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  1. Chad Thundercock is 6'11 and has an IQ of 3. His muscles are bigger than your head and he pulls all the bimbos. He's so alpha that he lives entirely off raw meat and is literally incapable of being cordial and friendly, because only betas and guys who eat soy-based food are nice.
  2. my mom wouldn't even let me use the internet. I had to sneak on the family computer at night usually
  3. People like to find other people to hate. You like records and buy a record player? you're a "pretentious" hipster. You're vegan? some people will be indignant and have an attitude like"oh you think you're better than me"? Yes, there are annoying and actually pretentious people out there, but often I feel like people use the term "hipster" pretty loosely, often insecure people might be offended just by someone having different opinions or tastes from them.
  4. most movies are horrible wastes of money and time. Sometimes you get a kubrick or scorsese but generally movies aren't art, just amusements for people who are easily impressed
  5. cash. other than that, probably money. (dont take this too seriously)
  6. because they're hot and same-sex love is the only real non-platonic love there is.
  7. Happens to everyone. Just a part of interacting with other people- some just won't like you no matter what.
  8. well, yeah but they were all women, so I should have seen it coming.