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  1. Dont think everypony understand the message

    I have meet nice ponys and I have meet "other ponys", in

    different places on the net.

    I once hoped for friendship
    To find a place among my kind

    The best way to survive
    is all alone.....

    I´m just saying good bye to you all,
    Pegapony is folding out her wings and takes off for good.
    I love you all nice and good Ponys, you know who you are !

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    2. Tropical Melody
    3. Midnight Blaze 98

      Midnight Blaze 98

      Please don’t go! :(

    4. Hierok


      It will be alright. Farewell and Hopefully till next time. :)

  2. "I once hoped for friendship
    To find a place among my kind
    But those where the childish wishes
    Of someone who was blind"


    "And as you take that first step
    Upon a path that´s all your own
    You see it all so clearly
    The best way to survive
    is all alone"

    Someponys may made me change into
    a Tempest Shadow pony...


    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      I like Tempest. Especialy since she was reformed.

    2. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      spoiieeerrrr ... luckily i saw the movie already XD

  3. I´m sensitive like Fluttershy, and if somethings scares her she might take off. I have my wings high lifted over my body right now. Criticism is good, but you've missed everything I've written. So 18yars of music, have you ever asked how many years I have behind ? That I had a real work in the music industry ? That I worked with the Fairlight CMI system in the -80s ? Yes I´m That old. And that this piece is not mine at all, it´s Albinonis work, so how could this not be a strict rule based baroque composition ? I have not changed anything, only transcripted it for working out with synthesizers. I wanted it to sound deep synthesisized, that was the point, and it has no chorus at all, it is layered synth pads with lots of auto paning with loads of reverb. Solo violins are edited to every single note over and over just to get it righ, and there is also vibrato if you listen, they are very subtile but I know they are there because that was a lot of work to do. Well I´m scared in this Griffonland, so I take off from the Fan music area, take care ponys.
  4. Nooo this is it, no more internet for today.

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    2. CypherHoof 🐎

      CypherHoof 🐎

      That can happen. but with a modern phone, you can Pony on the move :D

    3. pegapony


      I do pony on the move too :) But hard to clean out horse stables while ponying on the phone.

      But now I have to go. Work early tomorrow, and sadly I have to sleep. But I dream of Equestria, so it is ok.

      G night everypony...

    4. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Good night! May Princess Luna bring you nice dreams.;)

  5. Ok I know the picture and Adagio is a bad move.... That´s why I wrote that. And for the rest, I feel sad.... maybe you kill Pegapony.
  6. Thanks for the follow!

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    2. Libra


      Yeah, I came to this fandom expecting good friendly people because friendship, and I got a heaping bowl of disappointment.

    3. pegapony


      Ok I understand now ! I´m slowly transforming into Tempest Shadow myself.

    4. Libra


      Mlp movkie spoilers noooooo!

  7. Think this is what´s happening at home, right now, my family thinks I´m gone for good :)


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    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Word "congratulations" I wanted to write below of  your the first status update of course. And yeah I have very similiar.:D

    3. pegapony


      My RL daughter is older and out of Pony age (how that could have happened ?), that it´s even more strainge for her to accept a Brony dad. Ok, I don´t run around telling everybody everywhere, but my family can´t miss my passion.

    4. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      The last sentence I could write myself. :orly:. I like MLP much more than my two kids.:D

  8. pegapony

    Luna Fan Club

    OMG ! Ahhhhahhaha ! This IS our Swedish Queen some years ago.... But I know who I prefer...
  9. Oh YES ! Finally I figured out HOW to enable this "status update" thing.

    So here ya go, my first status update !

  10. ....and many many more I hope. So get out of the shades all ponys lurking arrund the forum. The fad will embrace you whoever you are !
  11. This piece is one of my first work ever done in the Baroque style music, and the one that made me interested in the music from that era. The idea was to make a big and enigmatic film score, with a synthesizer based feeling with the solo instruments acoustical. And this concept is what I like, and will continue to follow when it comes to Baroque. So if somepony thinks some parts sounds synthetic and not like a real orchestra, this is intended and what I want to emphasize. Every single note, every single detail is carefully measured to sound the way I want it to. I hope other ponys like it too this way. -I know it would be appropriate to include a big organ sound here, but this version is without, (might come later if I find it interesting again). Why this "dark" music for Equestria ? Actually I have no idea ? I liked the picture.... and the music.... how it comes together... maybe somepony can tell me ?
  12. And sometimes new ponys appears from the shadow
  13. That was the best words I have ever heard.... "I play from my heart". Yes I hope I do too, even if there is a cold computer in the way of my heart and the music I feel inside. I will remember that and promises that I will never stop learning, and you are right, many many of todays musicians are terrible in their knowledge. I hope I fit in somewhere in the middle, not terrible and not professional.
  14. Foxy Socks, one of our dogs is looking very foxy, a little bit to much fur but quite foxy, say hello to Sammy :