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  1. TwilySparky

    World Cup - Trottingham vs Las Pegasus

    Damn, las pegasus didn't even have a chance. Trottingham has 5 times the amount of votes.
  2. A reminder that buying the cheapest thing doesn't always mean it's the best for it's value. Do your research on a product before you buy it EVERYTIME!

    This is a PSA from Twily, you're welcome. :muffins:

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    2. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      We have this saying, "Poor can't afford cheap.", you need to buy the best quality you can so you don't need to buy new one right away, because that ends up costing more eventually.

    3. Rising Dusk
    4. TwilySparky


      @Catpone Cerberus The best thing you can do is to do your research on the product and see if it's really for you.

  3. I'm glad that I've amassed such a large tea collection. I have so many choices to choose from. Earlier I had some orange pekoe tea and now I'm drinking blueberry green tea.

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    2. Trix or Treat?

      Trix or Treat?

      blame me for what??? 

    3. TwilySparky
    4. Trix or Treat?

      Trix or Treat?

      i just read all them comments, i guess i'm to blame for the teacups, which is a blame i'll wear as a badge of honor

      aaand, you guessed it, a teacup flood is coming

  4. TwilySparky

    Personal Dilemma

    With me, I've been having feelings of leaving upright and just focus all my time other stuff. There is a reason that I'm not doing that and that is because I like people here too much to do that at all. I originally came here just because I wanted to be with people who had a like mind interest in ponies as I do. Sure, my interests have drifted off elsewhere slightly but not completely away from ponies! For me, I think I just worry too much. If I do apply myself and don't be a lazy piece of shit like I am being right now, I think I actually make it to where I want to be in life. True, I may have motivation problems but I think for me it's that I need to be pushed in the right direction a bit more. If I have the drive to do something, I know I can do it! Yeah bud, I remember when you were the most active and were winning every day left and right. I've come to realize after all this time that winning days and farming brohoofs means jack shit. Oh sure, I have over 15k brohoofs, but what does that show to me as a person? That I am popular or was once popular? People who farm follows or brohoofs just need to sit back and rethink their priorities because in the end it means nothing. But yes, don't worry about me too much. I know what I need to do, it's just that my anxiety takes over my ability to reason sometimes. For your first point for me it has almost always been music. I have a problem with something called "time anxiety". I have anxiety about how time passes. I guess for me I just need to not think about all too much and just tend to what I need to get done instead. y I have been told that I should allocate my time into a calendar of some sort, but I just feel this is a bit drastic in my case. I've never liked ththe concept of a calendar so I've always tried to shy away from it. Though, I could give it a try since it won't really hurt anything doing so. I guess for me, I just don't know exactly what to expect from work. Sure, it can be boring but like I stated above all I am concerned about is potentially looked at as an idiot of some sorts if I mess up at all. But hey, I've always had confidence issues so this is something I need to work on to get better at! Is it really much easier than university? I would like to hope so. I've been drained of my sanity somewhat because of my schooling. But it is true that I wouldn't want to be unemployed at all. It's draining doing nothing with your life and just sitting around all day not being productive. The thing with burnout, it's mostly because I am just lazy in a way. Yes, I have medication for anxiety but most of the time it does help that much. I have been thinking of leaving for many months and coming back when I'm all dandy again but there are too many people here that are important to me for me to just upright leave them.
  5. I'm going to bed now. Night. Also, if you would. Please look at my new blog post. :fluttershy:


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    2. Phosphor270


      Good night. I'm bout to hit the hay myself. Another busy week of work coming up.

    3. DivineGlow1000


      Good night, my friend. I love the picture by the way. Fluttershy's always so beautiful to look at!!

    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      I read it. I'll add a comment when I have time, which may be a while :darling:.

      Good Night!

  6. TwilySparky

    Anything you absolutely hate doing?

    Waking up in the morning. I just want to go to sleep and wake up when I want to. When my alarm goes off in the morning, I just want to keep on laying in bed.
  7. TwilySparky

    Personal Dilemma

    It's been awhile since I've made one of these, eh? Well, I've had something I wanted to let out for awhile now. It's my anxiety on entering the professional workforce soon. I am in the middle of my third semester of college right now and I graduate some time midway next year. I have anxiety of how it could possibly be after I finish my schooling. This comes from the fact about finding a job and seeing if I can actually land that said job. My anxieties even extend to how well I would do said job or if I don't actually know something; how will be looked at when it comes to that time? Being a 20 year old is difficult in that regard. Society expects you to know your shit by this age but I'm having trouble wondering what the fuck I'm going to do after I finish school. I may just be blowing this out of proportion but I think my anxieties have at least some merit to them. On another topic all-together though. I am struggling to allocating time to my work since I feel burnout on the amount I receive. I'm a full time college student, so that means I have a shit ton of work to shift through right now. I know I can do the work but actually have the motivation put forth to doing it is what is holding me back in that regard. I may need tips on how I can better allocate my time to my work and how not to stress over menial stuff like worrying if my essay is perfect. I look at myself as a worrywart in this regard. Now, to the final thing I want to talk about here. All of you may or may not have noticed that I have not been as active as I have in previous month. This is because of a multitude of reasons. The first reason is that I sometimes forget to come here on the forums because I am talking to other staff members via discord most of the time. Second reason is because I can just have a lack of motivation to come here. I know I shouldn't push myself to brink of emotional burnout but I can't really help myself sometimes. Third reason is because I just don't have the time to do it as I used to. I have been swamped so much in schoolwork and even work itself. The Fourth reason would be because I have been pursuing other interests lately. This can include video gaming, watching videos on YouTube, or creating music again. Nothing against any of you guys here but my interests like Metal aren't very common among members here. I feel left out in that regard and usually just keep to myself about it. This may be a stupid reason, I know, but I just can't help feeling like that most times. Anyways, that is it for now. If you had read through this all than I thank you very much listening to me ramble on about what is on my mind.
  8. This is a beautiful horse. Pet this horse.


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    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      Can I boop her instead?


      Yes I did go through effort just to get that. Was it worth it? You decide :orly:.

    3. Haunt-A-Brony


      Daww... Look at her being all adorable as always. :kindness: And your avatar, too. Look at that adorkable smirk, even as a Mean Six she's still so cute. :P

      I remember how people used to say I had the best Twi avatars. I guess I should now, hand the crown to you. :rarity:

    4. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      Too bad that she's only a fictional character.

  9. TwilySparky

    Last time you regularly used Internet Explorer?

    Last time I regularly used IE? Never. I've used Firefox all my life and will most likely stay that way.
  10. TwilySparky

    World Cup - Trottingham vs Las Pegasus

    I will be voting for Trottingham. This win should be easy for Fluttershy!
  11. TwilySparky

    Tenochtitlan Basin vs Crystal Empire

    Easy choice for me. Going with Cadance's team.
  12. TwilySparky

    The Council of 16

    So, cloudsdale falls. I nominate Rainbow Dash to join Ponyville.
  13. TwilySparky

    Just joined!

    Hi there, and welcome to our fun little forum! Hope you have a great time here!
  14. TwilySparky

    The Council of 16

    As far as I'm concerned. The fate of Cloudsdale is already sealed as of right now. Unless Cloudsdale amasses another 20 votes without Ponyville getting another vote in the next 12 hours, there won't be any way we can catch up. I don't see Ponyville as an enemy since Twilight is also one of my favorite ponies. It just so happens that fate has dealt its hand in this way.
  15. TwilySparky

    Am I the only one who quite liked Season 6?

    As power given to me by @Jeric Season 6 is a good season. I liked it because it had some of my favorite episodes in it. I don't remember the name off the top of my head but I'm sure Season 6 had the Christmas episode with starlight being a scrooge. Some fantastic songs were in that episode along with some fantastic fan remixes.