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  1. Hachiroku

    What are your thoughts on Canada?

    I think Canada is lame. For me nothing beats southern California.
  2. Hachiroku

    Sports Post Season Baseball

    I think it'll be Red Sox vs Dodgers
  3. Hachiroku

    Sports NBA's lack of parity.

    Bruh you should watch baseball and hockey more.
  4. Hachiroku

    Sports Post Season Baseball

    There's seriously no post season baseball thread? Sad! Guess I'll make it then. So far: NLCS: Dodgers vs Brewers ALCS: Red Sox vs Astros
  5. Hachiroku

    Best/worst region of the US.

    Only the bay areas is ground zero for communists and SJWs. Southern California is either moderately liberal or somewhat conservative. Bay Area also has a bunch of left leaning tech companies like Google than only like to employ women and foreigners.
  6. Cars are too fat nowadays. t. stupid broke 20 year old male saving up to buy a 240sx
  7. Hachiroku

    Sports National League Wild Card Game

    I hate the Cubs and Rockies, happy the Cubs are gone and that the Rockies are going to get BTFO by the Brewers.
  8. Hachiroku

    Best/worst region of the US.

    Best: Southern California, Appalachia, Washington and Oregon (minus Seattle and Portland), Upstate New York, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Louisiana and the deep south, Southern Florida, Colorado (minus Denver), Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin Worst: Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Denver, New Jersey, New England, NYC (minus Brooklyn), Chicago Bonus: Canada minus Alberta and Quebec, UK, continental Europe, Australia I hate how bay area politicians ruined this once great state.
  9. Hachiroku

    The Geography Game

  10. Hachiroku

    Ever Been Homeless?

    yea i guess lol
  11. Hachiroku

    Ever Been Homeless?

    My school is trying to evict me but I just payed them so they shouldn't be able to now, they still gave me a scary letter.
  12. Hachiroku

    The Geography Game

  13. Hachiroku

    Longest period of time without sleep?

    26 hours, it was pretty nasty
  14. Hachiroku

    What was the last food you ate?

    Chilli and crushed up ramen noodles
  15. Not super often but I mean I like to treat myself every now and then.