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  1. Post random facts about yourself even if they are obvious

    I’m slightly autistic
  2. Planning The End of Time OCC

    Note: it’s my first time helping anybody plan an Rp, so let me know what I did wrong
  3. What will you do when Generation 5 is released?

    I will cry , remembering the memories of the mane 6..
  4. Why do people hate bronies so much?

    A disappointment to all bronies, they are usually teased for liking a “girls show” or or for being different. at least that is how it is for many bronies in my area, and you aren’t alone
  5. Crazy fact about me and mlp

    I’ve been born on August 11,which happens to be the same bday as Tabitha saint Germain, one of the voice actors in mlp:friendship is magic!!! proof:
  6. That’s wrong, someone should complain
  7. I’m back!! :) 

    1. The_Gobo


      Welcome back, user! :D

  8. General The "I admit it" Thread

    I admit that I’ve been off the forums for too long, and I apologize (the holidays were a busy time)
  9. Count to 10000 before generation 5 of mlp

    The rules are simple, count to 10000 before gen 5 of mlp!
  10. I want to get into MLP!

    Hi, I’m mlppotterwhoovian Id highly recommend that you start from season 1 episode 1. Then, you get more information about the characters and see how they develop. Have fun! ps. Everyone watches mlp ( my little pony) at their own pace , so take all the time you need , or hardly any time at all ! And welcome to mlpforums @bronie4lyphe You will have a blast!
  11. Count to 39 before someone with an X in their name arrives

    Two.... come on every pony !!!
  12. Count to 2019 before 2019

    It has to work this time!!!!! No cheating 1
  13. Happy New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day everyone!!!!  D624C70C-4F05-409E-80B6-2E63C83A80C8.jpeg.0532f457d10fdb07b0f36ce4a9ee7da4.jpeg

    i hope 2018 is a good one :) 

    1. Valencia


      I hope so too 

    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thanks! The same to you!:fluttershy:

  14. Thanks for the follow, my good ma'am! :D