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About Me

Just a 17 year old brony living in the Twin Cities metro area, currently a soon-to-be Senior in high school and unsure of what I'm going to do after I'm through with school. I play a lot of Civilization and also Sim City Societies. I love history (WW2 and early 1900's through most of the 1800's to be exact) and geography and have several old maps and globes in my room. Besides watching MLP, I also enjoy watching Avatar: The Last Air-bender and occasionally episodes of Gravity Falls. I also love to read (preferably fiction books) and watch movies (preferably disaster movies) such as San Andreas or 2012. I also enjoy walking my dog in the summertime and driving myself to my grandparents house to spend the weekend and hang out with my cousin who lives across town from them.

@Sherbert Music-Guard is my best friend here on the forums, I couldn't ask for a more better friend than him! :squee:


Some shipping art of my OC Faradawn and @Sherbert Music-Guard's OC, thanks @Emperor Blu Traincrown for making this! :laugh:


I'm also the leader of the Union of Soviet Equestria, with @Sherbert Music-Guard as my top Admiral! Currently allies with @Emperor Blu Traincrown, leader of the neighboring Great Train Empire. 

I also have a reference for my OC, King Faradawn of the Union of Soviet Equestria-


His cutie mark is of the Communist hammer and sickle, and King Faradawn currently rules from the city of Triumph, a floating city high in the clouds and capital of The Union of Soviet Equestria, as seen here with the Capital Building and Sherbert's OC looking down at it from above-


I drew a lot of the inspiration for the Capital Building's look from the Ferry Building in San Francisco, one of my all time favorite buildings design-wise! :D  

Anyways, that's all I got! Thanks for reading comrades!




agent_bon_by_zacatron94-d8x9kks.png  UGH, Found again!