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  1. So, I taught myself something today, and as strange as it might sound, it actually works.

    When going to the clinic for a 'psychological recommendation', I had to get a flu shot when offered, despite my declinations. It actually didn’t hurt as much, and there’s a logical explanation why. The lesson here is, if you occasionally treat your body with a certain feeling, your brain already knows what the feeling….feels like, and doesn’t hurt as much.

    For example, I recently popped a few rather tiny pimples, but I kept pinching my skin in the process, making it hurt a little. When the needle/medicine of the flu shot entered my body, pinching my skin, it didn’t hurt as much because my body already knew what the painful feeling felt like, so it was more ‘prepared’ for it.


    I admit, the doctor also applied medicine to make the needle hurt less, but still. I feel like my 'method' worked, too.

    1. Emperor Blu Traincrown

      Emperor Blu Traincrown

      Well, you kinda have a good method. Though I'd rather go with letting my "no" mean no. By that I mean I would let it be known that I'm not getting shots.