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  1. General

    Oh those are nice, especially in plum crazy.
  2. General

    The good old 1969 Charger
  3. General

    Dream car: 1969 pearl black Dodge Charger Possible first car: 1969 Buick electra automatic coupe. that is if all goes well in the next year or two.
  4. Hopefully if all goes well I'll be driving this 1969 Buick Electra, has an automatic transmission, power windows, power seats, air conditioning, and cruise control. Can't wait to pull into my high school parking lot with this!
  5. My OC Elias might fit well with this.
  6. Searching

    Ok @Techno Universal this is supposed to be a serious RP. So what was that!/?
  7. Searching

    Yeah it's been kinda slowing down lately. I'll try to be better at posting but real life takes precedence.
  8. Open

    "The hell if I know, my best guess would be high level necromancy." He replied to Ozzie. Elias resumed digging through his sachel and retrieved his bowl from earlier, any residue left from its previous use was nonexistent. "There are bigger fish to fry though, I need to find the summoner responsible for this first."
  9. Open

    "Oh bollocks" Elias sighed. Springing into action, he darted passed the creature as it was forming and made it to his sachel. He swung the strap over his shoulder and rummaging through it again.
  10. Open

    Elias paced around in a corner of the luggage car, his paws were up behind his head and frustration was evident. 'Only took one pretty face to turn me into a bloody amateur!' he yelled at himself mentally. 'Wait...' he stopped, and began to run his paws over the front of his overcoat. "Got you." Elias muttered, gently pinching a single strand of the mare's hair from his coat front with two fingers. He strode off to the kitchen car to whip up a tracking spell.
  11. Open

    "I've always been a fan of theatrics." Elias said. "I had a lead that seemed good at the time, I acted on it and it turned out to be false." He sighed "before you start this was no ones fault but my own. I'll get this sorted. Hate when I've been played."
  12. Open

    Elias gulped, "you really didn't summon her did you?" The earth pony frantically nodded. "That cheeky b***h." The cat muttered, remembering the mare who had 'helped' him earlier. He closed the portal and released the stallion with a snap of his fingers, "Can't say you'd accept my apology, but I can be a right bastard sometimes." Elias said to the terrified pony. That was as close to an actual apology anyone had gotten from the cat in years.
  13. Open

    "I want the name of the demon you summoned." Elias said "her true name, and you'd better tell me fast because my friend here is getting hungry."
  14. Open

    "It's quite simple really," Elias said as he picked up his suspect and chucked him into the middle of the second circle. "et solis lunaeque præsidium viros et infernum malis mundi." He chanted quickly as the second circle started to glow a faint blue. "That's a protection circle, which keeps lots of nasty things from reaching you. For example, omnia tenebris inferni exercituum, vocabit Aizulkud devorantem facere iubente." He shouted and the largest circle began to brightly glow a deep orange. A portal opened up all around the protection circle. Massive dark green oily tentacles started protruding from the portal. They were surrounding a massive snapping octopus beak just underneath the protection circle holding the terrified earth pony. "This chap here is called Aizulkud, otherwise known as the devourer of souls. He's much too big to fit through this portal but he doesn't have to. Here's the deal pal, I know you summoned that demon so there's no point in lying to me. You're going to tell me her true name or Mr. Aizulkud is about to have a snack."