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  1. Nothing uncivil at all? but telling how you associate people talking about something in a certain way with a section of the forum that no longer exists
  2. I think what you're really saying is that you've given up. Which you're free to do, but at least own up to it. You can't control human nature. There really wasn't anything worse or more unusual about your debate section than anywhere else online. In fact, more often, it was better. Give up on something, you'll lose a few users, whatever. It's a shame, it's not a good thing. You guys can celebrate, I guess? I wouldn't celebrate losing something. Another thing, if those people are the type of people to generally agree with anything you do, or are totally ambivalent, those aren't the opin
  3. Sounds to me like you have a chip on your shoulder. Like maybe you went there once, had a disagreement, and didn't like that. People don't like being challenged, some people feel bad about it. Maybe that's where you are. I don't know what you expected, were you hoping that people would just come to common agreements, and no one would ever be upset at each other? God forbit people disagree, right? let's shut down discussion and debate. Let's give up because we don't agree. Shame on you. You did not "nail it" this is not something to be proud of, or to pat yourself o
  4. And you know this how? isn't it the job of moderators to moderate? what, it's too much work to bother with? That sounds more like an opinion than a fact to me. How often did you actually use the debate forum? "senseless bickering" isn't a good summary of it to me. Yes, sometimes people disagree, and in that disagreement become emotional. People get emotional when it involves something important to them. You can just say why even bother defending it, it's just a forum, it doesn't matter. I benefitted from discussions I had with other people, and other people did as well, even if there
  5. If you want to go down that road you could easily just say you don't need most of the other forums on here either. That's a bad argument. But yes, people will go elsewhere, although I can't see why you'd want to push people away from your own place and say they can just go to better places. You know what really makes "zero sense"? tossing a good thing you had for nothing at all, just having something beneficial, and making your place worse by arbitrarily getting rid of it.
  6. WOW. really people? this is actually sickening. The one place people can have important conversations about actually important things and you get rid of it? why? because you don't like people disagreeing? or getting mad at each other? there's literally not one good reason to do this. People need to have access to other's opinions, so we can revise our own, and grow as people. I'm not the only one who benefitted from it. For real, rethink this. You're doing everyone a disservice.
  7. Olly

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Did they get rid of the debate forum? I almost can't imagine doing something so stupid. Maybe it's just moved
  8. Something adventure time related
  9. I do as well. I forgot to mention I love Handel as well! Messiah, Sarabande, Zadok etc.
  10. M83 and Jean-luc Godard are from france and I love them- Ben Bocquelet too, gumball is like my favorite cartoon. Tons of people I adore living or dead- Rimbaud, and Charles Baudelaire. France is also home to some of the greatest architectural achievements of mankind, Versailles of course, the louvre etc. Yeah nothing but love for france. BUT your language is a pain to learn (at least pronunciation) too many silent letters.
  11. Yeah it's pretty awesome. If you're not, you're missing out. No easy way around it
  12. I like pineapple and mushroom/black olive
  13. When I was 13 and exploring my sexuality my mom went through my private messages online, gave me a lecture, and took away my computer access. Very hurtful and embarrassing for me. I can forgive I suppose, but not forget. Kids need some level of privacy when they're finding out who they are
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