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  1. I'm happy there isn't any weird canon shipping tbh.
  2. Hachiroku

    The Geography Game

  3. Hachiroku

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  4. Hachiroku

    How many states have you been to

    None other than my own
  5. Hachiroku

    Sports Alliance of American Football.

    I'm looking forward to it since I ain't too confident in the XFL.
  6. Hachiroku

    Food Pancakes or Waffles?

    What song on youtube?
  7. Hachiroku

    Food Pancakes or Waffles?

    I like both but neither are as good as french toast
  8. Hachiroku

    Walkable Communities

    If you don't like the way cities are set up in California you can always go somewhere else. Car culture is king here. I personally haven't had issues walking to the store but driving their is easier and quicker.
  9. Hachiroku

    Favorite pancake flavor

    blueberry and chocolate chip
  10. Hachiroku

    What Does Religion Mean To You?

    I honestly don't believe in any of the stuff in the Bible. But I like attending Sunday mass with my parents, it just feels nice ya know. Maybe I'm not into the whole spiritual stuff but I do enjoy the culture of it. I also like the morality of Roman Catholicism, being on a college campus everyone is kind of doing stuff that just would not fly back home so it is a nice little escape from that stuff. When I go home from campus I always go when I can with my parents.
  11. Hachiroku

    Sports What are your favorite teams?

    Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Kings Los Angeles Lakers I don't really have a favorite football team but I like the 49ers and Rams.
  12. Hachiroku

    Food Favorite fast food place to eat?

    For me nothing tops In n Out in terms of price and quality.
  13. Leftist social agendas are becoming standard in western animation, what a time to be alive.
  14. [laughs at europeans in first amendment]
  15. Hachiroku

    What are you bad at?

    I was bad at most subjects at school tbh