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  1. Hopefully I'll leave before this thread gets revived several years from now and everyone who's posted so far has left.
  2. I adore both so I'm not going to say one is "better" than the other. I'm just glad when other people listen to the beach boys, they're painfully, painfully underrated compared to the beatles. And anything off pet sounds or smile is as good as anything the beatles ever did.
  3. lol 70 dollars for a video game? fuck outta here with that. 60 is insane as it is but if people are willing to pay 70 they'll just keep going up and up. Some people may pay that much, but not me, not ever.
  4. Supremely pointless but in basically every movie about anything ever. What's the point in shoehorning in a subplot with a love interest if it has nothing to do with the actual plot and doesn't contribute to the story in any meaningful way? get rid of these useless characters.
  5. Please don't ever call me "sir" or "mister" ever.
  6. I used to like them. Can't eat them now because they all have gelatin, which is basically the marrow of animal bones they use to give things a gooeyness, like marshmallows and jello.
  7. They used to have these square pieces of pizza with weird hard cheese that you could literally pull off in one piece off the top. Other items of "food" I've only seen in school cafeterias and it was all awful.
  8. Not great, unless we can get our sh%t together more by then. But people won't stop having babies and that will just keep making things harder for everyone. Prices will keep climbing, resources will get scarcer, jobs/careers harder to get and hold, major worldwide environmental issues, societal problems too.
  9. Life without love, for years and years and years and years and years and still more to come. I guess at a certain point most people would do anything
  10. You know I really like most anime styles but Arawi Keiichi's doesn't do much for me. I don't dislike it, but I can think of a dozen moe artists who are better.
  11. Most of the movies people have mentioned are actually good movies. So I guess I don't hate anything
  12. they're hot. Usually. I wouldn't go for it myself though
  13. Warioware twisted because the final boss level was literally impossible.
  14. dubstep is awful and you should listen to something better. I'll give you recommendations.
  15. It's always cloudy, and raining. And it's june