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  1. limbosystem

    Introduce yourself to the community!

    Ahoy there. I'm pretty new around here and don't post much, but I upload tracks on every one on a while. I gotta say, they get more listens than I expected. It's really encouraging! Anyways, I got tired of trying to be in bands and make music with other people because some drama always comes along and ruins everything, so I started to learn how to make electronic music on my own to fill that void. It's been a lot of fun and I've learned a lot. I obviously have a lot more to learn, but I've got a lot of inspiration and ideas from listening to other musicians who post here and in the fandom at large, so I really appreciate how much talent there is around here. I'm currently working on a solo bass arrangement of Rainbows by Sia. I'll probably post it when it's done. Cheers!
  2. limbosystem

    Should Hotdogs be considered a sandwich?

    Yes, and you can also make lasagna by stacking slices of pizza.
  3. limbosystem

    What's the last thing you drank?

    A glass of red wine. I think I'll have another
  4. limbosystem

    Which do You Prefer?

    If we're talking about diner food, then pancakes all day. But if this is some gourmet, home made food then I'll have to go french toast. I don't want to leave waffles out because they are also amazing. So. I don't know. All of them, please.
  5. limbosystem

    Atheist Bronies: Meet, greet and mingle!

    I like this. I remember reading somewhere that we share about 60% of our DNA with bananas, yet we don't go around wondering about what they think or feel. It's easy to imagine a being more "advanced" than humans having a similar conception of people. Surely, they would be god like to us - would we even be able to recognize their behavior as something organized and intentional? Would they care about what we banana people do at all? Probably not, I reckon. I've been a fairly confident atheist for a while now and I've recently come around on the utility of religion. Like any human invention, it can be used for good ends or for bad, it just isn't for me.
  6. limbosystem

    General What's your most prized possession?

    My bass guitar. Her name is Suzy and she's been with me for over ten years now. Yikes.