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  1. grotesque_figure

    S08:E03 - The Maud Couple

    Wow, the opening changed. That was the strangest episode ever.
  2. grotesque_figure

    S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    I am fairly sure most of the ponies in the Mane 6 should have little time for teaching when they already have jobs.
  3. grotesque_figure

    Why Are Cringe Videos Made Of Bronies?

    Link me some. I have never seen them.
  4. As far as I know, following artists only gives notifications for uploads. Is there way to see all the artists I am following?
  5. grotesque_figure

    Spoiler Season 9 is gonna have 26 episodes!

    Oh wait, there will be a new generation. I am excited about that. 9 seasons of this generation is good enough. A new generation will be interesting. We would maybe get to see how the Mane 6 and this generation ended up in the future.
  6. grotesque_figure

    Spoiler Season 9 is gonna have 26 episodes!

    MLP is ending? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  7. grotesque_figure

    S06:E25+E26 - To Where and Back Again

    I doubt the queen will reform any time soon. Remember Thorax gave all the changelings friendship, including the queen, so that desire for friendship was probably just the friendship Thorax gave. The friendship was strong enough to reform almost all the changelings. For the queen, it only lasted a moment.
  8. grotesque_figure

    S07:E25+E26 - Shadow Play

    How did no pony realize that bringing them back would also bring back the shadow pony? -.-
  9. grotesque_figure

    S07:E14 - Fame and Misfortune

    I totally forgot about the Friendship Journal. It was a nice episode about revisiting the past and addressing some of the criticism MLP had. I disliked how Fluttershy is well . . . no longer shy. She is instantly assertive about everything now. This episode somewhat addressed that problem for me. I must admit though, the ending sound was incongruous. The situation was so tense. Then everyone suddenly burst into joyful singing, ‘We are not flawless!’ They should have began with the monologues then progress into the chorus. The chorus was also overused. Thankfully, someone noticed this and made exactly what the song should have been: I also liked how they are finally making episodes were everything does not end up fixed. Sometimes problems cannot be fixed and can only be accepted.
  10. grotesque_figure

    Mega Thread Your favourite pony and why?

    Gg. Starlight Glimmer is one of the most unpopular. I thought she would be the most relatable for a typical university student, ignoring the evil past.
  11. grotesque_figure

    Who is your favourite character?

    There are too many characters, so I am not making a poll. Post your favourite character below. Starlight Glimmer is my favourite. She is the most relatable character. She got to be the main character in season 6 too. Now she is more of a side character. : (
  12. grotesque_figure

    How and when did you become a brony?

    In 2013, I was wondering why adults liked MLP. I thought they were just furries. I watched the show, enjoyed it, and continued watching since then. Then season 5 started to be too boring and cringe-evoking. The first few episodes of season 6 seemed to be the same. I also used to hate Starlight Glimmer and she became Twilight Sparkle’s student, so I stopped watching for 2 years. I recently started watching again last month because I discovered MLP fandom music. Alex S was the first artist I saw. I also realized only the first few episodes of season 6 seemed to be bad.
  13. grotesque_figure

    S07:E13 - The Perfect Pear

    Wow, I thought nothing could beat the previous episode. Then I watched this episode. I almost cried. MLP has really improved in season 6 and 7.