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  1. I take Citalopram for my anxiety/depression and some allergy meds, though they're not really prescription.
  2. Superwholock


    Name: Sergio 'The Soulless' Age: Unknown (guessed to be around 50) Gender: Stallion Species: Pegasus Description: Sergio is considered an albino where he originated from, which did him no favors among his people. He's also slightly smaller than average height, though his wings are much larger than the average pegasus'. The chess pieces in his cutie mark stand for his strategic prowess and his ability to judge and find a way out of almost any situation. He wears the bandana to cover up a brand in his chest, though very few know it even exists and even fewer have ever seen it. The scars covering his legs and other parts of his body come from his multiple escapes. Personality: Despite his handle, Sergio is actually known around Puerto Seguro to be a very kind and fair Governor and pony in general. He tends to come off as very reserved and cold to strangers, but those who've known him long enough know him to be a very warm and affectionate pony who adores his children, his wife, and foals. He has an intense soft spot for the younger generation, often losing hours catering to their every whimsy. All the foals in Puerto Seguro have him wrapped around their little hooves and everyone knows it. He's a genius when it comes to strategy and he has an intense sense of justice but is also able to see things in shades of grey. It's all part of what makes him such a great and beloved Governor. Backstory: Sergio was born and raised on an unnamed island somewhere in the northeastern seas. His people were strong and powerful earth ponies with dark coloring, which made Sergio even more of an outcast. He was a runt which meant that he was neglected by just about everyone, including his own mother. No one really knew who his father was, but a merchant ship had docked around the time he was conceived. When he wasn't being neglected, he was being beaten. When he was 6, he snuck aboard a merchant ship. He was found by the crew several days later after stores began to suspiciously disappear. Unfortunately for Sergio, this wasn't just any merchant ship; it was part of a pony smuggling ring. The captain decided to keep Sergio on the ship as his personal slave, branding the young foal's chest to 'claim' him. Luckily, Sergio escaped in the next mainland port they docked in, several months later. He found refuge in a tavern which was a front for a smuggling ring who, thankfully, detested pony smuggling. They made sure that Sergio was never found by his captors and taught him how to defend himself. The tavern keeper took a shine to him and kept the young foal on as help around the tavern. When Sergio was 17, he joined his first pirate crew. After several years, he worked his way up to first mate. If the previous first mate happened to die under mysterious circumstances after an altercation with the young stallion, no one questioned it too far. Eventually, the captain was killed in a battle with rival pirates. Sergio took charge and his crew wiped out the enemies. Over the next few years, Sergio and his crew took over multiple rival crews and operations, expanding their command to thousands of pirates and hundreds of ships and crews. At some point, he made his way to what is now Puerto Seguro and took it over, setting up a base of operations. He also set it up as an asylum for refugees and escaping slaves like he had once been. He took the foals of the newly christened Puerto Seguro under his wings, recalling the abandonment and abuse he had faced in his homeland and having no desire for anyone else to ever go through what he did as a foal. (Rest of his story can be found in the backstory of his step-son, Virgil)
  3. Pony most likely. When you say anthro, do you mean as in Equestria Girls? Cause that could work too.
  4. The Captain and First Mate exchanged a few words with their crew before saying goodnight and heading up towards the Governor's home. Given that ships and crews were constantly coming and going from Puerto Seguro, the streets were always busy, especially down by the ports and around the taverns. With the crowds, it took them several minutes to make it up the steady hill and through the gates of the Governor's home.
  5. Virgil and Syren wove their way through the hoof traffic, headed towards the docks. Occasionally, some pony would call out a greeting to them and they would nod or voice a greeting in return. Eventually, they made it to the Lass's dock where they saw that she had been unloaded and only a handful of the crew remained onboard, cleaning up.
  6. "Should we tell Mar so she can prepare for tomorrow?" Syren asked. "Knowing her, she's probably out for a few drinks," Virgil pointed out. "I'll send a messenger out for her when I get back to Sergio. For now, I want to check back in on the Lass and make sure everything's going smoothly unloading her."
  7. Virgil dipped his head in farewell and turned to leave, weaving his way through the growing crowd of diners. Syren saluted with a hoof to Luna, a cheeky grin on his face, before taking off after his captain, apologizing occasionally for bumping into others. "Syren." Virgil's voice could be heard chastising his first mate from where he stood in the doorway, frowning at the unicorn as he joined him.
  8. -Sorry, got slammed with family plans and homework "She'll be happy with that," Syren said as he and Virgil rose from the table, his captain tossing some bits on the table for a tip. "We'll see you tomorrow then."
  9. "We'll come by in the morning," Syren offered a he finished off his dinner, "and take you to the forge so you can get to work on it. Mar will probably bribe you into giving her your plans. She's always interested in new stuff like that."
  10. They nodded and returned to their meals. "So, how long do you think you wanna stay here?" Syren asked.
  11. "There's a chance you'll run into this pony again at some point," Virgil told her. "Just keep in mind that many ponies come here because they're running away from something." "Yeah, so you gotta be unassuming in your approach," Syren joined in. "Otherwise you could spook 'em."
  12. "We could try catching up with them," Syren suggested, but his captain instantly shook his head. "We'd never be able to find them in this crowd without knowing exactly who we're looking for," he pointed out. "Thousands of strange ponies come through daily and I'm sure many of them wear cloaks of some sort. Puerto Seguro lives up to its name." At this, he gave Syren a pointed look, causing the unicorn to look at the table and nod silently.
  13. "We're talking about your sister, right?" Syren asked. "My guess is she had a run in with some pony on her journey, got robbed and you just saw said pony with something of hers." "Did you get a good look at them?" Virgil asked.
  14. Sorry guys, it's been a crazy month. Haven't had much down time to come on here.