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  1. Here is an interesting thought experiment. Try to think of all the music you have listened to in your life and imagine it not having drums or percussion in any way. Would you enjoy it any less or would you enjoy it even more. Would it be weird for it to have no beat?

    For me, I listen quite a lot of metal and rock, so those genres without drums would make the music just seem a lot slower and it would make it feel like something would be missing.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Rushing cash said:

    Other then some cringy moments, the episode had other problems. Like the fire laughter is something new, I dont remember it from previous episodes. The ending was rushed, the dragons should not have changed their minds so easily, and the ending just felt so forced with them even laughing at the eggs. However the interactions between the characters felt for the majority right, FS was awesome, ember was great(she is best dragon) and the problem was pretty interesting. This episode is not perfect but miles better than the previous episode Kim Beyer-Johnson wrote.

    Honestly have to agree with pretty much everything here. Only thing you really didn't mention was that it basically was another Spike abuse episode. Haven't had one of those in awhile.

    Still though, Fluttershy made the episode at least watchable for me.

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