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  1. Just a lil bit of humor 




  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Good luck! Girls love chocolate Will Big Mac marry sugar belle?
  4. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but its also important to be yourself in equestria and life in general. maybe that’s why twily is a bit hesitant to transform starlight Because she needs to realize how awesome she already is!
  5. Dear users,

    The real reason I have been inactive is because I am worried about the g5 mlp forums transition and how it will affect these forums. I know it’s crazy, but it’s true. I will try to arrive in my Tardis more punctually, just less often than before...



    ps. I don’t hate you guys, so don’t get that impression. I actually enjoy these forums, and have visited without signing in. I’m just busy with my life in general. Don’t hate me, because I never did hate you.




    1. The_Gobo


      I can completely understand the feeling.
      Though, I honestly hope the forum is better for it in the long run, I have no idea what is to come from it.
      As long as you keep helping your friends, they'll keep helping you, is all I can really say :D

      Be Safe, Be Wise, Be Aware. :3


    2. Amanita


      It’s alright! I’m sure others won’t mind, and know that I don’t to! But just stay safe, and visit whenever you want to!

  6. It's sooo hard! I think.... How would you feel if I had a crush on a user??? More specifically,a user from these forums??????
  7. Hello everypony! Sorry if I haven't been able to be on these forums for a while! I've been stress -ing  out over schoolwork,and this app called Instagram has been taking over my phone! 

    The forums

    however,have been my  home (besides the tardis of course) for quite a while and I apologize for all the inconveniences and important news that I've missed out on. 

    Your forever sorry user(and faithful user)


    Ps. DON'T eat the leftover cookies in the tardis,and remember,friendship is a powerful magic that never fades!





    1. Prospekt


      Welcome back :yay:

    2. The_Gobo


      Sorry to hear about the app-takeover lol

      Hope the stress lessens though


  8.  Some of rarity’s best designs 

  9. Note: it’s my first time helping anybody plan an Rp, so let me know what I did wrong