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    Love even if you hate.
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    Drawing, Star wars, Daft Punk, and Doctor who. Not much else.

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    Pony Visual Artwork
  1. What is that? WHAT IS THAT!
  2. Maybe Larson will make him an alicorn, and he'll come back?
  3. Being my two favorite TV shows combined, I would naturally drop every thing i'm doing and binge watch it all.
  4. Did a quick sketch in my new sketch book. Sorry for bad lighting.
  5. I used my already existing oc as my avatar. What else would I use?
  6. Visual Art

    I made new cover art for my profile, whats your opinion?
  7. I made new cover art for my profile, whats your opinion? EDIT: I just realized that I've posted this in the wrong section. My apologies.
  8. *Boops self* did i do it right?
  9. I'd have telekinesis, I'd be able to get so much more done.
  10. Hi!

    Hey Lavendermist! Welcome to mlp forums!
  11. Hi, im new here. So if I do anything wrong please tell me.