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  1. Biohazarddallas

    Ask My Little Ponies

    Question/ramble for everyone. These guys are the reason I started to play guitar and I think they’re still rocking it nearly 20 years later (became a band in 2002). So, you guys like The Black Keys?
  2. Biohazarddallas

    Ask My Little Ponies

    Have you guys ever heard of “The Black Keys”? They’ve got some pretty great stuff too. Though their early to mid albums are better imo (02’-08’). Tempest How was military life? Did you have to deal with any idiot recruits? I’m a Company First Sargent in my JROTC program and some of the things that come out of the freshmen’s mouths are on another level.
  3. Biohazarddallas

    Ask My Little Ponies

    Thanks, Spotify’s weekly recommendations are fantastic. He’s got a pretty impressive set of pipes. His other gem “Hellhound” is pretty great too.
  4. Biohazarddallas

    Ask My Little Ponies

    Everyone, Hello guys, first of all how’s everyone been? Secondly what is you guy’s thoughts on this song, I just found the artist and can’t stop listening to it. I guess it’s one of those songs that you have to share with someone. I even figured out how to play it on my guitar!
  5. Well guys, I’m sorry about this but things irl have come up and it looks like I’m gonna have to tap out of this one. Sorry that I only got one post in but life moves on. When I have more time on my hands I’ll most definitely try and return.
  6. Biohazarddallas

    Open Salem University

    Elias sat alone in the back row of the massive auditorium, farthest away from the podium. Absentmindedly tracing a figure eight on his left knee with his finger, halfheartedly listening to the presentation. “Rules, rules, rules, blah blah blah.” He thought as he listened to the teaches and administration drone on and on. “I’m gonna need a smoke after this.” He muttered to himself. Reaching into his trench coat’s breast pocket, his paw came upon the familiar feeling of his box of cigarettes. He patted them gently, readjusting the pack to minimize the chances of them being inevitably crushed lat
  7. Well for some reason when I try to submit this... It says I don’t meet the minimum requirements to post. It could be just my end, It’s 8:30 at night where I live right now so I’m gonna be signing off soon. I’ll try it again tomorrow morning. Ok I discovered something, If I quote someone I’m able to submit something but if I don’t then I’m below the limit.
  8. Hey what’s the minimum content length on the IC thread. I’m having trouble posting.
  9. Application age: 24 race: Pelajae magic: special case (exorcist/demonologist.) and Dark. Personality: like Matt Ryan’s portrayal of John Constantine. Since it’s his first time at the university he’s a first year. However he is pretty much a third year in skill level due to self study outside the university.
  10. Biohazarddallas

    Visual Art My drawing of john constantine

    Thanks, I wouldn’t really call myself an artist but I try my best.
  11. Here it is. I used colored pencils for all of it.
  12. Oh those are nice, especially in plum crazy.
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