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  1. @AzureMoon @Blitz Boom Upon hearing Thunder’s compliment, Azure’s cheeks turn bright red, while she looks away from Thunder shyly, blushing profusely. ”Awwwwwwww, thanks, Thunder! I do think that you too are a cute, fluffy stallion! Your mane and tail are so soft!” Still blushing, Azure flies down to Thunder’s chest and starts brushing his soft chest fluff, her hoof feeling the fluffiness of his chest fur. Azure then turns to Shell, pausing her brushing against Thunder’s fur to talk. “I wouldn’t wanna get hurt, that’ll be bad for my wings. And I can imagine myself wearing blinkers, I tend to get distracted easily, and I nearly crash into other Breezies sometimes.” She thinks of the time she hit a tree trunk and broke her wings for a few weeks, and shudders in pain. ”And Sergeant Kelp sorta reminds me of the generals of the Canterlot royal guards, those who always yell at their recruits. I bet she would be as tough as them.”
  2. @Blitz Boom @AzureMoon Azure giggles as she puts her tea down and flies off Thunder’s mane. ”Well, Thunder, it seems that you do like pretty mares. But just asking, do you too like me? I sure am pretty-looking.” She flies up to Thunder’s eye level and strikes a cute pose, smiling and batting her eyelashes at him. “And Shell, who’s Sergeant Kelp? She seems like a pretty tough pony. Reminds me of the generals in the Canterlot royal guard force.” ”And what’s blinkers? Never heard of them before. Are they indicator devices? But darn, crashing into a pool and being covered with pond water and frog eggs is the last thing I would want to happen to me now.” She shivers at the thought of her mane being tangled up with pond muck and frog eggs. At the same time, she noticed Shell giggling slightly, and perks her ears up. ”Shell, are you giggling? I admit, the thought of somepony being covered in pond water does sound funny, but I heck would not want it to happen to me.”
  3. I’ve noticed, in Equestria, ponies seem to control everything that happens naturally on Earth. That includes: changing the seasons of the year, moving clouds and creating weather, helping plants and animals thrive, guiding birds back for spring, waking animals from hibernation, and raising and lowering the sun and moon. Now it seems that the only place in Equestria where this doesn’t happen is in the Everfree Forest, which ponies call “unnatural”. So does that mean that ponies are representing nature in a way? I got this information from the MLP Wiki, do correct me if I’m wrong. And I know that fan-created OC ponies tend to step to the more modern side, which includes cars, and obviously, pollution, but those are fan ponies, not canon ones.
  4. @Usager Pose? Maybe put Acrylic flying, with a smile on her face?
  5. What? I hadn’t heard about this until now! Surprised that EQD hasn’t covered this yet. Rest in peace, Andrea.
  6. @Usager Could you do my OC, Azure Acrylic, jumping, with a smile?And the reference pic, I’m currently trying to update my OC, hold on.
  7. @AzureMoon @Blitz Boom Azure nods her head as she sips on her tea. *sip* “Yep, giraffes sure are real. You probably haven’t seen a giraffe before in your life, hence why you call them silly. They aren’t really horses in a way, but they are sentient. Some can talk, and a few are quite friendly, as I’ve heard from some. Zebras, I’ve only known one, which is Zecora, living in the Everfree Forest, and I can’t rhyme as good as them. My mind can’t think up rhyming words as fast as them, I’m kinda impressed. And their potions, I don’t know what they do, but I’m not taking chances.” Azure then looked at Thunder’s broken wing in surprise. ”Thunder, why you haven’t told me about this? Why is your wing broken? How did you break it? Dear Celestia, I wouldn’t wanna break my small delicate wings. That would be my worst nightmare.” She shudders at the thought of her wings being broken.
  8. @Blitz Boom @AzureMoon Azure sits up again to sip on her tea while chatting with Thunder and Shell. *sip* ”I haven’t seen Poison Joke yet, Thunder, but I’ve heard other Breezies talk about it as a sort of legend. Pretty weird for me. And yes, I’ve heard from others what that flower did to the Mane Six. I heard that one pony, named Applejack, got shrunk down to my size!” She giggles softly. “And yes, Thunder, I have heard of Pinkie Pie. I call her as sort of a weirdo, cause she can somehow spawn things out of thin air, and even cause confetti to blast out from nowhere! She’s kinda annoying for me, she’s wayyy too hyperactive and talks wayyy too fast.” *sip* ”And Shell, I didn’t know your hometown had zebra residents! I know they come from the same place as giraffes, but I didn’t know there were this much in Equestria.” ”As for that flower, yeah, it’s probably best I left it alone. I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to me at anytime.”
  9. @AzureMoon @Blitz Boom Azure smiles and giggles softly. ”Hehe, I did get you a bit there. And Thunder, I have heard that Poison Joke makes you grow or shrink, it’s just that the chances of growing or shrinking is so random that I don’t know if nothing might happen or I’ll grow to your size.” ”And Shell, I have heard a bit about Zecora from ponies around here, but I don’t really know much about her. She seems to come from a kingdom far away, in some sort of savannah-style place. But, I don’t really know what potion she’s creating in that pot half the time, and I wouldn’t wanna test them.” She lies back down and nibbles quietly on Thunder’s mane. ”Nimnimnimnimimim!”
  10. Azure lay down in Thunder’s mane while thinking. She then remembered what she was going to say and stood up to tell Shell. “Actually you’re right Shell, I was actually lying about that “shrink potion” thing. I actually haven’t found anypony that makes shrink and grow potions yet, so I’m still a tiny Breezie. And besides, I like these small wings. I would want to know what’s it’s like to be big someday, maybe you could find a potion that can do that, Thunder?” ”And about your messy bedroom Shell, I can see what you mean. Personally, I would too love it if I was sleeping with dozens of blankets and plushies, it’s so soft.”
  11. Well, the creators probably won’t respond, mainly because of two things: They don’t care about random people, and the risk of them losing money as people wouldn’t need to commission them anymore as they would know how to do it.
  12. I’ve been searching round the Internet for a good tutorial on how to create a SFM MLP OC model, to be used in SFM MLP animations. Unfortunately, very little tutorials on this currently exist, and the ones that do exist are pretty outdated, with most of them being posted in 2013-2016. SFM has since been updated since 2016, so most of the tutorials either don’t work or give several errors that crash your computer. I’m looking for these tutorials, because, as I’ve found out it isn’t really worth it to commission others to make SFM OC models for you, as they always set prices for one model at USD $30 to USD $60, which is over what I can afford. And, these SFM model makers won’t reveal how they create their models, as if they did, everyone would know how to create SFM models, and they would lose money from less people commissioning them. So, I’m asking the rest of the fandom. Do you have any recommendations for tutorials and stuff that I could use? I would gladly accept them! Post em down below.
  13. Azure smiled as she turned and lowered her head to start nibbling on her tail. “Mrrff, thanks Mrs Shy, mrrfff, I do enjoy tea.” she said with a mouth full of long tail hair. “Mrrffff, I think I used to be the same size as you and Shell, Thunder, mrrrfff, but then I think I drank something that shrank me down t’ this, mrrrffff.” She turns to Shell to ask her about her messy house, while still nibbling on her tail. “Shell, mrrfff, you said you get sorta messy at home, mrrffffff, does that mean you don’t really tidy up your room?”