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  1. Jordan D

    Do the past generations of MLP deserve all the hate?

    I watch a lot of 80s cartoons, IMO G1 MLP was better animated then say, He-Man and Filmation's Ghostbusters, but not as good as Superfriends or The Real Ghostbusters. Tales from what I've seen (a whole two episodes) is actually quite well animated for the time, with great backgrounds and a few standout moments. Even though G4 is technically better animated, the style is still really limiting in what they can do, which is why part of me prefers the way G1 was done. But yeah, G1 MLP had some creative storylines to say the least. I remember reading that writers for G1 media were limited in what they could do by Hasbro, so they had to think outside the box a lot. I really like the stories they tended to tell, they were pretty varied and unique from what i've seen, which is only a handful of stories so far.
  2. Jordan D

    The Geography Game

    Queens (New York)
  3. Jordan D

    Movies/TV Censored strong language on TV-G shows?

    Arthur had an episode about that called "Bleep". I like how they have an entire conversation with swears, but of course it's censored out. For a recent example, Gravity Falls kind of did it. "Wait, I'm alone, I can swear for real! Son of a-" cut to a shot of Dipper and Mabel traumatized.
  4. Jordan D

    Wasn't Nightmare Moon unnecessary?

    The reason why and how Luna became Nightmare Moon is way more complicated than it should be, and has been retconned and altered at least 8 times. The latest explanation I'm aware of is from Legends of Magic which changes it to where Luna was corrupted by Stygian from another timeline in order to use her as a tool to reshape all of reality into his dark image after she accidentally opened up a portal to a world he destroyed, unleashing his darkness into Equestria. Apparently, Luna is known as "The Destroyer" in other world and was described as having "infinite power of destruction", which is why she was chosen to become Nightmare Moon. Celestia too, but I guess she was stronger willed? Older explanations have been: -The narrative the show explained, which is the "most" canon one, I guess. -That Nightmare is actually an alien being from another world/the moon who affected Luna, the king of Anugypt and...all the apples in Sweet Apple Acres once -"Ethical Cancer" (yes, that's seriously what they call it), which turns good ponies bad by exaggerating their good traits to absurdity.The same story says NM isn't "actually" a byproduct of that disease, but it's left as a possibility -Generic dark magic
  5. Jordan D

    Gaming Lesser-Known Games That You Like

    Opoona! Easily one of my favorite games on the Wii and virtually unheard of, though it's gotten a decent cult following lately. It's a really creative little JRPG where you play as the titular Opoona, an alien from a planet where everyone can control orbs that float around their body. What I love about the game is, despite it's trippy visuals and science-fantasy storyline, it's surprisingly grounded. For the first good chunk of the game, you're not on a quest to save the world, hunting a bad guy or even going on an adventure, you're just doing your job, going to school and making friends. With a wonderful soundtrack and great characters, it's a gem of a game. The Adventure of Hourai High School! It's like, the only high school themed RPG (a surprisingly common genre) that sticks to a High School aesthetic, for the most part at least. It's an amusing JRPG where you form a party of outcasts at a weird high school and fight bullies, prefects, mall Santas, elephants from hell ("Hellephants"), aliens, your homeroom teacher and gods of Hindu mythology. It's pretty easy and the balance of characters is terrible but it's still a fun playthrough. Snoopy Concert! It's just a really fun, relaxing and cute puzzle/point-and-click adventure game for the SNES. Nothing groundbreaking or deep, but a fun treat with great visuals.
  6. Jordan D

    Another shot at predicting Spike's destiny

    I always liked the idea that Spike would grow up to be a guy who would just help anyone in Ponyville with their problems if they asked and, given his longevity, would become like a record keeper of sorts who would write down every happening in the town for future generations. It's not as big or profound as a lot of ideas, but I like it, it's a nice, homely and humble destiny.
  7. Jordan D

    What Are Your Biggest Pet Peeves?

    I cannot stand it when you post something you think is funny or charming, and someone who doesn't find it funny goes on a really obnoxious, sarcastic rant about just how unfunny they think it is. Like, c'mon man, you're just bringing down the whole mood with your behavior right now.
  8. I wouldn't panic either. Hasbro likes making money and completely shutting off several demographics G4 attracted by making an inclusive setting, will just lose them money. Personally, I'm just gonna wait and see if I like G5 after it comes out rather than getting swept in any vague rumor that pops out.
  9. I would love to see Travis Touchdown too! I Even though gameplay wise I can't imagine him being a stand out character, his personality would more than make up for it. Personally, I want to see Agumon. He's not my favorite Digimon, that honor probably goes to AtlurKabuterimon, Gallantmon CM or Apocalpymon, but he's easily the most iconic. With all the gag manga and artwork he's been in, he could have a pretty comical moveset too. Like, his down smash could be him pulling meat out of the ground and smacking enemies with it (meat grows from the ground in Digimon). His final smash would be Warp Digivolution, turning into WarGreymon, who could have his own moveset, like: -Gaia Force -Slice and Dice -BRAVE TORNADO -PUNCH Outside of Digimon characters, I would love to see Dracula and Billy and Jimmy Lee from Castlevania and Double Dragon respectively.
  10. I guess my big problem on the movie is it felt like it existed to set up a lot of stuff. It had to expand the universe of the world to sell lots of toys so it didn't really have time to explore the stuff it established. Seaponies/Aris, Klugetown and the Sky Pirates all could've carried the movie on their own, but instead they were relatively glossed over. Personally, I loved the villain and all the characters it introduced (except for Grubber, but he got basically nothing to do) and especially loved the lore, locations and art style. I think a 7/10 is where I'd put the film, I thought it was a ton of fun, but flawed. That said, reading through the artbook, I realized the movie could've been a lot weirder, a lot more metal. I recommend the artbook if you haven't read it yet, gives some interesting insight on what could've been with scrapped locations and characters.
  11. Jordan D

    Gaming What's the longest time you've spent on a video game?

    I've spent about 4 years of my life playing Pokemon Online, each day I spent at least 6 hours or so? There were a few times when I didn't play for weeks or months, but those were few and far between, so at least 20,000 hours. Jeez. Next to that, I spent well over 6,000 hours in this obscure Pokemon MMO called "Pokemon Online World", or "P.O.W.!" as the community called it. It was a fun game on BYOND, if anyone has used that. Next to that, TF2 which I spent 1200 hours in, then Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Civ V which I spent over 800 hours in respectively.
  12. Jordan D

    Science What are your views on alien life forms?

    I've been an alien enthusiast since a young age. I love to watch Alien documentaries on TV, though given how cash-crabby, attention hogging and unreliable the greater Alien/UFO community has gotten recently, I've been retreating from it. Still, I'm a huuuuge Alien nerd, especially for Gray/Zeta-Reticulan aliens. I love reading about older incidents, from the 20s-70s, they're typically far more fascinating than modern incidents I know most of it is bunkus, but I love the urban legends and paranormal nature surrounding the lore, you know? As for the question in the OP, I do think aliens have religion. I believe religion, or spiritualism is simply a natural thing for most intelligent species to begin to practice, aliens included.I always found the idea of alien religion to be utterly fascinating, by the way, even if most media depictions of it tend to boil down to generic elder-god stuff.
  13. Jordan D

    The Geography Game

    Kowloon (Hong Kong)
  14. Jordan D

    Oddest things you used to believe?

    Iused to think my Teddy Bear would generate a forcefield around me that would keep me from being abducted by Satan or Demons (yeah...), that escalators were portals to hell and I used to by into all the hype and, for lack of a better term, mythical aspects in Pro-Wrestling, like that Kane actually was from Hell and that the Undertaker was a zombie.
  15. Growing up in the mountains, using the bathroom in the woods was just apart of my life back then. Granted, I never did number 2.