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  1. One more thing before I finish my post. @Lektra Bolt do you want to describe Rocky's transformation like you did with the other recruits or does the job fall upon me? Just wanted to make sure.
  2. Ah, yes. I didn't mean dumbed down power wise. Heck, he might even get more powerful than the original at some point. I just meant personality wise. Rocky (Junker) is a murderous maniac in a constant psychosis pretty much. He imagines himself as a master of everything (even if that is as far from the truth as can be) and will do absolutely anything to get to the top first. Our Rocky is a kid that likes baking.
  3. All of my characters are usually the "look at me!" type described so I don't see any issue with that myself. I think that would be the best, most natural for me in fact. Rocky as a FoE (Fallout Equestria) character lives for others praise and nothing else so I will just up that factor in his persona on this "dumbed down" normal version of him.
  4. Alright so, to compress it, I thought of them being more like icons that further drive home what his role is rather than just boosts on top of an already existing power to make him op. The only real edge they would give me is the looks (skating everywhere instead of walking as long as we are not in a swamp) and the fact that he can slash with them, but they don't give him a stupidly op augment to his preexisting skill. When you look at the rangers and you see the one with the skates, you can't think of nothing else but that he is the speedy one out of the lot. It's like when you look at the mane six (seven?), you might see right away which one is the bookworm, which one is the fashion lover and so on even if you weren't a fan of the show. Now, power wise, I thought that his offensive capabilities would be reduced to smaller levels, assuming more of a support role in fights, using his speed to aid where necessary. I never imagined him to be the super acrobatic dodge ball master though, since he is not even a serious fighter, at least not before extensive training on top of extensive training is had and will need to rely on his head more than just "dank skills" in most situations. (As in, how to get around those bad guys with/without the aid of his speed rather than trying to play flash and get disintegrated) So, in short, he would be more like a backup on the field, unable to combat baddies as effectively as the heavy hitters (They are skates, not lightsabers) but can aid by pestering them around/distracting, (Though he can take on smaller enemies alone, especially later on) which means that he won't prance around the battle like a ballerina and steal everyone's marks. This is because while he is fast, he is probably one, if not the youngest of the group (Heck, others just came into the ceremony but Rocky was left out because his mom didn't allow him to go) and thanks to his inexperience he is not super smart regarding combat (as stated before), and because he is not well versed in it, he also can't really dodge anything on the fly unless saved by pure luck and his speed. (Which rarely happens if he doesn't plan his moves ahead) The inexperience also directly correlates to the amount of mistakes he makes, which is rookie level a lot. TL;DR: He is the definition of glass cannon, really fast but he needs to hide/plan ahead because he will get blazed in a direct fight thanks to his young age and inexperience in combat. Sorry if this is a bit of a jumble, wrote this on a short notice and will maybe edit this out to be a bit smoother in case I find the need for it.
  5. Rubs chin thoughtfully @Lektra Bolt since Rocky doesn't have his things yet, can I have a quick change suggestion regarding his ranger weapon if you have not yet planned too much things for him? I recently realized that I totally love this rp and got (somewhat) creative for once, something you don't see from me too often. He is supposed to be a speedster right? So, you have no idea how well inline skates would work for him. (Attached to all of his hooves naturally) Maybe they could then combine into one piece and then be combined into the bigger blaster. I naturally don't want to make him powerful so aside from granting him dank speed and finesse, he could maybe give kicks and punches with their sharp blades, aided by momentum but nothing like, electric jolts or anything else crazy. If you are wondering about how silly inlines would look on a pony, I have to disagree even before you answer, for they can look absolutely radical with the right design. Edit: I am aware that this is late as hell call but yeah, sometimes I get these blasts of wisdom right before things are set in stone.
  6. 1 9 8 3 ! Jamming to this beautiful piece for days! 10/10.
  7. I really love Radioactive and this NC version is not bad at all but Gasoline is really not one of my favorites so I'll give it a solid 7.5/10
  8. I don't know who she is or where she's from but the art style kinda reminds me of those safety instruction videos they play inside a plane before take off. TL;DR Definitely cuter than mine.
  9. Open

    Sabir Heyeck, Locked up I had been silent the entire time during this stupidity unfolding upon me…us. I was used to being the rat in someone else’s lab but this was stupid, no, insane. I didn’t even care about what happened to the turrets, it didn’t matter, not anymore. Nothing made sense so I had just silently accepted it, closing my eyes from any and all silly gimmicks these freaks would pull out of their sleeves. I had merely crossed my arms and leaned against the wall, deciding to just power down my visor and listen to some music in the pleasant darkness that followed. I was done with this crap, period. Fate, however, decided against this as a small, green block of text appeared to decorate the inside of my visor, kindly letting me know of the increasing percentage of neurotoxin mixed with the air that I was currently breathing. I stared at the text for a good few seconds, slowly fading the music away as a cold drop of sweat ran down on my forehead. What was it this time? These magic pixies were supposed to be able to take care of anything. I let the visor turn itself back on, and as my vision returned, so did the adrenaline levels that I had just managed to get over without tearing anything. The room was green of that filth. A quite appropriate “What the…” was heard from my mouth as the familiar green exclamation mark found its way onto my helmet. “Who pressed the god damn- ack..” the oxygen compressors were now compressing the neurotoxin into its purified form, making me collapse onto the ground swiftly. I squirmed on the floor, hitting my helmet in order to get it off but my panicked movements did next to nothing. The exclamation mark turned from green to red as I coughed and gasped, and a rather monotone sounding female voice was heard soon after. “This unit is going to expire in T-minus five seconds. Please use proper equipment while disposing of the carcass; blood toxin level has exceeded the biohazard limits, currently standing at eighty three percent.” My vision started to blur. It was really no good at all because I was now basically breathing the toxin and nothing else, and before I could show the world one, last middle finger, my nervous system betrayed me. I stopped squirming as my body went entirely limp, a corresponding red text that read “expired” soon finding its way onto my visor. - I suddenly came to, my sight slowly presenting itself back to my eyes. My body was tingling like crazy for some reason as well. I turned my head to view the center of the room, and to no great surprise, I saw the chick with a blue hairdo prancing across the room like she was on a field of sunflowers. “Er…wha…what…” I started, less concerned about the girl and more about the fact that my hands were covered in some glowing nonsense that was entering inside and out of all things imaginable. I patted my hands together, trying to swipe it off, my pace steadily increasing as I started to squirm around once again when I realized that I was in fact entirely covered in it. After rolling around the floor for a minute like I was on fire I also added yelling to the mix, random get it off’s and damn you all’s being heard from the inside of my helmet. Eventually I rose up, hugging the metal wall all the while patting my body like trying to put out a fire. I soon caught the blue hair again among the panic, laughing with friends of hers like it was some stupid sleepover or something. The “expired” text turned into a green, very angry looking smiley face as the systems got restored. I suddenly completely disregarded the stuff floating around the room and my body as I started taking steps towards them, blood boiling a little too much to continue giving two jacks about the pixie dust that, at least thus far, had not disintegrated me or melted me into a puddle of goo. “Hey you!” I shouted, voice distorted by the helmet thanks to it being but 67% restored feature wise. “What is so fricking funny?” I pointed a leather gloved finger at them, though mainly at the blue hair as I marched towards them, and hitting my helmet in order to return its full vocal capabilities I continued my ranting. “No, scratch that. You seem to be so awfully fine with this place that you probably know what’s going on…no…you have to know what’s going on! Dancing like an idiot while we others choke like shark tigers in water!” I shouted as I marched even closer, soon in a touching range. “So speak the hell up! Before I pop a cap into you, you…” I pointed at the supergirl looking chick and the smart looking chick. “...and most importantly you.” I hissed as I pointed at the one with the blue hair, my other hand starting to reach for a pistol in case they had a problem.
  10. Ah, I've had a few pretty severe issues with my personal life, related to the problem I gave as an excuse earlier @Lektra Bolt and to top it all off my country turned 100 years today, (Or yesterday to me, since it's 1:31 am. at the time of writing) meaning that I've been quite busy doing all eh, party stuff. That's what we do at this age right, party like animals and make dumb mistakes all the while? On topic, I have almost written a reply for this rp and it should be done soon so don't worry about that! EDIT: Sabir's confused and very angry. Sorry for the lack of mentions but I just couldn't put them there for some reason.
  11. 10/10 That is actually really awesome and chill! Doesn't even bother me that I can't understand anything thanks to the subs. Next one's currently my favorite song but I know none of y'all will like it. xD
  12. Looks like mister is on the Christmas mood. And what doesn't belong to the Christmas mood? Going after others with murderous intent!
  13. Mega Thread

    10/10 Showing that overused feels good meme as the slime it is.
  14. 9/10 I really like Rush! Even if this isn't my favorite piece from them, it's still pretty neat!
  15. Actually, his suit does not have filtering. Only these "oxygen compressors" that will purify the already usable air into the equivalent of medical oxygen given in hospitals, so it's actually even worse. This feature is for oxygenating his cells during intense pressure so he won't tire out until his muscles tear. Remember, AMRTEK does not have its personnel's safety as a #1 priority.