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  1. I like your username. The spaces make it really unique.

  2. happy birthday :D

  3. Lol sorry I clicked the friend bar two times >_>

    1. ~Princess Luna~

      ~Princess Luna~

      That's wy you might think I defriended you *.* lol

  4. Just so you know, I haven't left this fandom. I've simply been "busy" >_>

    1. Wingnut


      Well, when your last active post is over a year old, people tend to jump to conclusions. It's always nice to see some sign of life out of a forum member with an unadulterated Mane 6 username. :)

  5. Has there been a ponified version of Pony Canyon logo?

  6. TERA, anypony play this?

  7. Have a good night/morning everypony!

  8. Mom: "I like your desktop, what that wallpaper?"

    1. FIuttershy


      Me: "It MLP:FiM"


    2. FIuttershy


      Mom: "I like it it's nice!"

    3. FIuttershy


      Well that was simple lol.

  9. I noticed I made a typo, but for the lack of putting that ugly "Edit" comment it puts under the post, I'll just leave it as is. "but as Red tries to understand what had happened, and -> an intense pressure dropped him to his knees."