronyCon this year that consisted of the sweater, ears & tail featured in the Caffeteria Song in the original Equestria Girls movie, but due to mom being put on hospice care about a month before BronyCon, I didn't get around to doing that, and was only able to go to the con on Sunday. Hopefully I'll be able to do it next year.
  6. Were you over 18 when the show first premiered?

    First of all, big thank you to @Jeric, @Wingnut & @Fhaolan for making me not feel so old and decrepit, because I was 32 when the show first aired, but didn't start watching it until January of last year, during the hiatus between season 5 & 6, at which time I was 37.... XD
  7. Spoiler And The Scores Are In

    This is yet another reason why I haven't listened to "professional" movie critics for years: They're just as out of touch with what people like, or for that matter, what makes a good movie as the brain donors at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (the people who determine which movies are nominated for/win Oscars).... I just saw the movie myself, and I must say that it was fantastic: It kept up a good pace & didn't really have any dull moments, yet somehow it felt longer than its actual 2 hour running time (in a good way).
  8. Warhammer 40k/30k

    I must say, watching a play-through of Space Marine made me re-think my opinion of the Ultra-smurfs as well. It even inspired me to make Captain Titus as a Create A Soul character in Soul Calibur V (I gave him Siegfried's move-set and this one sword that looks like an Astartes power sword)... Then again, I also created a Blood Raven (whom I just named Spess Mehreen) and Angry Marine as well.....
  9. Luna Fan Club

    I finally managed to spawn as a tank driver in Battlefield 1 last night, and you gotta admit that the New Lunar Republic logo looks pretty awesome in-game: Photo taken minutes before the tank was destroyed by apparent Solar Empire sympathizers on the other team.
  10. Luna Fan Club

    I finally discovered the official Battlefield 1 Companion website & their official Emblem creator, so I decided to whip this emblem up this morning: Soon all enemies will learn to fear the might of the New Lunar Republic!
  11. Post your OC!

    Either that or they used the official MLP Movie character creator that went live about a week ago. @Ichigopai Your OC is really cute.
  12. Luna Fan Club

    Hi, I'm here because, like you, I consider Luna to be the best princess and she is truly top shelf in my book: I've also recently changed the desktop of my gaming & music/video making PC to this: Original pic here: If I can get some friends to play Battlefield 1 with me, I'm seriously thinking about registering a "New Lunar Republic" platoon with this logo.... It would be funny to see how many non-bronies try to join/comment on how cool the logo is without realizing it's MLP-related.
  13. Warhammer 40k/30k

    That's actually one of the OTHER main reasons I never really got into 40K (aside from the whole 40K being the price tag for a reasonable army): I just can't get into any setting where EVERY faction are complete & utter monsters, because then I don't have anyone to root for (although I do kind of like the Orks' general "Eff Dis, we'z all gunna get krumped one way or da odder, so we's might as well 'ave as much fun seein' 'ow many of da odder guyz we can krump first" attitude). I guess that's why, in fan fiction I tend to prefer stories about the Orks or "joke" factions like the Angry Marines (Always Angry! All The Time!) or Reasonable Marines because they inject some desperately needed humor into all the grim darkness....
  14. A Pony or a Space Marine?

    Personally I'd pick being a pony in Equestria over being a Spess Mehreen in the Warhammer 40K universe: I mean, aside from the 40K in Warhammer 40K being how much you need to spend in order to have a reasonably competitive army, one of the major reasons I was never able to get into the whole setting was because it's just too grimdark (In the grim, dark future of grimdark, there is only grim darkness!) and my life is depressing enough as it is: I'd rather be in the happy colorful land of ponies where friendship is the most powerful force & the cardinal virtues actually have real power, thank you very much.
  15. Considering that Gilgamesh ALSO appears in Final Fantasy XIV, not to mention that Shantotto from XI and Lightning from XIII have appeared in the game, and there's a new raid called "Return to Ivalice" that's coming in the 4.1 patch, I'd say that the "connected multiverse" theory is pretty much confirmed....