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Everything posted by FIuttershy

  1. Just so you know, I haven't left this fandom. I've simply been "busy" >_>

    1. Wingnut


      Well, when your last active post is over a year old, people tend to jump to conclusions. It's always nice to see some sign of life out of a forum member with an unadulterated Mane 6 username. :)

  2. Has there been a ponified version of Pony Canyon logo?

  3. TERA, anypony play this?

  4. Have a good night/morning everypony!

  5. Mom: "I like your desktop, what that wallpaper?"

    1. FIuttershy


      Me: "It MLP:FiM"


    2. FIuttershy


      Mom: "I like it it's nice!"

    3. FIuttershy


      Well that was simple lol.

  6. I noticed I made a typo, but for the lack of putting that ugly "Edit" comment it puts under the post, I'll just leave it as is. "but as Red tries to understand what had happened, and -> an intense pressure dropped him to his knees."
  7. I'm sorry everypony. I let my assertiveness get the better of me. I pinkie promise I won't let that happen again.

    1. RippedOffMattress


      All is forgiven Fluttershy. We still love you! :) **hugs**

    2. Kaborer


      I will have a hard time forgetting, that you made Pinkie Pie cry, but I forgive you. :)

  8. I don't know where I was going with that. If you read it, thank you, but I don't know it I'll continue it yet. Though I do have a plot.

    1. FIuttershy


      *if I'll continue...* Spelling is Magic

  9. His foot sifted through the sand as he approached the battle-line. The crowd around him roars with a fury of excitement and passion. Among the crowd were friends and family, cheering for the boy's victory. Spot lights concentrated their fiery luminescence on the field, silhouetting a shadow as his opponent marched toward his platform. As if the threads of fate were stung in discord among them, their eyes met. Sacrifice. Passion. Dedication. What drew these two rivals together would be defined nothing less than a lifetime of fighting. They fight to win. Beside the boy stood his faithful mouse-type companion. Their journeys have taken them beyond the wonders of the world that they live. A bond of friendship so great, no force could ever sever it. The challengers were ready. The crowd continued to roar. Their cries carried beyond the walls of the gigantic dome stadium. The referees take their place on the sides as the announcer riles up the crowd one last time. Tension growing increasingly heavy, and as the fire of the phoenix cup ignited like a raging wind, so did the worlds greatest pokemon championship battle. Red clutched onto a special pokeball preparing his first move. His rival, seemingly calm, motioned that Red attempt the first attack. As the whistle was blown for the start of the match, Red hesitated and pulled back the pokeball in his hand. "Pikachu, I choose you!" He cried. With a "Piika!" battle cry, little Pikachu ran from the boy's side and onto center stage. The electric-type pokemon was energetic and throwing his tiny paws to get started. It would have been unwise of Red to choose Pikachu for this fight, as the stage for the first three matches were to be earth-based, the element strong against electricity. The rival chuckles to himself. He expected as much from Red, and this only strengthened his guarantee of victory. To keep things interesting, he chose to give little Pikachu a warm-up and sent out a Mienshao. Pikachu wasted not another second as he shot off like a rocket at his frighting opponent. Using Agility, the little mouse had no trouble grabbing the first attack, firing a powerful Thunder Bolt. The attack lands, and Mienshao appears to have flinched, but a quick counter sent Pikachu skyward across the arena. "Pikachu!" Red calls out to his friend to make sure the little guy is fine. With a quick and assuring "Pi, pika!" Pikachu was ready to give his opponent another 'one-two'. He started again with an Agility toward the Mienshao. Red commanded out an "Energy ball" and Pikachu followed the order. It hit! The damage didn't seem enough however, and Mienshao was on the plate. With a powerful Aura Sphere, the martial arts pokemon was sure to finish the round. As he fired Pikachu evaded by jumping over it. The attempt would prove futile, however, as Mienshao mentally controlled the sphere sending it back to the unaware Pikachu, sending him flying yet again. This time, Pikachu struggled to his feet, but once he was, it was back to Agility. Mienshao readied another Aura Sphere, but Red and Pikachu had other plans. With a quick and accurate command, Pikachu was rocketing toward Mienshao at an incredible speed using his signature move Volt Tackle. The fighting pokemon didn't stand a chance and was defeated. Ash and Pikachu briefly celebrated their first win, but Pikachu was terribly worn out. The rival returned his pokemon and took the next into his hand. The crowd was cheering for Red and Pikachu, whom were the favorites for the championship. "Don't get cocky Red. I gave you an easy one because you're too stupid to choose a good pokemon for battle. This is where we determine who among us is truly a 'Pokemon Master'. Witness my greatest pokemon." The pokeball clutched in his hand was violently thrown onto the field where from it emerged a mighty Landorus. Its presence on the field stirred the air into chaos as sand brewed into many tornadoes. It was the time for Red to pull the card from his sleeve, and reveal the ultimate pokemon he'd been hiding. The crowd being shot with debris of sand, fought for their sight to find out what pokemon Red would choose. From his hand, he clutched the same pokeball he had earlier, but there was no more hesitating. He knew he had to use it, and he threw the ball into the air, and shouted as the ball began to glow, "I choose you.....!" The entire stadium was suddenly surprised by a powerful flash. The pokeball was aloft in mid-air as the caps were strewn open. It appeared the light was coming from the pokeball, but as Red tries to understand what had happened, and intense pressure dropped him to his knees. As Red peeked beyond the blinding glow, he faintly spotted a crack in space where the ball was mysteriously floating. He couldn't move, but he felt that the light was beckoning to him. While Red fought for his sight, the world around him was rapidly changing canvases. He was no longer on a sandy desert stadium, but the light made it almost impossible for him to see any further. Suddenly, the light vanished. Everything vanished. The world Red known was no longer under his feet. Coming to his senses, he glanced around, confused. The pokeball rests, open, on a pile of dirt not far from him. Everything had happened so fast, Red wasn't sure what to make of the situation. All but a blank and confused expression was gone from his face. Just then his ears perked as Pikachu's voice resounded nearby. "Pikachu? Where are you buddy?" Red called out. There was no reply. Red became worried and pushed himself onto his feet. Suddenly he heard Pikachu's voice again. Catching where it might have come from, Red races off to catch up to his best friend. He made his way through a thicket of untouched forestry and flora, and found himself within a small clearing. The sun didn't shine here very well, but it was enough to see the surroundings. Pikachu was standing by a tree, looking at something. Red hurried to the electric mouse, worried that he might be hurt. Upon approaching him though, he discovered Pikachu had found an unknown species. " a pokemon?" Red took out his pokedex he had received from Professor Oak many years ago, and began to scan for information on this unfamiliar creature: "Database contains no information on this pokemon." "Hello there." Greeted the black-striped quadruped. This alarmed Red. Pokemon don't speak, well, normally. There have been exceptions. Wait! Then this must be a rare pokemon! The thought ran through his head, but the concern of how he arrived where he is still bothered him. The tribal decorated creature noticed Red's worry and pondered in riddle if he was perchance lost. "Do you happen to know where we are?" Red asked. "I know the answer of which you seek, the Everfree Forest is where we speak." Hello everypony. This is a WIP and conceptual idea. Please enjoy as is, as this is only a sample for now.
  10. I love this pink theme for the forum. I want to keep it, please don't take it away after today~ :3

    1. Legendary Emerald

      Legendary Emerald

      IP boards are able to have multiple selectable styles, so hopefully the pink will always be an option.

  11. I will say this much here and then I'm done. Knowing that an edit took place and Derpy was said officially in show and then removed to be later changed leaves a bad taste in my mouth on the authenticity of the show, even if the show remains as great as it is beyond this event. It's just a sour thing to think about.
  12. #SaveDerpy campaign amazed me with the passion bronies displayed, but sadly as a collective whole we went overboard with our attitudes. I have trouble wrapping my head around how the situation got so bad, I go to a site and see flame wars going on between bronies and other communities.

    1. Tyger


      I honestly couldn't care less about this "Save Derpy" campaign. In my honest brutal opinion, all of this is stupid.

    2. Key Gear

      Key Gear

      Tyger, I'm with you man. I don't understand why people are making such a big deal out of this.


      This whole thing is definitely stupid right now.

    3. FIuttershy


      I wasn't happy about the alterations Hasbro did, but I didn't go attacking people. Poor Yamino(?) if that's her/his user name. I love Derpy more than this edit, but it's not something to kill over.

      Truth be told, either way it could have turned out, Fluttershy is best pony and the mane 6 are what drive the show anyway.

  13. Sad news about the Friendship Express DVD. On chapter 4 of S01EP1, audio falls out of sync with the video. The ratio is around half a second to a second of lag. I don't know if the iTunes version has had this issue, but it's terrible that it should happen on an official DVD.

    1. FIuttershy


      Also watched through all of "The Last Roundup", and Derpy isn't altered, nor is there any issue with sound or video. I noticed that errors that were on tv are still present on the DVD. (example: Fluttershy's hair is missing during 11:33 to 11:35.

  14. There's going to be skype, and you can call outside lines from it. :/ I can't imagine a phone tool to be the factor that destroys this devise lol... Anyway. I had my Vita for 8? days now. Loving it like mad but I'm saddened too. I can't find nor make wallpaper for it that suits its OS. I tell you though, just the launch games alone, and that screen, they're absolutely brilliant. FFX will look and feel amazing on it, and Call of Duty... I have no more worries, the controls will be just as good as the home console versions. If you have a PS Vita, be sure to send me a friend invite on PSN. For the first time in my gaming career history, I actually found people to play online with on a mobile device. Why the hell does the Vita "need" a phone support....?
  15. Favorite male VG character is hands down: Cloud Strife : FINAL FANTASY VII (Main Character) Favorite female VG character is this cute little one here: Totori Helmold : Atelier Totori ~The Adventurer of Arland~ (Main Character) This is subject to change after an MLP:FiM 2D game releases for PS Vita.
  16. What's beyond the house with fire? Can't be any better than the fire.... I might just stay in the house. With the fire. alone
  17. All the good things said about it are true, most of the cons are so minor that ppl exaggerated them. Everypony should get one asap. It has group chat!

    1. Electrobolt


      I'm still waiting for that potential price drop :P That and money is kinda tight for me right now... But I'm still curious if there are any bugs in the initial release systems...

    2. FIuttershy


      None so far for me, I have also used the content manager for pc and it works very well. Sucks I can't just use folders like the psp, but it's not a big deal.


  18. Typing from my PS Vita guys!!! Sorry I'm too excited. This thing is freaking awesome

    1. Electrobolt


      lol :P I'm waiting for the Vita to have it's eventual price drop before I think about getting one... It's gonna happen eventually... Plus I'm waiting for there to be fixes to future Vitas if there are any bugs with the current ones out

    2. Electrobolt


      But do please tell me how good it is, I'd like to know xD

    3. Swit Swat

      Swit Swat

      Mt... I want one so badly.


  19. Added 3 more links to the "Useful Links" section. The User's Guide is helpful in that it details what the Vita can do and can't do. To point out something I just learned from it, apparently PS Vita can only play SD video's from the PS Store.... Oh well.
  20. Guys. Only 3 1/2 more days until the early release goes live. Something I want to point out for those who are planning to buy it, there is most likely going to be a system update on day 1. I think this will be 1.06 or w/e code SE is using now, just so there is no surprise there. Also, on a personal note I won't be able to afford any Vita specific games until next month because of the splurge on accessories I have to do which will be a lot of money :/ Those of you I have on PSN, I have been sending reminders to my entire list, if this is an issue (whether you plan to buy or not) please PM me as I intend to do so until "official" launch on FEB 22nd just for fun sake. On a side note, and something that could be brought to discussion, what multiplayer games would we like to get into within the community here. I know there are PSP games as well that we could play just as socially easy as Vita games. PSN games are playable as well I'm told. Hit that up is you wish