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  1. Open

    "That's the Rod of Asclepius, associated with healing and medicine. Not connected to anything we're looking for luv." Elias said as he kicked the lock out of the weakened door. It swung open with a loud bang, the car wasn't very full, only a few racks of luggage could be seen along the edges of the car walls. Leaving a large open space in the middle of the car. "Hold this bugger for a minute will you?" He told Star as he roughly dropped his suspect.
  2. Open

    "Yeah, I tend not to listen to deamon worshippers. Mate, whatever she said, whatever she promised you, it's a bloody lie." Elias said, "Now since I know demons can't manifest on this earthly plane without being summoned, that pretty much tells me you know her true name." Elias said. Suddenly he grabbed the pony's mane roughly and started to drag him over to the weak cargo car door. "You're going to tell me her name mate, one way or another."
  3. Open

    Elias quickly smudged the circle with his paw and assumed a nonchalant pose as the earth pony exited the restroom. "You know, I think he's already recovered. And he suggests a sound bubble next time you discuss sensitive information." Elias said, his voice having a slight hint of anger.
  4. Open

    "Well that's my queue." Elias said as he painfully rose to his feet. His head swam for a few moments but the cat was able to regain his composure. He briskly strode over to the restroom and leaned softly against the thin wall separating it from the rest of the car. With steady hands despite the shape he was in Elias drew a small circle on the wall and placed his ear to it. (ooc: it allows him to hear whatever's being said in the room.)
  5. Open

    "Hey, being paranoid isn't all that bad. It just makes you feel better when you're wrong." Elias quipped, he started to try to rise but ended up slumping back down again. "Aahh, guess that took more out of me than I thought. Resting here for a few minutes won't kill me I suppose." He smiled but now kept his eyes trained on the new suspect.
  6. Open

    "Well there's gonna be more where that came from luv." Elias said weakly as he was being propped up by the rather beautiful unicorn mare. He rubbed his temples with one hand, shielding his eyes as he did so. "You're sure, that's what you saw?" He asked her. (ooc: wanted to give her a face. Not my art found it on Pinterest.)
  7. Open

    "Great, she has to know sanguimancy." Elias said to himself as he lobbed another fireball at the shades surrounding the group. No matter how many shades he destroyed, others kept popping up to replace them. "Fine, guess it's the hard way." Elias said, kneeling down to place both his paws on the car floor. "fulgura et pluviam super inimicos meos et conteram!" He shouted, a purple circle appeared beneath him along with smaller ones floating around his kneeling form. Suddenly purple lightning shot out of them and struck all of the shades in the dining car. Their dying screeches were deafening. Once all of the creatures dissolved Elias groaned then collapsed, his coat and body lightly smoking.
  8. Open

    "augue manu mea!" Elias shouted, stretching out his hand to hurl a fireball at the shade closest to him. It went down screeching as the fire consumed the otherworldly entity.
  9. Open

    "She's right mate," Elias remarked "Also by the way, thanks for the assistance back there luv." He said to star.
  10. Open

    "In the process of trying to find information on her I may or may not have threatened her lover. I was just as surprised to find her here as any of you. Demons don't usually turn up unless summoned or otherwise conjured." Elias explained. "Trust me mate, it's going to get a lot worse the longer you deal in my business." He said turning to Helios.
  11. Searching

    Ooooooh it seems we're stopping in ponyville. Question is are we going to be interacting with any of the main cast by chance? I have so many ideas!
  12. Open

    "Alright now we're in business!" Elias said grabbing a piece of skull embedded in one of the seats near him. He tucked it into his pocket and resumed his chanting "Exaudi me in devorationem, omnium innominabilis est. Qui aurea porta quaero expellat impium creaturam profundis, inferni vbi manet in aeternum nunquam redeant. Sol et luna facta sit Tartari portis reclusis. Projiciam te in obumbratio et quoque ex descensum ad inferos, non potest daemonium non revertetur!" A fiery red circle opened up at the creature's feet, blackened chains shot out and began wrapping themselves around the unfortunate chef. Dragging his deformed body down into an eternity of torture and suffering. Once the last sight of the creature disappeared into the portal it snapped shut with a flash. Leaving Techno to stand where the creature once was.
  13. Open

    "I could REALLY use a piece of that thing if you lot don't mind!" Elias said as he lit the contents of the bowl on fire with his lighter. "exaudi me in devorationem omnium innominabilis est. Qui aurea porta quaero expellat impium creaturam profundis inferni vbi manet in aeternum nunquam redeant." He started to chant over the bowl.
  14. Open

    "Oh bollocks." Elias sighed, he ran to his seat where his satchel lay and opened it. Rummaging through it he produced a small black ceramic bowl, a tuft of what looked like hair, a vial of strange green liquid and some animal teeth with symbols carved on their surface. He placed the bowl down on the car floor and combined the rest of the items inside it. "Quick, get me a piece of it, some hair, teeth anything will work!" Elias shouted to the others as they battled the creature.
  15. Open

    "Luckily I know where they are, so after I deal with you finding them shouldn't be a problem. I'm sure Cabal's told you about what I did to him, what he doesn't know however is that the mystic grounding rod I used, keeps the unique magical signature of whoever was last trapped by it. If I can find him, I can find your hostages, since I'd bet a pretty penny that fatso's guarding them."