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  1. I’ve been searching round the Internet for a good tutorial on how to create a SFM MLP OC model, to be used in SFM MLP animations. Unfortunately, very little tutorials on this currently exist, and the ones that do exist are pretty outdated, with most of them being posted in 2013-2016. SFM has since been updated since 2016, so most of the tutorials either don’t work or give several errors that crash your computer. I’m looking for these tutorials, because, as I’ve found out it isn’t really worth it to commission others to make SFM OC models for you, as they always set prices for one model at USD $30 to USD $60, which is over what I can afford. And, these SFM model makers won’t reveal how they create their models, as if they did, everyone would know how to create SFM models, and they would lose money from less people commissioning them. So, I’m asking the rest of the fandom. Do you have any recommendations for tutorials and stuff that I could use? I would gladly accept them! Post em down below.
  2. Azure smiled as she turned and lowered her head to start nibbling on her tail. “Mrrff, thanks Mrs Shy, mrrfff, I do enjoy tea.” she said with a mouth full of long tail hair. “Mrrffff, I think I used to be the same size as you and Shell, Thunder, mrrrfff, but then I think I drank something that shrank me down t’ this, mrrrffff.” She turns to Shell to ask her about her messy house, while still nibbling on her tail. “Shell, mrrfff, you said you get sorta messy at home, mrrffffff, does that mean you don’t really tidy up your room?”
  3. Could you draw my OC, Azure Acrylic, in a lying down pose? That would be lovely!
  4. @A French Derpy full of Salt What? You aren't gonna make any more SFM MLP models anymore? That sucks, because all other people who would create a SFM model of your OC always charge you over $50, which I can't afford. And, I've been keeping your name a secret, because then people would be flocking to your site like you have NO IDEA. But man, I wish you could create them again, because paying $50 for one model is too expensive for me.
  5. @Blitz Boom @Dreadmare Azure giggles from remembering the happy memory and nodded to Shell. ”Yep, somehow, by random chance and luck, me and Flutters met each other a couple years ago, and had stayed in touch ever since. And yeah, siblings tend to look out for one another, they do care a lot for each filly and colt. And wow Shell, you’re saying the jellyfish there are bigger than ponies? That’s not good. And I’ve never seen water dragons before, no idea how they look like. And yeah, you might want to prepare yourself before introducing yourself to Zephyr.” Azure then turned to Thunder to tell him what she thinks. ”Oh yeah, I remember those jerk bullies. They too picked on me, and they said they could squash me with one stomp of their hoof, as I’m so small. I ended up flying to the base of a column as fast as I could so I could bawl for the next 30 minutes. I was pouring up so many tears, you would not imagine how much I was standing in when I finally stopped.” Azure then turns to Mrs. Shy. ”Oh, that would be lovely, Mrs. Shy. I like tea quite a bit. It’s nice.”
  6. @Blitz Boom Well, Widdershins, Sekel and @Pinkfire are doing a completely different RP from my one, so should I stay in my RP?
  7. @Blitz Boom @Dreadmare Azure replies to Thunder’s comment with a giggle. “Well, Flutters did tell me a bit about you, mostly about how you kept getting yourself into dangerous situations as a colt, probably why you recently signed on for Coastal Guard. She didn’t really tell me to look out for you, she still thought you were away for guard duties.” Azure then replied to Mrs. Shy. “I believe, I remember I wasn’t in Cloudsdale at the time Fluttershy got in that “incident”, I was still back in my home country. I didn’t meet her until much later, when I moved to Equestria. She was a bit shy at first, but later, I became friends with her.”
  8. @Pinkfire Howdy! Soo, a new person wants to join the RP? Awesome! Maybe you could roleplay with the RP I’ve got going on with me and @Blitz Boom?
  9. @Blitz Boom @Dreadmare Azure responds to Shell’s comment. “Huh, maybe I should try that mane care product, Shell. The ones I use aren’t really effective at the moment. And, I didn’t know you lost your mane and tail! Hopefully they’ll grow back.” Azure looks around the Shys family house, gazing at old photos of Fluttershy and Thunder. “Wow, this place looks nice. You grew up here, right Thunder? All these years later, you decided to visit your colthood home again for old memories. Nice and nostalgic.” Azure thanks Mrs Shy for her greeting. ”Thanks, Mrs Shy. I’m a friend of your daughter, Fluttershy, I know her quite a bit, she’s friendly.”
  10. Hmm, a new person joining the RP? Great! Maybe you could join the RP I’m currently doing now with Blitz Boom and Dreadmare?
  11. @Blitz Boom @Dreadmare Azure sits up in Thunder’s mane and stared at the door as Thunder was about to knock on it. She also told Shell about her opinion on his mane and tail. ”Well, you may be right Shell, but that’s because he’s working near the ocean, where the salt and wind can really roughen up your mane and tail. I know, I’ve flew to the sea once, and I had to spend hours brushing my mane and tail to be soft again.” Azure turned back and started brushing her tail softly, the soft feeling pleasing her.
  12. Well, I’ve met two girls who liked the show, one of them saying their favorite pony was Luna, and I randomly come across young girls wearing MLP merch(bags, shirts, hats, etc) walking with their moms. Actually, the only time I’ve seen another guy in person who likes MLP was when I went to a regional MLP convention in my area, SEAPonyCon. That makes up the bulk of MLP fans I see in my country.
  13. @Blitz Boom @Dreadmare Azure giggles silently as she rolls about in Thunder‘s mane. “That definitely sounds fun Shell, chasing Zephyr saying you’re gonna turn him into a mummy, but he may rage when he finds out its a prank.” Azure looks on and sees Thunder’s family house. ”That must be your family home, right Thunder? It looks small and cozy. Also, darn, your mane is so soft! I could roll around in it for hours!” She giggles again as she plays with Thunder’s mane.
  14. @Blitz Boom @Dreadmare Azure giggles while rolling around in Thunder’s mane. “Well yeah, but only that he can’t see me, cause I’m so small. And I don’t know how he’ll reply when he sees Shell.” “And Shell, thanks, I’ll make sure to keep some knowledge about that whenever I see sharks.”