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  1. they may have changed the design for the better, but I doubt the actual content of the movie will be any better.
  2. what generation was Pliny the younger a part of?
  3. I think less of people who do work than someone who doesn't.
  4. Music doesn't "die" if it's not played on top 40 radio. The best music often goes ignored by mainstream media.
  5. "let me explain why" you say and then give a single reason, "it's too long" wat.
  6. People have been claiming rock was dead since the moment it became a genre. It's been said over and over for decades. It's a cliche, and one I'm particularly sick of... we don't seem to say this about other genres, like blues or country or hip hop. The Black Keys put out a killer album this year, and Jack White last. You've got King Gizzard playing late night shows and Greta Van Fleet too. For the love of god can we stop saying this.
  7. wait, so they can ban you from youtube if you don't make them enough money? is that what this is? I think Im gonna be sick...
  8. HmMmM.... seems a tad try-hard and 2edgy5me. The animation is pretty underwhelming in parts too, but we know why that is so it's not a deal breaker. However, the art style is one of the better aspects, and the show has lots of energy, which makes it fun. I think it's good to have a character like angel dust, I can't think of another example of a show that's willing to have that kind of character as part of the main cast, so I appreciate that. I'd like to see where it goes from here.
  9. my roommate likes to bring his gf over for sex and subject us to the sounds of it. So I've been trying to think about if I should say something or not
  10. Mine just exists for my bank to pull "maintenance fees" out of at this point.
  11. A boy with daddy issues controls a giant robot to stop some kaiju from turning the human race into orange goo