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  1. 10/10 Those medieval esque tunes give me that very warm and cozy feeling for some reason. Reminds me of all those times long ago when my dad took me to all the medieval fairs. That's why my favorite sport today is medieval full contact fighting, mostly known by the world championships known as Battle of the Nations. Sorry if I ramble, that type of music just brings up something that does not have anything to do with negative emotions for once.
  2. I mean, he might be a spook on the first glance but once you catch those gains...
  3. 8/10. It's some nice stuff from the nineties but somehow I feel that it doesn't quite have the "kick" that I would like from such a song. (Don't ask why, maybe it's the sound quality of the video or something rather than the piece itself). To see what I mean by the kick you could possibly look up their other song called "Space Eater", which I like immensely. I would have originally given it a 7/10 but the end saved it by being total kick ass.
  4. And so history is made again. 16th of October we got the priviledge of witnessing two neutron stars collide. Well, it did happen 130 million years ago but light can only travel so fast. :D

    At least now we know where the gold in our rings and necklaces comes from.

    1. Heavenly Sun

      Heavenly Sun

      Reeeeaaally? Why didn't I hear about this? I must check this out!

  5. Mega Thread

    Probably nothing, since nobody knows me here anyways so there is no goodbyes to give and I don't want to go on a shitepost mayhem of greater magnitudes or anything else radical either. How can one technically slow down time around them?
  6. I don't know, it's not like your name and profile image work in tandem to- oh I know! Rarity!
  7. General

    Depends heavily on the case and how it treats the fragile human frame that we have. Flying would be effective on a stellar level as long as I would not be going too fast because it would be simply fatal at 6 G's. Even 4 G's might be too much for people that are not trained, and seeing that I am indeed not a fighter pilot nor an astronaut (yet) I fall into this category. Simply said, it would be pretty lame. Teleportation would naturally be more useful depending on the maximum distance where my atoms can still reassemble after being warped and stretched and who knows what else. If it was infinite I would already be far away, all the way at LHS 1140b, standing proudly in my space suit as the alien critters crawl under my feet.
  8. Mämmi. I can eat almost anything meant to be food as long as it keeps my cells happy but by the love of an authentic pair of Yeezys if I go to visit my mother next Easter and she has some of that terrible thing waiting for me on the table I am going to be sad.
  9. General

    I am not afraid of war nor diseases, for they would only shift the directions and meanings of my goals. Not really afraid of being alone either, (as in having a love partner) since that is exactly what I want. Death is of no concern to me either, mainly because only period in time I would be concerned about it would be at the time of my death, which will be relatively painless and swift if everything will be as I have pictured it. To top it off, I have no phobias either that I would know of, I think tight/high places are exciting, love the deep sea, (think spiders are adorable ) etcetera. Now, I am not saying that I am absolutely fearless and phobia free since that would be silly, but I have gone through extensive lists and tested plenty of them personally without any noticeable effect so I can only assume this until proven otherwise. All my life I have practiced "keeping my head above humanity", (Yeah...sounds like something arrogant, does it? Should probably find a better name for it.) meaning that I practice closing off all emotions regarding others and at times myself. This way I am not afraid because I don't expect or want anything from others nor fear for my own physical or mental harm, but rather just push through and mechanically follow my given directives while still avoiding to use others as stepping stones. This is rather simple to achieve, really. It works by having a one hundred percent objective view on things and setting a larger image on a pedestal that outshines any mortal worry, was it the goals of the corporation I work for or something else that is similar in nature. Just something that is bigger and has more value than me and the people around me. (One human is statistically estimated to be between 7-10 million USD and thus I make decisions according to that chart). I guess it all really boils down to me feeling safe when I am a kind of a "tool" for something bigger and wiser, when I don't have to worry about myself and others. All things considered, as long as you put as much emphasis as possible on objectivity in your life a lot of fears tend to crumble away like dry clay. Only thing that I am worried about as of date and time would probably be NASA and SpaceX both rejecting me after I have finished with the army and filled out the other requirements such as gaining job experience in biological science beforehand. They only take about half of the applicants in but eh, if that happens I will just stick to myrmecology.
  10. 10/10 I absolutely love it. I would write something more proper but I don't know what simply because the song is pure awesome!
  11. What does this even count as? If I saw something like that in person the only thing I would realize is that the doctors gave me the wrong prescriptions.
  12. Private

    -DEWDROP- She gave the now confirmed pirates a swift, yet apologetic grin, carefully stepping from behind the ranger as she joined the circle. After scanning through each and every one of them in silence she took a deep breath. "Aight, I know that y'all wanna jump on each other, but you came here for the same reason, right?" She spoke in an attempt to finally restore some semblance of order to the group. "Look, ya don't have to be all nice n' dandy with each other but for the sake of the world and us who live in it would ya please co-operate? The thing I am asking is something more than clearing a petty raider gang or repelling some ghouls who knows where, I can't guarantee your survival if ya do take the opportunity to save even a little bit of this scorched world, but you need to co-operate, otherwise you are as good as dead, all of ya!" She caught her breath as the silence filled the bottom floor of the building, hoping that even some of it would sink in before one of them would wind up dead. No one knew where she got this sudden boost of confidence, but one might suggest the severe frustration she was going through had some effect or the other. "Everything's all set up, the ranger has the location pinpointed, we took care of it while y'all were too busy makin' noise." Giving a swift, tired glare at the earth pony in armor she continued. "I recommend following the ranger's lead, or if not, at least ask first before ya do a U turn. Now, if ya have any questions, be vocal now." She then aimed his amber eyes at the two pirates, naturally assuming that they would not do it for free she directed her next words at them. "So...uhm...and what about you guys? I assume you are not doing this for free, are ya?" -JUNKER- He had come to terms with the situation, no, really. He had come here to grab a few caps from some local dummies but had instead found himself in some sort of "saving the world from evil" scenario. He merely stood there, silently, much like his to-be brother in arms wearing a trench coat. He couldn't say that he would be too interested in saving the world, he was more the kind of pony to be considered the villain of the storybook. The earth pony snorted under his helmet as he slowly succumbed into his thoughts, completely turning the off switch on Dewdrop's possibly important briefing. After a while of wall staring he snapped back into this world as Dewdrop gave him a borderline murderous glance. Tilting his head he looked at her explaining this and that for a while, still not really listening, all until he did a short side glance, actually noticing the Ghost near him. Doing a quiet whistle he inched a few steps closer to him sideways, his sneaking attempts looking rather comical as he still sounded like a mobile factory. Leaning towards him a little before he spoke in what was basically a whisper as Dewdrop was now speaking to the pirates. "So...I have heard that you are the real stuff, ya know, somepony who just won't die. I think you might have proven that on a raider of mine or two. Well, my ex-raiders but still... what is that makes you tick?"
  13. I change it on a weekly basis unless I find it really lit. I also tend to change my name really often so anyone who is interested in a long term friendship with me should probably check my Display Name History on a regular basis. To give you a small hint on the severity of my identity crisis, I joined September 5th and have already managed to change my icon about half a dozen times and the name has been changed twice.