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Everything posted by TheTaZe

  1. Got through the day but my anxiety is still through the roof. Any ideas on how to ease it? :bea:

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    2. TheTaZe


      Good ideas. I haven't watched ponies in awhile and that might be what I need. Thanks! ^_^

    3. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      Muffins, tea and ponies? :dash:

    4. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Meditation. Though meditation does come across as a rather snake oil-esque treatment for stress and anxiety, it actually does help quite a bit, in my experience. It is not a guaranteed fix, of course, but it has worked for me whenever my lilapsophobia is triggered, so perhaps it will work for you as well. :darling:

  2. Today is my last day of school for my degree, to say I'm anxious is a complete understatement. The anxiety of the uncertainty what the future will bring me after I graduate kills me inside. :(

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    2. Wannabrony


      I know it must a very difficult time, but all of us here know you can do it! We believe in you! :kindness: You've come so far and worked so hard, graduation should be a joyous time. I hope you do throw a celebration for yourself or get something nice for yourself, try not to let the daunting future make you too stressed right now. :rarity: We're really proud of you! Congratulations! :squee:

    3. Rixton


      It was strange to me too, when I finished my studies, only focused to the successful graduating. It was a new word, the feeling that you do not need to study for the next day, but find a job, go to work.
      You should not stress on it! :)

    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      Take it as it comes. For now, focus on the momentous occasion of finishing school and getting your degree.

  3. I can really care less if someone views me as masculine or not. I like ponies and that is how it is.
  4. I used to have a phobia of bees. As of right now, I don't think I have any.
  5. This is a cool PMV ;)

  6. Oh hey, this isn't bad. Good job!
  7. Quite a bit actually. I like talking to myself when thinking most times.
  8. None, Why? Because I don't live in a place where I fear for my life on a constant basis.
  9. I guess so? Possibly when I'm in a shitposting mood I'll use fam and yaint ironically.
  10. I... sleep? I don't really do much else to be fair.