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  1. Gachin

    Do you wear glasses?

    Only to read on PC or paper
  2. Just had my first long lucid dream; it was awesome!

  3. Gachin

    Have you ever felt you have failed in life?

    When I had to redo my first year of college last year. I felt pretty bad, considering I've worked my ass off to pass. But then I stopped bitching and got to work again
  4. Oh you know this boy likes his manhood my Adam's apple, you know, that thingie in the throat
  5. Gachin

    General Bad roommates experiences

    I feel you on so many levels dude ; as I said, we basically don't even talk anymore, and I have a lot less patience than I did before. I don't know if I'll be able to move out this year, but next year, I'm out of this shitty situation
  6. Gachin

    General What word do you want to say right NOW.

    For all epsilon >0 there exist a delta>0 such that for all x in E such that |x-x0|<=delta, |f(x) - l| <= epsilon. math finals these days
  7. Gachin

    Respond with a picture

    fuck this shitty limitation man
  8. Gachin

    Hello MLPForums

    Hey there, welcome! Please, enjoy your stay
  9. Gachin

    Have You Ever Been in a Fight?

    Yeah I've been in a fight when I was around 10/11 years old with some bully; needless to say I kicked his ass, then the school's director kicked ours. Then there was one day of civil war between my class and the class one year older than ours when I was around the same age; that shit was weird
  10. Gachin

    Trolling: yay or nay?

    Trolling on the internet is for me okay as long as it doesn't go too far or no ill is intended
  11. Gachin

    General Bad roommates experiences

    Oh boi so here goes the intimacy; same here, I have to share the studio with my roomate, no separate rooms, so privacy isn't present either
  12. Just watched the Netflix documentary on Ted Bundy; he was an interesting fellow

  13. Gachin

    Why doe some people think life is meaningless?

    I can't really give you a 100% true answer, but what I feel is that maybe people misundestrand what "meaning" is; what I believe is that we should give our life its own meaning, we should get to choose (with outside factors of course; let's be realistic, no one chooses 100% freely) what we want our life to be; which direction it should go, etc. Maybe people refuse to see a meaning because of how small humanity actually is to the rest of existence , making us, well, meaningless; but I don't believe that to be the right way to look at it. I mean, sure we are small, but that doesn't mean we are without meaning. Thousands of things can give life meaning: ideology , religion, morality, work, etc... A human doesn't always get to choose what he is, but in each weakness we find strengh. It demands effort however, and a lot of people do not have the will to keep that effort going
  14. Gachin

    General Bad roommates experiences

    Same experience here the thing is I knew the guy for 8 years before moving with him ; it makes it worse, as our friendship is compromised now oh god i forgot the sniffling; I can't stand it , I really can't either. What do you mean by suitemates? not useless; I just didn't understand what you meant
  15. Gachin

    General Bad roommates experiences

    You knew these people before moving with them?