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  1. So, question - who here is a guru of Kingdom Hearts? I'm asking cuz there's something in Dream Drop Distance I don't get - maybe one of you can answer it.

    You know how in the Bond mechanic in Dream Drop Distance, there's an info thing that says certain candies have levels of limits?
    "Confetti Candy.
    Occasionally boosts a spirit's Strength. Limit: Low."

    Or, Confetti Candy 2 - Limit: Medium.
    What does the limit even mean or do?
    It definitely doesn't mean how many you can toss out.
    Every treat has a tossing limit of three (meaning how many you can throw to your pets at once)

    But the info says there's another limit that has levels of low, medium and high.


    Edit - Thanks to a friend, Global Glow Bill, it might mean the limit of how often it boosts a stat. Might need to confirm tho.