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  1. Super Mario Galaxy 1 100% complete, both sides of Mario AND Luigi! Now, tomorrow, I begin Super Mario Galaxy 2! (I doubt I'll complete The Perfect Run once I finally get to it...I can try, but it's next to impossible.)

    1. Tacodidra


      Great job, my friend! :yay: Good luck with Galaxy 2! :squee:

    2. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      For anyone who wants a beautiful glimpse of Grand Finale Galaxy..




  2. Only fifteen stars left before Grand Finale Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 1!

    1. Tacodidra


      Wow... :pinkie: I don't think I got anywhere near that in the game – another one I need to get back to someday. :adorkable:

    2. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      I will cry the day I complete The Perfect Run. It's insanely hard, but possible.

    3. Tacodidra


      I hope it happens soon! :kindness: And yeah, 100% completion is pretty hard in a lot of games (I've only done that in a couple of games).

  3. Met a guy today whose OC is crazy similar to mine (he didn't steal from me, it just looks similar).



  4. I love how after VoiceyHere reads a Reddit story, he emphasizes points about the situation to really show how much of a bad person someone is in the story, or makes it sound relatable. Much better than Zach’s basic “that person sucks” rant that only lasts about fifteen seconds. No disrespect intended, it’s just annoying to me how HE does it.

  5. When you retell a story to someone and the first thing they tell you when you finish is, 'it's probably fake', keep in mind, unless you ACTUALLY said you believe it's true or real, you didn't make ANY implication whether you believe it or not, and instead of having an actual comment to make before that, they're just being an ass.

    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Hmmm... I didn't get what you meant at first but now I do. And I agree.

  6. I think a good tip for people trying to show off in games and be cocky is, either don't immediately choose the harder or hardest difficulty on the first time playing the game or play normal mode first in your own time.
    Because if you haven't played it at all before, you'll have NO idea what to expect.
    Not to mention harder difficulties change what you do expect.


    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Yes, there's no shame in doing the easiest difficulty, especially if you never played a game like it before. You can always replay the game on a higher difficulty once you got it down

  7. The top of this cup has been worn so much that a square cup now has a circular edge.


    Square bottom, circular top. 



  8. Snapshot_20200119_033934.jpg.6dd318fe2ab25fb83e373d2678dede65.jpg

    Samurai Armor, Purple Sword (for beating Matt, the Champion), AND Superstar Class! Best way for me to end off Wii Sports Resort!

    1. Odyssey


      Of course Matt is the Champion, lol

  9. Just saw the two greatest things in Walmart today. :ButtercupLaugh:




    1. Tacodidra


      Baby Shark cereal is a thing? :ButtercupLaugh: I wonder what it's like... :ooh:

    2. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      If only eating Baby Shark cereal can make you as tough as a shark.

  10. :squee:



    1. Tacodidra


      Congratulations, my friend! :pinkie:

    2. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      Thank you! I feel so accomplished!

  11.  I just made the most majestic shot in Wii Sports Resort Golf just now.



    They have a talking boss now?! This is siiiick! :squee:


  13. New record in 100 Pin Game! 2393!
    New Stamp - Pin Dropper (getting a split or spare in every game, which is pretty hard considering there's 100 pins to knock down)
    New Pro medal!

  14. I got into this YouTube playlist of this game or series called 'Project Arrhythmia', and it's basically a Just Shapes and Beats spinoff, with AMAZING color and bosses!



  15. I just made it to Pro level in Wii Sports Resort's Archery sport! (Reaching level 1000), AND at the same time, got the Century Shot stamp, which is obtained after firing 100 arrows over the course of several games. 


    Definitely a win!

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    2. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      Thank you! :)

      I plan on Pro-ing all the sports! So this'll be a fun challenge!

    3. Anti-Villain
    4. Tacodidra


      Well done, my friend! :yay: Good luck with the rest of them! :kindness: