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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I'm in the UK, so GMT: 2PM currently. If you want to play in the next couple of hours I'm gonna be online. My username's Sciencewill98
  3. Depending on what timezone you're in, I can play today if you like
  4. @Bendy Nightmare Moon didn't get rid of the sun, she just moved it. This would mean that they wouldn't freeze, just as people don't freeze at nigth. However, they have no food and this leaves part of their world/planet in constant day.
  5. Now, here is my first drawing of a cannon pony (and the second best pony): Luna
  6. Would anyone be able to identify this pony? One of my friends bought it for me from a poundland. I don't even know if it's official merch, but I accidentally threw the box away.
  7. I got bored halfway through this, so here it is, unfinished. Maybe I'll get round to completing it at some point.
  8. Thank you. I'm still tying to test things and see what works best.
  9. I'm just gonna dump art that I do in here. Feedback is always helpful, but bear in mind that I don't have a drawing tablet and I'm relatively new to doing this. These are the first few I have. If you would like to see me creating this one:
  10. I'd consider it as 5+ years, but others may think differently. That's another issue with this kind if stuff. However, if both in the relationship are adults then there isn't as much of an issue (or even an issue at all) as they both are fully aware of what they are getting into. It's when one is under 18 that it gets into the region of needing to be checked due to the possibility of illegal activity. But hey, that;s just my opinion.
  11. If they have reason to believe that there is more than meets they eye to a situation then they will question those involved, but otherwise thing will probably be left alone. But I'm just guessing here
  12. @Jokuc while I understand the points you have brought up, it isn't just about protecting others and it certainly isn't about preventing relationships, it is also required that the staff protect the site from prosecution. That is why the issue of 'dating a minor's is such a grey area. It depends on the circumstances that the staff are aware of and understand as to how each situation is handled.