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  1. I'm going to be going this year for sure, even though it means sacrificing participating in my LUG's display at BrickFair VA this year. Way I see it, BrickFair isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but this is the last BronyCon ever, and I've only been to two other ones, and I'd regret not making it to this final one as well.
  2. Believe it or not, but this thing: This is an MP3 player I built from a kit (well the circuit board & components were a kit... I made the housing from scratch) almost exactly 10 years ago. I used to use it as my car music player, at least until I got one that let you play MP3 cds, then it became part of my home Stereo system, where it's plugged into the amp, and I listen to it when doing things around the house. I just recently did a bit of an overhaul for the first time in almost 10 years, mainly to add the labeling, tighten up some screws, and move the power jack from the bottom to the side of the housing. Thing is, 10 years after I first soldered the board together, made the housing & turned it on for the first time, it still works just like it was brand new, and I'm going to continue rocking out with it for as long as I can get replacement parts (not that I'll be likely to need them, since even the board & components looked brand-new when I had it out during the power jack shift project). I also took this thing to BronyCon this year as part of my steampunk Cosplay (along with a suitably steampunkish battery pack & headphones).
  3. Look what I got at BronyCon on Sunday! Tabitha also signed my Equestria Girls mini of Rarity as well... Definitely one of the highlights of BronyCon this year for me.
  4. We probably won't get any kind of solid info on Generation 5 until sometime next year at the earliest.
  5. I'm definitely going. I may have joined the fandom late & started going to BronyCon late (last year was my first BronyCon), I'm determined to see this thing through to the end.
  6. Yeah, when I heard the announcement during the closing ceremonies, it just floored me. I mean next year BronyCon will be the same exact weekend as BrickFair (one of the biggest LEGO fan conventions on the East Coast that I also like to attend), but since it's going to be the last BronyCon ever, and BrickFair has been going on for over 10 years & still going strong, so I've decided that I'll be going to BronyCon instead. Still, the news just made me so sad.
  7. *raises hand* I have ADHD, as in fully tested (including being hooked up to a full EEG & MRI) & documented... This of course is the source of my OTHER mental problems due to the fact that, thanks to the ADHD going undiagnosed until I was 9, on top of which I was born & raised in the middle of Bum-f**k Egypt with no other kids my age to play with (aside from my brother, who is 2-years younger than me) prior to starting elementary school, so I ended up doing stupid shit that made all the other kids hate & bully me constantly from the time I started kindergarten up to the time I graduated. I still have really shitty social skills thanks to all that, which is why I could easily empathize with Starlight Glimmer in Season 6. As a result of said bullying, I have anxiety issues & PTSD (which my military service added to, but the service-related PTSD is nowhere near as bad as what was the result of being constantly bullied), as well as fairly regular bouts of depression stemming from them. Even with weekly counseling sessions with a licensed psychotherapist, some day's it's still a major struggle to get out of bed and do anything at all... Even so, despite being in the middle of one of my bouts of anxiety & depression, I am determined to get into my car & drive down to Baltimore & go to BronyCon this weekend & not give in to just staying home & doing nothing....
  8. TBH, if they did come out with some kind of Lego-compatible building sets based on MLP, they'd most likely be Kre-O, which is Hasbro's own brand of Lego-compatible bricks. And I would be totally OK with that, since Kre-O is about the only clone brand that has quality that is close to that of actual Lego bricks.
  9. Sometimes I think I should just give up on trying to make friends... It always seems like sooner or later I end up hurting those whom I love, annoying the crap out of those who I care about & generally just become a bother to those who I want to hang out with...

    1. Jedishy


      I suggest you take a look at the behaviors that are causing those issues. Alter them or abandon them entirely. Change not giving up is the solution. 

    2. DJ_Bonebraker


      The thing is, it's probably my anxiety talking...  I just needed a place to get it out last night & I figured nobody would bother reading anything I posted here.  There are plenty of logical reasons why my best friend wouldn't reply to my Skype message this week, and just because one of her other friend's friends (who's a bit psycho) falsely accused me of stalking people in their FFXIV guild (that I left 8 months ago, and I treated the people who I was still friends with the same as I always did the entire time, doesn't mean my REAL friend believes any of it)....

      Still, I do have ADHD & I've done completely thoughtless, hurtful things in the past (mostly when I was in elementary school) without even realizing or remembering I did them, so I kinda get paranoid any time a friendship looks like it's going south due to automatically assuming it's my fault, when in some cases (like my ex-wife) it really wasn't....

  10. I agree 110% with this, Jeric. I'm kinda the same way, but a bit younger, and at this point, sick of the whole, to quote George Washington's farewell address , "alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension" that BOTH major political parties (and their strong supporters) engage in, that I'm basically saying (to quote Mercutio) "A plague on BOTH your houses!" And the back & forth between Tumblr white knights (a.k.a. SJW) and self-declared "Deplorables" makes me want to do like Moe in the Three Stooges & bonk both sides' collective skulls against each other until some sense gets knocked into them. I mean it's just sad & disturbing that I, as a member of the LGBTQIA community, get a lot of flack FROM said community because I call certain "activists" out for doxxing people, inciting the rest of the community (and other far-left types) to harass & heckle them & generally do their best to ruin their lives just because they may have said something homophobic once, 10 years ago or some utter BULLSHIT like that! I mean I'm like, "You want the Republicans to increase their majority in congress & Trump to get re-elected? Because that is how you increase the Republican majority in congress & get Trump re-elected!" I mean I actually agree, in principle, that people shouldn't be using slurs of any kind (racist, ableist, homophobic, etc), but going out of your way to harass someone, ruin their livelihood & in at least one recent case, push them into committing suicide (and then laughing about it as some did on the facebook post I saw sharing the news article about it), makes me not want to be associated with the LGBT community anymore, even though I AM transgender! Now that, is what I consider to be the kind of behavior exhibited by so-called Social "Justice" Warriors (more like Social Lynch-Mob Warriors if you ask me, going about like that!), and I will not hesitate to call people out for crap like that either, especially since that's the exact same kind of tactics the Klan & other far-right groups use to intimidate people, and I don't care if you're cause is the "right" one, the end NEVER justifies the means. Hell, more atrocities have been committed through the ages using the excuse that the end justifies the means than any other reason.
  11. I've seen a few amusing ones in both Final Fantasy XIV & Battlefield one. Some of the more memorable ones in Battlefield 1 were this guy whose user name was "A knife-wielding Ninja". I got killed several times by A knife-wielding Ninja that round... Similarly was the guy whose name was "one artillery shell"... Lots of people were killed that match by one artillery shell (that somehow was able to use machineguns). Of course, I also had to give some mad props to Sgt. Alvin York, since whoever came up with that name did their historical research. On my server in Final Fantasy XIV there's someone named "Velocirapture Dionosir", and a cat-girl player character named "Mew Tube" and another catgirl pc named "Meowly Cyrus". Of course, some of the more amusing ones I've seen in dungeon runs with PuGs consisting of players from other servers on the data center were Lalafells (hobbits) with names like "Falafel Fawaffle" or my personal favorite, a Lalafell Dragoon (melee DPS class) named "Ankle Biter" XD.
  12. Well, if you were to look at my FFXIV character's current look, I think you'd be able to tell which version of Alice I like the most: That said, I, like Dreambiscuit said, prefer the original book version of Alice, followed closely by Tim Burton's take & then the classic Disney one, and my character's look is inspired by all three versions. Which makes sense when you realize my character is supposed to be me if I was assigned female at birth, and I created the character as a female version of myself shortly after I came out, as a way to navigate the rabbit hole of finally honestly exploring my gender identity & such....
  13. So if any of you are wondering why & what I changed my avatar to.  I did this for Pride Month, and I added the colors of the Bi-Gender pride flag to my DJ Bonebraker logo, because I am bigender.  I meant to post something about this earlier, but I've been struggling with depression the past 2 weeks or so, and didn't feel up to it until now.

  14. I pretty much agree with what Pathfinder said here, but want to add a few more things to it: Speaking as someone who had ancestors who fought on both sides of the Civil War, I believe that the only time Confederate flags should be displayed on public property is on an actual Civil War battlefield, as a way to mark where various units were positioned at key points in the battle, much like how it's done at the Gettysburg Battlefield (which is like 20 mi from my house & the ancestor who fought on the Union side was heavily involved in that particular battle). Furthermore, the flag that most people think of as the Confederate Flag was never actually used by the confederacy! It is similar to the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (Robert E Lee's army), which was the same color & design, but square, as well as the Confederate Naval Ensign (which is the same design & shape, but somewhat different colors), so people waving the current flag aren't even waving a flag that was actually used by the Confederacy! And one thing that really grinds my gears is some of the local yahoos/edgelords who thing their being cool or edgy by hanging the flag outside their houses... I'm basically like, "You guys DO know that they were the enemy during the Civil War right? I mean those bastards burned our town to the ground and you're waving their flag around?! Not cool!"