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  1. pegapony

    PEGAPONY Welcome to Equestria

    I´m sensitive like Fluttershy, and if somethings scares her she might take off. I have my wings high lifted over my body right now. Criticism is good, but you've missed everything I've written. So 18yars of music, have you ever asked how many years I have behind ? That I had a real work in the music industry ? That I worked with the Fairlight CMI system in the -80s ? Yes I´m That old. And that this piece is not mine at all, it´s Albinonis work, so how could this not be a strict rule based baroque composition ? I have not changed anything, only transcripted it for working out with synthesizers. I wanted it to sound deep synthesisized, that was the point, and it has no chorus at all, it is layered synth pads with lots of auto paning with loads of reverb. Solo violins are edited to every single note over and over just to get it righ, and there is also vibrato if you listen, they are very subtile but I know they are there because that was a lot of work to do. Well I´m scared in this Griffonland, so I take off from the Fan music area, take care ponys.
  2. pegapony

    PEGAPONY Welcome to Equestria

    Ok I know the picture and Adagio is a bad move.... That´s why I wrote that. And for the rest, I feel sad.... maybe you kill Pegapony.
  3. pegapony

    Derpy Fan Club

    Completely Derped out
  4. pegapony

    Luna Fan Club

    OMG ! Ahhhhahhaha ! This IS our Swedish Queen some years ago.... But I know who I prefer...
  5. pegapony

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    ....and many many more I hope. So get out of the shades all ponys lurking arrund the forum. The fad will embrace you whoever you are !
  6. pegapony

    PEGAPONY Welcome to Equestria

    This piece is one of my first work ever done in the Baroque style music, and the one that made me interested in the music from that era. The idea was to make a big and enigmatic film score, with a synthesizer based feeling with the solo instruments acoustical. And this concept is what I like, and will continue to follow when it comes to Baroque. So if somepony thinks some parts sounds synthetic and not like a real orchestra, this is intended and what I want to emphasize. Every single note, every single detail is carefully measured to sound the way I want it to. I hope other ponys like it too this way. -I know it would be appropriate to include a big organ sound here, but this version is without, (might come later if I find it interesting again). Why this "dark" music for Equestria ? Actually I have no idea ? I liked the picture.... and the music.... how it comes together... maybe somepony can tell me ?
  7. pegapony

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    And sometimes new ponys appears from the shadow
  8. pegapony

    Pegapony new music

    That was the best words I have ever heard.... "I play from my heart". Yes I hope I do too, even if there is a cold computer in the way of my heart and the music I feel inside. I will remember that and promises that I will never stop learning, and you are right, many many of todays musicians are terrible in their knowledge. I hope I fit in somewhere in the middle, not terrible and not professional.
  9. pegapony

    You are now an animal. What animal are you?

    Foxy Socks, one of our dogs is looking very foxy, a little bit to much fur but quite foxy, say hello to Sammy :
  10. pegapony

    Luna tick

    Yes !! I wanted it to look 100% perfect.... At work paint was the only tool at hands, sorry.... But the bad joke worked (I hope)
  11. pegapony

    Are you religious?

    I like logical explanations, and thats´s why religion don´t fit my world. I´m not a good writer, so you put the words exactly right. That´s how to "believe" in Celestia.
  12. pegapony

    Pegapony new music

    To me music is art. And art is something you like or dont´t like. It is up to the viewer to decide if it is beautiful or ugly. In a painting already painted, one can not change a color scale or how the lines are drawn. The painting is there finished, and can´t be changed to something else. I started as a child to play, and every lesson I asked my techer -What is this chord called, then pusching down 5 or 6 keys that made a nice chord in my ears. My teacher looked around, scratching his head, stammered and said, well that´s to complicated to explain, maybe if you study music you may know later. So later I found that I could play the music I had in my head without knowing the theory behind. And that music theory is putting a blindfold on you, if you only plays from your head. I don´t want to play others music and I don´t care about if I don´t understand why some chords or scales are "impossible" if they sound ok to me. Nowdays I only mess with music for fun and have a technical work instead.
  13. pegapony

    You are now an animal. What animal are you?

    A horse of course..... I would be happy to feed on what grows on the ground, and I would like to roam free, far away from humans. On a place they newer could reach.
  14. pegapony

    Pegapony new music

    Thank you very much Fluttershy Friend ! , different time for different songs, the Pinkie Jam was made "live" yesterday night in maybe 3h total. But the Celestia theme you asked about is another storry, it was transcripted a couple of years ago for another project for a movie. Then the they didn´t need it, so I devoted it to Celsestia who is (for me) the highest form of creatures existing (and Fluttershy of course). Well say it was made in two weeks maybe ? Don´t remember exactly.... It takes very long time to do the solo violin, every single note needs to be altered to perfect the feeling, and that is very time consuming. Down bow, up bow different samples and velocity to get it exactly right.
  15. pegapony

    Hello fellow Pony fans!

    Hello and Welcome, Yes I´m also quite new to be active in the FAD, so take my hoof and we go into it together !