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  1. What’s good comrade?

  2. If I hadn’t got into pony I would be lonely for a long time. The show inspired me to make a friend. Fluttershy made me realize that I was an amazing animal lover, without her I wouldn’t have realized I wanted to be a veterinarian. She taught me that sometimes we all need to be shown a little kindness. Twilight Sparkle got me into reading more advanced books and I probably would still be reading beginning chapter books for 3rd graders without her. She also taught me that anybody can make a friend. Pinkie Pie taught me to never stop smiling and to look for the bright side of life. She also convinced me to buy Mlp merch without getting embarrassed! Rainbow Dash taught me to never give up, and that we shouldn’t be overly competitive, but instead have a more friendly competition. She also made me feel 20% cooler. Rarity taught me to embrace fashion instead of being embarrassed about my choices. Applejack taught me to genuinely work hard and be honest instead of lie. Without her I wouldn’t tell the truth very often!
  3. Hi there I’m Slyther! I’m new here. How are you? You know... I really wanna be friends with you. Would you like to be my friend? I hope so.


  4. I’d probably end up keeping it a secret,nobody would believe I actually had one.
  5. My mom bought me  this Mlp lamp it changes color and I just had to post it. Weird how someone decided to fuse Applejack and Rarity out of all ponies...


    1. Fluttershyfan94


      That's an interesting idea of a ship, you want to become her. Reminds of Deku and Himiko from boku no hero.

  6. I have a best friend who’s a boy and we get along well, it annoys me when people think we are dating.
  7. cool avatar! It's so pretty and cute!

  8. Browsing the store, keeping distance from others.
  9. I have one on my cheek but it’s hard to find
  10. I think it’s because they assume we spend too much time with the modern technology instead of doing activities they considered fun.