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  1. Well howdy there! Nice to meet you! Love your OC! ^^
  2. Well, it's basically the same thing for me, but I like being with my people.
  3. Well, little girls and kids did go to BronyCon, with the guys, and most MLP cons are designed to apply to all ages. BTW, howdy ExplosionMare. Never met you in a loong time.
  4. Well, I did also went to a local con that was the one of two of the only MLP cons in the whole region, Project SEAPonyCon. But, I don't know if the other conventions will stand, as people tend to lose interest in a show when its ended, and less people tend to attend cons related to the show after the show closes. But hopefully they will survive.
  5. Howdy there, I wanna ask, who here has never been to any big My Little Pony conventions, like BronyCon, BABSCon and Galacon? I'm saying this because, I live in Southeast Asia, which is really, REALLY far away from the US, and also costs a darn lot to get there. Also, I'm really afraid that these conventions would close down in a couple years' time, as MLP has already closed. I hope that isn't gonna happen. Is it?
  6. Well, I would subscribe, but I don't have that much money to do so,
  7. Hey there. Apparently you're going to all the free MLP requests?

    1. Sugar-Fable


      Yeah I went to a couple because I have no money for art at the moment.

  8. Uhhh, I don't really know much foreign languages yet, so I'm sticking with English puns.
  9. Howdy. Can you do a drawing of Azure Acrylic for me? I don't know if this is a request or not.
  10. There are a lot of MLP puns for real-world countries and cities, like Saddle Arabia, Trottingham and Fillydelphia. Well, I'm wondering if the fans can think of several other names for countries and cities,most of them out of the map of Equestria. For me, the names I can think of is: Saddlepore, Marelaysia, Marenila, The Fillypines, Myanmare, Germaneigh, The Neightherlands, Buckgaria, Indoneighsia, and of course, The United States Of Equestria. Anyone can think of more names? Type them in the comments below!