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I am a brony (and am proud of it), and I am really into roleplaying, video games, and YouTube (Matthew Santoro for life!). I'm really into lamias, nagas, snakepones, whatever you wanna call them, and I really like hypnosis (and being coiled, for that matter.)I also enjoy making art when I'm in the mood, and listening to music (Undertale, anyone)? I am very friendly towards others, and I try to use common sense (usually works 50% of the time). I am only slightly impatient, but I do my best to hold out on a response which I find isn't so hard if you manage to distract yourself. And if you're kept busy, but you're unable to tell me before a while, I understand, as I have friends who don't inform me of things keeping them away. I understand any situation you're in.