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  1. Spoiler

    If you pressed the link, you fell for it!


  2. Okay, so, this is officially my last post on the forums; the other one was the heads up, this one is the application of that heads up. I just wanna shoutout once again @Splashee, @Blivy@Emerald Heart, @Tacodidra, @Nsxile, @Lucky Bolt, and everyone else I forgot to mention.

    There shall be no reply from me anymore; as such, ladies and gentlemen, I tip my hat to you all. It has been fun; have a fun life everyone.

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    2. no_longer_here


      Goodbye and farewell :blue_baloon:

    3. Emerald Heart

      Emerald Heart

      Goodbye! It has been a pleasure knowing you

    4. TBD 🚬

      TBD 🚬

      Good riddance.



      we’re gonna miss your  meme and ya da ya da all that stuff you probably don’t want to hear:LunaMCM:

      so here’s a dark meme for ya which I believe that’s more worth your attention 




  3. I've been thinking; I should continue my shitposts while I'm here :confused:  welp here goes something i found sometime ago it isn't the best but meh


  4. Good afternoon, everyone. It has been a bit of time since I last came here, I suppose. Happy new year by the way.

    Let's not beat around the bush; this post is meant as a farwell post not only to the forums, but to the MLP community as a whole. It's been downgrading in quality for some years now, and I finally came to terms with the work of fiction as a whole; it doesn't appeal me anymore as it did before. Sorry boys; won't stick around for the next gen of MLP either, or any new gen for that matter.

    I am sure some of you are glad I'll be gone though; I know I have been quite a controversial figure for some things that I said and speaking my mind on some topics . No hard feelings of course; especially the mods/admins, you guys do a fine job :orly:

    It's been fun; not gonna lie. Though I disliked the forum more and more over the past few months, there are people I had a lot of fun with, most notably @Splashee@Lucky Bolt , @Blivy, @Emerald Heart , @CypherHoof, @Cyclone1066 during the summer, as well as @Nsxile of course.  :orly:

    I don't know how to sugarcoat this kind of speech, so yeah, I'll be gone after today; I'll stay connected for some time if some of you want to talk a bit before I leave... I'm not dead tho; you can always reach out to me on Discord if you wanna talk, and if Discord ain't your thing... well do it anyway, I'm sure we can find another medium to talk apart from Discord (looking at you specifically @Splashee boi)

    Sooooooo yeah



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    2. stack_overflow


      Of course; it won't matter after today anyways :applehat:

    3. Tacodidra


      You didn't have fun with me? :sunny:

      Just kidding – I know that's impossible... :orly: I'm sorry to hear you're leaving, my friend. :( I wish you all the best! :kindness:


      Even though I guess you don't really care for sappy posts like this. :adorkable:


    4. stack_overflow


      @Tacodidra I did have fun with you ; sorry boi, I have trouble with names :orly:

      I still appreciate the sappy posts, even if it's not my style :orly:

  5. I challenge the fbi to look through my webcam

    I'll just do the Ronald Mcdonald makeup on my face, I'll be covered in black paint and will scream random arabic words

    just to mess with em

    1. Oblivion


      GOD im so FUCKING tempted to make a dark joke!

    2. Oblivion


      Id prolly actually get fbi called if i made it though....

    3. stack_overflow


      send it in private :orly:

  6. So how have you been? It's been quite some time.

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    2. Emerald Heart

      Emerald Heart


      Lol. You do your bed, man.

      Exams are a b****

    3. stack_overflow


      It's okay for me ,I love what I'm doing... but it's the sheer quantity you know? Not easy, waking up at 8am, going home at 11pm :applehat:

    4. Emerald Heart
  7. While on youtube I got an ad which talked about a funny video

    The thumbnail was a guy getting really intimate with a cow like really intimate

    I wish I clicked it now

  8. I didn't expect you to hug me How does that even work?
  9. I got some of the best memes I have ever got but I can't post them here .. frustrating 

    1. stack_overflow


      I mean I suppose I can post this one, though it's not that great.


    2. stack_overflow