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  1. Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought GT Sport but I can't play it until my Thanksgiving break bc I'm away for school.
  2. Are You A 90's Kid? What Does It Mean To Be One?

    Nope, I was hardly alive in the 90's. Thank God, 90's kids are some of the most annoying and obnoxious people out there.
  3. It's been really cloudy and rainy. Typical of the north coast of California this time of the year.
  4. What Languages Would You Like to Speak

    I want to improve my French, and learn German and Japanese.
  5. Things you do to release anger?

    I just listen to music or play video games. But sometimes the game makes me angry.
  6. Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    I'd say I'm overwhelmed with school work
  7. Music Your Rudest/Sexiest 90s Songs!

    Literally anything by Nine Inch Nails.
  8. mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    I'm straight, it's great.
  9. I was eating a late lunch after my geography class.
  10. Do you believe in heaven and hell?

    I think heaven and hell is within life itself. I doubt anything happens when you die.
  11. What would dinosaur meat have tasted like?

    I always imagined that it tasted like chicken.
  12. Not getting four seasons.

    In SoCal there's summer, summer, summer, and cloudy summer.
  13. least favorite thing about your sex/gender

    I hate being the one in the relationship that pays for everything despite being broke. My gf expects me to pay for everything even though her family is richer than mine. Also, as a university student I hate this crap where men are viewed as rapists.
  14. Science What's Your Favorite Science?

    I'm taking a class about earthquakes rn, it's a lot of fun
  15. What do you consider a daddy longlegs?

    I only use it describe a specific type of spider, in this case the cellar spider.