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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. None, but I know a little Chinese and Cherokee. And I used to know a lot of swears in Polish. What non-native language do you wish you could speak?
  3. I honestly didn't have much trouble with Sonic Genesis. Sure, I prefer the original any day, but I managed to almost beat Genesis just fine. Anyway, the worst i've ever played, and I've mentioned it before, is Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring on GBA. Miserable experience all around, battles take forever since enemy animations take ages (it's a turn-based RPG), and you get nothing from beating them. Not gold or EXP or anything, they're literally just a waste of time. Characters level up through story events, which means some characters will always be under leveled. The graphics are ludicrously ugly with laughable proportions and disgusting, almost diseased looking character portraits andto top things off, the game is insanely buggy. Heck, it even has has a bug which was reported to be capable of breaking GBAs, now that's bad.
  4. I was going to say "quite a bit", but in hindsight, I think they increased by pattern recognition skills more, since I played a few RPGs before I could even read, but managed to get decently far in them by recognizing patterns, skills, character stats, etc.
  5. I've always been partial towards A Charlie Brown Christmas and The Nightmare Before Christmas myself, although the latter is usually considered a Halloween movie, I think.
  6. And Commander Cosmo, who bravely defended earth from the Blood Aliens of the 8th dimension!
  7. The TF2 fanbase has kind of made me refuse to go to any other gaming forum and kind of made me stop enjoying video games at all. Non-stop drama, complaining, people posting porn, gore, CP, kids dying, etc, in the help forums, people scamming others out of 30,000 dollars worth of hats, etc. It was all to much to take after four years of dedicated playing.
  8. To give. I feel really awkward and guilty when I get presents, since I tend to be stingy with my own money. (legit, I just asked for a box of Q-Tips from my sister this year because I don't want people to spend time/money on my gifts) How old where you when you found out Santa wasn't real?
  9. If it's just some idiot calling me an idiot, I just ignore it and move on with my life. That happens to me a lot (being an admin on a popular forum site), I used to try to be witty, but there's no point. They're the ones who waste their time trying to get some sort of negative reaction out of someone, so why should I give them such one? If it's someone who is actually encouraging negative, violent or illegal behavior, then I'll try to stop it or report it.
  10. It's probably just a space name they came up with on the fly to make it sound cool. Words evolve over time, while Cosmos originally meant that, it's just a word for space that is sometimes used to refer to the universe in some contexts in today's language.
  11. Dude, I feel you! I've been working on a timeline for this series too and it is SUCH A HEADACHE! Thanks to retcons, Lyra has been an adult, teenager, college student and filly all at the same time! That said, I've collected some pretty cool notes on the overall chronology of the series so if you'd like, I can share them with you. Anyway. I remember vaguely hearing from a writer that Equestria is approximately as big as the USA. Using this calculator, a rough straight distance of the USA is about 4188 km. Average walking speed for people is apparently about three miles per hour (4.8 km/h). This is a pretty big low ball estimation since ponies have consistently shown to be able to move at pretty crazy speeds, like literally walking to the moon in a few minutes during Nightmare Rarity (granted it was closer but it was still a thousand or so kilometers away by my calculations) 4188 / 4.8 = 872 hours of continuous movement. Of course, this doesn't factor in breaks, sleeping and other necessities.
  12. The 2016 holiday special almost did that, since it starts with Twilight and Spike leaving their family house during the holidays. Not an episode, but Issues 11 and 12 had good Celestia/Cadance interactions, with Celestia acting like Cadance's cool mom during the Fall Formal. As for the Family Appreciation thing, Legends of Magic implies they don't really have a family outside of each other and Starswirl (whose more of an adoptive father than teacher like he claimed). I always assumed King Leo and Prince Blueblood were only related to them through honorary family. Though King Leo is probably super retconned by this point.
  13. Steam Community User Discussions (S.C.U.D.) and Wikipedia are the worst I've personally been exposed to. Wikipedia is just a headache of bureaucracy and I had to quit using S.C.U.D. for my own sanity after it devolved into people doing highly unethical and illegal stuff to just spite people they didn't like.
  14. Me and some guys on a forum somehow managed to all join the same team in TF2 (before they made that a feature), play as pure Combat Medics and somehow kick the enemy teams ass, with me being the most dominant force (I main Medic) Also beat Pokemon Fire Red with just a Farfetch'd. It might sound kinda cool, but it was actually stupidly easy after awhile since my level got high level to one-shot and out-speed virtually everything...
  15. I started calling my best friend "homie" and "homeslice" as a joke a few years ago but it stuck. Otherwise I just call most of my friends "dude" (even my female ones) though I sometimes greet my best friend with "How do you do, Mr. Weeaboo?" in our steam chats.