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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Aquaflame

    Rank the seasons.

    My Favorite Episodes of My Little Pony FIM.. Season 6- No Second Prances/To Where and Back Again(both parts), Where the Apple Lies Season 4-Testing Testing 123, Leap Of Faith, Pinkie Apple Pie, Princess Twilight Sparkle(both parts) Season 5- Cutie Map (both parts) Tanks For The Memories, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, The Cutie Re-Mark(both parts) Season 1- Griffon the Brush Off, Applebuck Season, Bridle Gossip, Over A Barrel, Party of One, Feeling Pinkie Keen Season 2- The Return of Harmony (both parts), May the Best Pet Win, Mysterious Mare Do Well, Super Cidy Squeezy 6000, Putting Your Hoof Down, Dragon Quest Season 3- Magic Duel, Keep Calm and Flutter On, Magical Mystery Cure Season 7- To Change a Changeling, Marks and Recreation, Fame and Misfortune, Season 8-Under Review
  3. In one of my dreams in Equestria, it was like, idk, like, splatoon, my blood was goopy, and blue, I had open wounds and I have looked in a mirror in one of my "animated ventures" and I was like an animated racoon once before, but in like a idk if you ever played the game "Yooka Laylee" galleon galaxy, but it was kind of like that but there were like cars driving over bridges all over the place, and it was like roads, and cities above water, and everyone around me turned like, blank faced when i got close enough, I only bring this up because Rainbow Dash was in this dream at a gas station. lol
  4. Hopefully it isnt just their "personalities" that stay the same, are we talking like, some roger rabbit, space jam, inspired physical embodiment's, because I have dreams like this frequently, and MLP characters are involved quite often, sometimes ones that don't even exist, A.C Lemon Drops, "Your favorite cutie pie" and Lilaq Film," spelled wrong un-ironically, I also find drugs, and food a lot in my dreams and have very abstract, / 2d-3d moments, that involve video game characters, in depth game play sometimes, or control. I would have a lot to discuss and many questions before anything, but more than anything if it was an "inception" like effect, that could ultimately alter existence itself, I "making a liberal statement" indulge hallucinogenics, and I am a regular, there have been times where people seem more animated, and they are kind of surrounded by an essence that either strengthens or nullifies my instinctive perceptions of them, I have been to Equestria in a dream before, I have only ever had dreams about AJ, Twilight, RD, and Starlight, others are just ponies without an identification(two that have identified themselves, one in song), I also have dreams about games I spent a lot of time playing and the two converge a lot. Answering the question ultimately though, would mean their magic is real, which means it would break the hallucination, and shatter reality and its boundaries, the abstract would become reality.(ultimately)
  5. Aquaflame

    Why does Equestria Girls get so much hate?

    There are "overly convenient plot devices" that is the only flaw with Equestria Girls, I mean sure it isnt the "only flaw", I think there problem is how it fuses with the main timeline/continuity, like, IN Equestria, Twilight has to think about her endeavors as a Teenage girl, and this bothers some people that it isnt alternative timeline mumbo jumbo... I LOVE Equestria Girls, I love the designs, I love the music, I love the villains, I am IN LOVE with Sunset Shimmer, and she is the sell of EG tbh. It may say "Twilight Sparkle and her friends" but It might as well say "Sunset Shimmer" I love that it centers Sunset very often, it is a refreshing change, with an excellent character identity. People hate EG because the first movie was kind of randomly pressing the issue, I dont like it all that much just because I dont like seeing Sunset as the villain, it is by far my least favorite Equestria Girls... but just like, awarding a crown that a student turned over as the prize for being the most popular student is kind of silly, but Helping Twilight Win the Crown is incredibly catchy, and one of my favorite EG tracks.
  6. Aquaflame

    S08:E13 - The Mean 6

    I would actually like to see Lightning Dust, "reformed" a tad bit, in an overly competitive show down, I like the idea of Rainbow Dash having an ongoing rival of her own.. as for Flim and Flam, & Iron Will, I am not feeling it in the same sense.. plus we've already have had some episodes about these schills, they arent menacing, just trashy. I think they need to make it more power oriented, or perhaps introuduce a new villain, who isnt much on his own, but is a clever manipulator, and uses the other villains like puppets, until they are liberated, I dont see reformation for those specific three villains that is why they were listed... but maybe a puppeteer that unites the villains, make for an interesting plot device.
  7. Aquaflame

    S08:E13 - The Mean 6

    Remember the "Beat-Alls" in PPG, I would love for them to experiment with something like this, like Chrysalis, Tirek, Sombra, they should have an arch where the Mane 7 are greatly overwhelmed, but what ends up taking advantage of the bad guys is their lust for power, independence, and control, together they are unstoppable, but make it about how only harmony can withstand a true allegiance.
  8. Aquaflame

    S08:E13 - The Mean 6

    Kind of exactly what has been on my mind since I watched this episode, honestly if Chrysalis was capable of devising such magic, why wouldnt she create an entire artifical army of replacements? maybe out of fear that the same thing done by Twilight would happen but in greater numbers, was she only able to do this "because" they are wielders of the elements.. It seemed like a very good idea with a lot of holes in it in hindsight, if you really want to look at all of her endeavors, which honestly, some seemed fullproof, others seemed like the writing was just patched up, explaining all otherwise plot rendering interferences... I actually was thinking about this exact thing this morning, well I was thinking more along the lines of, what magic is there that we dont know about or if we will have more return villains. Chrysalis may be a running thing now, I think reforming her at this point is fruitless, but it is interesting to see that Starlight, has her own rival, and that is more or less Chrysalis's main foe.
  9. Aquaflame

    Something you wish you could have.

    Peace of mind, a full time job, an apt with air conditioning, internet there, and a new laptop, a gf/roommate that isnt a douchebag..
  10. Aquaflame

    Mane 6, Starlight, and Spike listening to Breaking Benjamin

    Depends on the album, We Are Not Alone, can be a downer, but i find it relatable in a comforting way, Saturate has some angsty songs on it and some that are pretty grunge, Phobia may be the one you can find the best double meanings/ make the coolest PMVs for
  11. Aquaflame


    She didnt beat an Ursa, she came back and caused unwarranted mischief on her own accord, some woes are justified, somethings just dont make sense, reducing her character was a flaw with the writing/character "development" its a moral message type thing, I think Twilight would have called her on the Ursa before Tweedle Dee and Dumb lured one into town... It may have made events, less memorable, and obviously the writers wouldnt have done something so simple, but Trixie takes a lot more hate than even makes sense,(at this point) and she has far paid her dues to Ponyville and really all of Equestria... #freeTrixie xD no more like #giveTrixieheractualmagicback
  12. Aquaflame

    Your Equestria Girls crush?

    Sunset Shimmer, she is deductive and emotional, while being logical and detail oriented. She pays close attention to the problems that are at hand and assess the situation the best that she can. She also is seen having continual outbursts because she has obvious problems with maintaining her emotions. Her redemption story runs deep for me and I know exactly how she felt in Rainbow Rocks, only every single day of my life. I am absolutely in love with Sunset Shimmer, she is the perfect woman, I love her design, I love the effort she puts forth for her friends, and she really deserves the spotlight Hasbro has "kind of" (mostly) given her. She faced the neglect deserved from her actions from Equestria Girls... They wouldnt allow her to have pause from reliving those mistakes for at some points was less than 5 minutes(movie time) Sunset continually wanting to look deeper into things, having her suspicions, I just relate to her in so many ways, and she is an inspiration to me for how far shes come. Rainbow Rocks came into my life at the right time... some of us will NEVER be perfect, but I am very grateful I am not who I used to be... that was a fast track to consequences much worse than the isolation I face every day of my life. I wish there were people like the Mane cast in real life, because some people just need to be heard out, not projected upon.
  13. Aquaflame

    Who here doesn't like violence?

    It isnt right to be violent in 2018, unless you are a live action victim of crime, war, or assault... It is kind of the knuckle dragging barbarian in some of us, but sometimes violence is intertwined with authority, law and order, justice, and retribution. Violence for pride sake is for people who have trained for the occasion and put themselves on display because they are TRUE FIGHTERS, not some crackheaded squib who is really just a junk bully and in some cases not even effective in being that either. Violence in games and movies is the certain of a story. Americans and many other "first worlders" arent an active part of that story being sheltered from hardships.. some of EVERY sort.. Violence is sometimes inevitable, but preventable... two that agree to a fight can't and shouldnt be stopped, but it's results are the literal blood on ones own hands. Violence isnt "good" but sometimes/often it is "okay/justified"
  14. I mean Twilight was attempting to form dishonest friendships, and was even about to lie to Celestia about who Starlight had even made friends with, I mean, she had brought in three ponies that Starlight didnt even befriend... Trixie is my third overall favorite character, I recognize her for what she is, and the things she really "could" I guess we shall say, do.... she wasnt born with sheer talent like Starlight or Twilight, but she is no dummy, and I think she was purposefully geared as the "running gag" "Shes Gone!" "Oh wait, there she is!" "Trixie is Okay!" As far as her ability mixed with illusion, smoke shade, etc, making herself appear on the outside of the door in Forgotten Friendship... it's just Trixie can do things... She cant do, explosive magical elemental, I have the power because I am the chosen one, type magic, but she can do, "you might have been lost there for a minute, without me" kind of magic, and she had magic, that initially transcended the writers, "identity" for her... I think Trixie should star in "princess for a day" not in the sense of being an overlord with an evil amulet, but in the sense of, Your help is needed idle, and you really are someones hero.. Twilight to Trixie, "I have to hand it to you, not even I could pull off a trick like that." Sometimes you can be powerful without being recognized. She isnt the "hero archtype" they shattered her confidence, made her the gag character, toned down her powers, and made her Starlights buddy tag along. I want them to acknowledge her bravery, and give her the chance to step up once more.
  15. Not why I liked her at all, I liked Trixie because she is and always was obviously compensating for her ACTUAL failures with friendship. She is quick witted, her design is cute, I love Barrs VA for her, and I think she has been "given the shaft" by the writers, what made me LOVE her, was No Second Prances... this emphasizes her failures with friendship, and allows you to see the "human"(pony) side of her, she reveals that part of herself to Starlight in confidence, she looks death in the face putting confidence in Starlight even after hurting her, and ultimately hurting herself... I don't "like" the bad things Trixie has done, but Trixie is like she puts it in EG "talented" I dont believe the "most" talented, but the difference is, she doesnt use elements of harmony, she isnt an elitist unicorn, she jumped through hoops to always be who she was, and regardless if it didnt make a lot of sense to everpony else, it was who she was. She was dishonest about an admirable feat... it doesnt mean, lets take away all of her powers, and compare her to nothing, when she is a somebody... she put herself on the line for Equestria when the time came, but now she is kind of like "Starlights cute best friend" and I think they need to make an episode acknowledging this, I want a TRIXIE CENTERED EPISODE, that deals with her identity as a Unicorn, her roots with magic, and standing up and making a statement about who she is...