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  1. Wat, just... wat. No, I am fairly sure they don't lay eggs since pegasi are still equines and that in case are still mammals.
  2. TheTaZe

    Gender Race

    Oof, I was away when you mentioned me. I can help now though! 991
  3. I worked hard on this edit of my profile picture. How did I do? :adorkable:

  4. I have some leftover movie theatre popcorn I got from when I went to the movies a few hours ago.
  5. Most likely. I'm not entirely sure. You need to talk with @LadyMercury to get an exact answer.
  6. That's from the recent upgrade of the IPB software. If you go here, you can find mostly anything you want still. What you need to do is click the other options on the left side of the page.
  7. TheTaZe

    Ask TheTaZe

    No, I haven't really. Trust me, I like a lot more than bands/artists that start with A.
  8. Wow, I thought Twilight was gonna ignore Spike the entire episode but I guess not. Good ending and good episode. I enjoyed it.
  9. I have a mic and I'm fairly competent at song writing. If an instrumental is needed, I can make somewhat of a remix of the smile song. We will see how this goes though. Nevermind. Guess someone else has gotten to that. Would you mind if you could send that custom bgm my way, I want to see if I can mix/master it to make it suitable for vocals.
  10. I have edited in the Dailymotion watch link and MEGA download link for those (including myself) who haven't seen it yet. Cheers!
  11. Won't be seeing the episode till later so I will be on sporadically to avoid spoilers. I'm going to see a movie with my mom at the time I would be watching the episode, so that is the biggest reason why. :sealed:

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    2. Easter Dash

      Easter Dash

      Have a great time at the movies with your mom. And don’t worry the episode will always be here for you when you come back.

    3. TheTaZe


      @Woohoo New superhero movie. Captain marvel or something like that.

    4. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Very cool. Enjoy the movie, I did. :mlp_grin: I will keep my lips shut about the episode.

  12. Probably a million dollar mansion? Why, because I like looking at expensive stuff and I like to feel important.
  13. No, I'm not happy with what I have right now. I would like to find a job but I'm anxious about actually getting one.
  14. Depends on the cereal. Some cereal is just plain good with it being plain.
  15. Why are almost all villians forgiven so easily? That is because the show likes to tie up loose ends like that very quickly. Why? I have no clue, but it honestly is pretty annoying.
  16. That is like your opinion, man. I still find it cute because Twilight freaking out it just adorable to me.
  17. I almost barely watch it anymore. Why do I watch it? Because it's a cute show with cute characters.
  18. Well shit, this is a depressing thought isn't it? Who knows since it probably wouldn't happen for quite awhile.
  19. Guess I am technically a NEET at this moment. I just graduated from school and am currently in the process of looking for a job.
  20. Yes, I sometimes sleep with the plushie but most of the time it's just with a bunch of blankets. I feel I would accidentally ruin the plush if I slept with it.