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  1. Jordan D

    General Do You Have An Accent?

    I'm in that weird part of North Carolina where about half the people I know have those stereotypical country accents while the other half do not. I don't really have the "country accent", but it comes out sometimes. My parents have subtle ones, and so do my sisters. Sometimes I speak with the twang (it was more prominent when I was younger) but for the most part, I don't. That said, one of my dads friends sounds just like Boomhauer.
  2. Jordan D

    Web Last thing you googled?

    "Fairly Oddparents Merlin" That whole episode where Timmy and co traveled back to the Arthurian age was my favorite. "I CAN SEE...I CAN FIGHT! "(*instantly dies*)
  3. Jordan D

    Things that make you feel young/old

    Old: -I talk like an old person. My sister and now even my parents tease me for using "old man" language. Oh well. -I regularly say "I've been doing "X" since before you were even born to my niece. -My sister, being a teacher, rants about her students (high schoolers) constantly using new memes and slang that I have no clue about. -My 50 year old dad complains that I'm "technotarded" since I mostly use older technology. -I'm starting to get the "things were better when I was a kid" thoughts, mostly about video games, and that's starting to freak me out -When I was 18, a guy on a forum I went on thought I was in my 30s due how I speak and type. Young: -I consider myself "young at heart", I like reading comic books, watching cartoons, eating candy and collecting toys.
  4. Jordan D

    Spin-off ideas.

    As cliche as it sounds, I would love a pseudo-sequel series that takes place 10-20 years in the future where everyones grown up, settled down, had a family, etc. If we did get a sequel, I would like it taking place in a fairly far removed locale that we don't see much, like Manehattan, Canterlot or Vanhoover. I always really liked grungy, cityscapes as backdrops. Or an actual Equestria Girls on-going series would be nice. Better Together was pretty good (at least it was before it became "The Beach Show") but theirs only so much you can do in 2 minute shorts.
  5. Dang, 200 issues? I've been relying on the scarce online scans on Tumblr and old G1 fansites, which tend to run dry after issue 40, with a few scant story scans from issues 218 and up. I was planning on after I get a few bills paid off, I was gonna start trying to collect some issues for myself and attempt to make scans for them. Hopefully I can find a few myself. I agree with you in there. I've been on-and-off watching G1 episodes. They're fun in the sense that you never really know what you're gonna get with fun little adventures all the time. Just watched Midnight Castle the other day too, Tirek is a downright awesome villain. Better than the G4 interpretation of Tirek I thinks.
  6. The show still has a dedicated following to this day, I'm sure there would be a fair share of people who would go ahead and buy iTunes copies of the episodes, but I guess Hasbro doesn't have much faith in it. I feel like if they would've done it, they would've done it during the "Established 1983" event they did a few months ago. I just want Comixology releases of G1 comic books man, now those are hard to fine now!
  7. Jordan D

    g4 reboot or g5 movie

    Knowing the ending is coming in 2020 feels so weird, especially with how they're still producing new spin-off material for MLP. Just a few days ago, they announced a new manga series that is, presumably, set to produce yearly volumes of work, but with the end being in 2020, that means at most they'll produce two volumes (unless all of this is also gonna tie in G5 and/or they're not quite abandoning G4). I was never to big into the toy scene for MLP so I can't say much i'd care to much for cameos from past toylines, but the Takara Ponies are pretty cute (I also have a soft spot for DreamBeauties) but I'm always down with cameos or even straight crossovers with other Hasbro series. There's so much teasing that MLP takes place in the "Hasbro Universe" multiverse but nothing concrete, so I would love to see some sort of final confirmation. As for the actual movie/series, I'm personally hoping for something more akin to the original cartoon but done with the grace of Friendship is Magic. You know, lots of creative adventures in new locations but also with a more consistent narrative and world.
  8. Jordan D

    Food War of the potatoes

    It's so good, it'll be the death of you!
  9. Jordan D

    Food War of the potatoes

    I cannot stomach Tots in any capacity. Give me fries or give me death I say. Or Mashed Potatoes. They're good too.
  10. Jordan D

    How are you feeling

    Frustrated and conflicted. I really don't think my parents would approve of the career path i've been researching, but at the same time, I am my own person, free to make my own choices, but it's gonna be awkward. Otherwise pretty good. Productive last few days at least.
  11. Jordan D

    Animation Hanna-Barbera.

    Cartoons from that era in general were pretty cheaply made. A lot of early Marvel cartoons barely had any animation whatsoever (example) though in their defense, they were trying to ape the style of comics. Compared to shows by Cambria Productions, even the cheapest Hannah-Barbera show is an animated masterpiece. As for the actual quality of the shows, I can't say much. I like The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo and Super Friends...but those are the only three of their classic series I ever really got into. I always geared more towards there revivals I guess, like Whats New, Scooby-Doo and DC Flintstones
  12. That was the only thing that bugged me as well. I thought they were sticking with Gen 1 stuff at first, but then the Greninja appeared so...I dunno. Anyway. I think the point they're going for is how non-Pika the voice is, and for that, I think it fits well enough. The Pokemon look pretty fake, but it could be much worse, and I expected it to be much worse. Otherwise I'm pretty excited for the film, it feels like they're using the source material in creative ways, which is what I look for in projects such as these. As for the arguments of Pokemon designs recently. I think Generation 5 was the last generation that really felt like Pokemon and got what made the series so fun. Every Pokemon design told a story, a story about what kind of place that Pokemon comes from, and about their overall behavior. Plenty of visual puns, clever designs and Pokemon that were both cute, and potentially dangerous. Gen 6 and 7 just don't have that same charm or edge to them, every new Pokemon just looks...generally nice? Even the supposedly violent Pokemon look harmless.
  13. This series as a whole is so full of plotholes, inconsistencies, retcons, inconsistent characterization, etc, that picking on the movie is a bit unfair. I mean, this is the series that rewrote Luna's backstory 8 times and continues to screw with the timeline of the series to the point where trying to devise any reasonable timeline is virtually impossible. Almost everything featured in Season 1 has been retconned by this point. Luna's backstory, Equestrian language, the magic nature of the Everfree Forest, the way a few holidays worked, Lyra's age, Derpy not having weird eyes, Bon Bon being much older than she is now (she was originally portrayed as being around Cup Cake's age given her voice and mannerisms). Does that make Season 1 no longer canon? Of course not. Same goes for the movie.Not only did it play into the events of season 8, but also a few comic storylines ("Convocations of the Creatures", "The Return of Tempest Shadow", "Ponyville Mysteries" and "Nightmare Knights"). Point is, if you dig hard enough into anything, you'll find more-or-less the same results that point to anything being non-canon in this series.
  14. Generation 4 is filled with repurposed characters from older generations. For example, Bon Bon in Tales was a chef who wanted to be a model while in Friendship is Magic she's a secret agent who hunts monsters (or something like that). They probably just took the base design of an older pony model and remade her to fit in the context of the Friendship is Magic universe.