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  1. I doubt losing youre horn makes you not allowed to have a cutie mark, she can still do magic its just unstable.
  2. I just got done reading the mlp prequals and now I can say, I am really hyped for this movie. The animation looks great, the songs are really good, and the villains are good. I also love 2d animation I hope more 2d films come to theaters after this one. This film might also bring new people to the fandom or even bring back people that left the fandom! The advertising for this movie has been good, but my only problem is that the trailer aint being played in theaters. The movie is only a month away, I cant wait for this movie!!! It better be good! Are any of you guys as hyped as I am?
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    Lol ill probably put that on my bio
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    Hello everybody im AppleJackIsaPony, I started watching mlp because i came across an episode on youtube, after i watched it i told my brothers but they were kinds like wtf... Im pretty they forgot about that by now though..... I found mlpforums through google, i simply searched mlp forums to see what forums there were and this one caught my attention. Ive been a brony for like 10 months now, ive watched every episode atleast twice and applejack is my favourite pony, she has been since the second episode i watched. The first episode i watched was season 6 the daring do one i forgot what it was called. The second one was applejacks day off.