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  1. Okay seriously though,I remember this thread used to be a lot more active. im starting to think this means the forums are dying
  2. Love Chaser(idk that’s all I’ve got)
  3. I don’t think anyone is going to win anytime soon
  4. Do after discovering time voyage you have now build a sex changing machine ? :D

  5. Try to befriend some of the ponies,definitely making a stop at sugar cube corner and sweet apple acres! Maybe see if flutter shy will allow me to temporarily work at her animal sanctuary
  6. Haven’t done it,my classmates dont exactly like that I’m a pegasister and when I tell them they always dismiss it or change the subject. I just decided to keep my pegasister self a part of me that only my parents and my best friend knows about.
  7. A helicopter zooming over my house for the 600th time! It gets me everytime!
  8. Nope, after a while it gets way too hot! Am I the only one who thinks Halloween is Going to be pointless this year?
  9. 1,000 buckets of oats on the wall,1,000 buckets of oats! Take one down pass it around,now we’ve got a random number of oats on the wall!
  10. I made this but it sure looks like a medival times artist made it(not really,I know my art is poor but I thought that If I at least tried and got feedback on it then I wouldn’t regret it later. time was 900 years ago and a pony painted this with her own hooves!
  11. I think the pie family is related to the pear family! Their hair styles are similar to pinkies