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  1. I think I try real hard to be stylish, but i don't have the money to actually be fashionable haha. I try to wear a variety of stuff, like sweaters and hoodies to skirts and yoga pants.
  2. Yeah i do like to cuddle and sleep with her, which is what gets her hair in a mess. I will definitely try a de-tangling spray though. It also worries me that when i brush through I always get a few hairs that come out, i don't want her going bald! Anyway, thanks for the tip
  3. Hey there! I've had the Build-a-Bear princess luna plush for some time, and I love almost everything about her. The problem is that she just has so much of that shiny hair! With tiny brushable toys, it is easier to handle (curl it up, put a rubber band around the end, etc.) but with a toy that has so much hair, it is hard for me to keep it under control. I've kept both her mane and tail in a fishtail braid since that seems to keep things the neatest, but does anyone have any other tips on how to keep it untangled?
  4. scarletk


    Hi there! I've been involved with mlp for a looong time but this is my first time joining a forum for it! I can't wait to discuss the show with you all.