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  1. I've been a fan of the MLP fandom for about 4 months now and now that the movie is coming out I've been wanting to see it, even resorting to searching for hand cams on YouTube. So I think I should tell my parents that I'm a brony in an effort to somehow get permission to go to the movie theater So how should I do it?
  2. Heres an amazing animation that will be sure to make any AOE fan insanely happy The person that makes this also makes a lot of ties to other games aswell like the sims, but this just seemed too perfect for me.
  3. Me and my friend used to make memes about the show and I started watching it and actually got interested in the show. I just think If I told one of my more mature friends they would just make fun of me. So I just keep it to myself and enjoy the show
  4. +StrawCherry LOL! I saw your comment and I just loved the suggestion so much! I just couldn't resist!
  5. I'm new to MLP and I've started watching it for a while now. I'm on episode 6 now, and I really like the show. Some people say that it's not a good show but I like the stories and personalities of all the different ponies. I just wanted to introduce myself on the forums because I find myself asking a lot of questions on it later. So yeah, Hi?