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  1. Fairly young age for me. I would say maybe around 5-6 years old. I've never really been monitored on the internet so I've been left to my own devices.
  2. It would be kind of funny if that happened but it won't ever happen due to the age rating the show has and how the writers need to uphold that.
  3. I adore that profile picture! :LunaMCM:

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      I know right! :-D It is a great depiction of myself. :laugh:

  4. Oh wow, past 22222. What a lucky number. :twi:


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    2. DivineGuard1000


      @TheTaZe Hooray! Congratulations, my friend! *hugs*

    3. Tacodidra


      Congratulations, my friend! :yay:

      I love those kinds of numbers too... :pinkie:

    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      That's one wacky number :dash:.

      Anyways, congratulations!

  5. Not really, I'm the type of person who sings to myself when I'm listening to music.
  6. Here is an interesting thought experiment. Try to think of all the music you have listened to in your life and imagine it not having drums or percussion in any way. Would you enjoy it any less or would you enjoy it even more. Would it be weird for it to have no beat? For me, I listen quite a lot of metal and rock, so those genres without drums would make the music just seem a lot slower and it would make it feel like something would be missing.
  7. Spike not getting made fun of for half the episode and being pushed around like nothing by the dragons isn't abuse?
  8. I like this song

    1. DivineGuard1000


      @TheTaZe I like this song too! I have it on my Spotify playlist

    2. TheTaZe


      @DivineGuard1000 Still messes with me that is the same lead singer for Slipknot.

    3. DivineGuard1000


      @TheTaZe That reminds me of the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave! They both had the same lead singer and I love both of these bands!

  9. 2046434.png

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    2. DivineGuard1000


      @TheTaZe And Luna is just amazed by that rubber ducky. :orly:

    3. TheTaZe


      I wonder how big that bath is just to hold the two of them. :dash:

    4. DivineGuard1000


      @TheTaZe You callin them fat?! :sunbutt:

  10. Honestly have to agree with pretty much everything here. Only thing you really didn't mention was that it basically was another Spike abuse episode. Haven't had one of those in awhile. Still though, Fluttershy made the episode at least watchable for me.
  11. Also, this was just posed on Derpibooru. Cute
  12. It was an alright episode. I think what made episode for me was Fluttershy. 6/10
  13. I am absolutely exhausted. Goodnight all.


  14. I sometimes wonder to myself why I try to put meaning to a arbitrary number of brohoofs on a post or status update. In the end, it really doesn't matter who has the most brohoofs or attention to their posts.

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    2. DivineGuard1000


      @Twilight Luna


      You're my best friend on here! :yay:


    3. Tacodidra


      I agree completely... There are some posts that are very good and insightful, in spite of them not having that many brohoofs. :rarity: And brohoofs aren't important in the end – it's because of my friends here (including you! :kindness:) and all the fun conversations that I keep visiting! :pinkie:

      I still couldn't resist brohoofing everyone... :please:

    4. DivineGuard1000


      @Tacodidra A number could never be more important than a true friendship!

  15. I honestly really was expecting this to come soon for some reason.
  16. I have no idea. I've probably had a few thousand likes at one point but I don't want to be bothered to look over 10 years of comments.
  17. I've been feeling somewhere along the lines of this today.


    1. Tacodidra


      I hope you feel better soon, my friend! :kindness: There will be new ponies tomorrow, at least – maybe that will cheer you up a little... :rarity:

    2. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Same, although for me a bit more like this...


    3. TheTaZe


      @Lucky Bolt I understand your pain, sister! :D

  18. Fairly surprised this isn't on here, but I'll make a thread for it. A few months ago there was an hour long special planned to release this Summer. From what it looks like, it seems to it will air in the middle of Season 9 sometime in mid-June. The date that says it will premiere is June 29th, 2019. At the moment, there isn't much known about the special but there are a few sources that at least says it exists. Synopsis: "When Twilight Sparkle and her friends arrive in Hope Hollow, they find the town and all its residents completely devoid of color – their dream vacation is starting to feel more like a nightmare! The Mane 6 will have to solve the mystery behind this washed-out world if they hope to bring the "rainbow" back to the Rainbow Festival and color back to the lives of their new friends."' I will personally update this thread on the goings on of this special since it seems to be coming fairly soon in the next couple of months.