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  1. I can remember Halloween’s up to 3 years before. I can remember horrible times in school i can remember almost everyone’s favorite color i HAVE a crazy number of dogs breeds memorized i remember when i made my first and best friend while i showed him the sonic rain boom clip from mlp. Lol i made 2 friends that way like it is seriously a powerful force. i remember the timei got my first dog and the time he passed away i remember when i adopted my second dog and he ran to me and gave me kisses i remember most of my birthdays from 13 and on i remember th
  2. Math above the 7th grade level,it all started to look like gibberish lol! Also i tended to be anxious and i also wanted A-A+ grades and cried when i got anything lower,thinking i was a failure Oh and some of the crazy science formulas gave me nightmares
  3. RAINBOW Rolled rainbow dash gets rick-rolled by pinkie pie.... she then spends the next 25 min rick rolling every pony else...
  4. Definitely a cuuute puppy
  5. Mlppotterwhoovian

    Ask me a question :)

    Donkey Kong Doctor Who thought I kindve made it obvious XD Just AFV.
  6. Well what do ya know? COVID cases hit a record high where I live and still nobody listens! I’m done waiting for people to be responsible like someone just please wear masks properly and stay 6 feet apart! :Cozy:

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    2. Splashee


      Hi, and true, the actual general public seem to miss the point, that covid-19 is still a thing. Especially the second wave that hit us (where I live). It would be a second wave if not for ignorant people who keeps spreading it.

    3. Kyoshi


      @Califorum In my opinion, that is not great advice. COVID is affecting the state of the world to the point of affecting most people's life. Nothing is truly getting better in this pandemic because people are stupid and not following even the most basic of guidelines, especially in the US, hence why we are the almighty COVID capital of the world. It is hard for someone like me to focus on my life when anywhere I go I run the risk of catching a virus that would kill my dad if he got it, all because people are so up their own ass that they can't even do such a simple baby easy task as putting on a mask and not clumping together. 

      Complaining about it, while on the surface might not seem like it does anything, shaming those who do not follow these easy guidelines is indeed helpful. Maybe shaming them enough will convince them to not be stupid, but in this country, stupidity is simply the name of the game. 

    4. The Wife of Hawks

      The Wife of Hawks


      Any and all controversial/political content is disallowed indefinitely. Please read more here.


  7. How is life in ponyville right now? Did you get stuck in a repeated loop since the show ended,or are you doing stuff offscreen?
  8. Ask me anything but be warned I may not reply if it makes me feel gross
  9. Yes,especially on YouTube XD I have 65 subscribers yet hardly any actual viewers
  10. Spam musubi It’s sooo good oh and second favorite is proper ramen not the instant kind ya know the expensive Japanese restaurant ramen 🍜
  11. Because Nobody has romantic interest in me,why else?
  12. Post below can’t believe we haven’t done this yet
  13. Post shower thoughts here ex.you cannot see your actual face just a reflection or photo of it lol can’t wait to see what you come up with
  14. Wild kratts and future train
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