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  1. Right now, my 3 candidates for worst season are 1, 3, and 8. Season 1 had the problem of trying to find it's footing and isn't really engaging until 10 episodes in. I'd say about half the episodes are enjoyable and the other half is rather forgettable. Season 3 obviously has the unfortunate handicap of being only 13 episodes, and it certainly doesn't help when almost half of those episodes aren't very good. Granted, I love the other half so I don't think I can put it below Season 1 and say it's the worst season for me. Then there's Season 8, and I'm sorry everyone, but I'm just not feeling this season so far. We've had a handful of good episodes so far sure, but a lot of them have just been dull, boring, or outright bad, not to mention that the seasonal arc and the inclusion of the Student 6 has been utterly wasted and disappointing so far. Fortunately, there's still half a season left and things could turn around, but from what I saw from the episode that was released this week, it looks like we might be getting more bland storytelling.
  2. Season 5 would be my favorite. Too many of my favorite episodes are in there.
  3. Both have similar concepts, but Fall Weather Friends was executed 1000× better. FWF was a story of two overly competitive characters trying to win a competition, sounds pretty harmless to me. No one was in danger and AJ and RD weren't shown as being incompetent bumbling idiots. More importantly, AJ and RD actually LEARN their lesson (hard concept to grasp, I know) and didn't get rewarded for stupid behaviour. With NCC, well it pretty much did the complete opposite of all that, which is why it has been so negatively received.
  4. So after much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that this is my 4th worst episode of the show. Yeah I thought it was that bad. 1. Rainbow Falls 2. Boast Busters 3. Princess Spike 4. Non-Compete Clause 5. Baby Cakes
  5. Man, and we thought the Season 7 leaks were bad... Well now that Hasbro is pretty much at this point airing their dirty laundry out in the open, it's only a matter of time before we all get spoiled on the entire season. It was nice knowing you all. 😖
  6. Best: 5. Parental Glideance (Great) 4. Fame And Misfortune (Awesome) 3. A Royal Problem (Awesome) 2. Shadow Play (Awesome) 1. The Perfect Pear (Masterpiece) Worst: 5. Fluttershy Leans In (Enjoyable) 4. A Flurry Of Emotions (Enjoyable) 3. Forever Filly (Meh) 2. Not Asking For Trouble (Meh) 1. Honest Apple (Dislike)
  7. My respect for them has gone from 0 to -10%. I give their review a 7.8. Too much absured bullcrap.
  8. Hey everyone! Foreign Candy here! Some of you may or may not recognize me from EQD, as I've had an account on there for a few years now. I've been here for a while now too, lurking in the shadows, but I guess I never really started up an account, until now that is! Now you won't be seeing me creating any fan art masterpieces (unless an uneven circle fits that niche for you) or any long winded essays of why I think Twilight is objectively the best pony in the show (of which she is 😉), but I do look forward to chatting with you guys about all things pony in the near future! See you in the forums, Foreign Candy
  9. To be fair, MLP is certainly not for everyone and I can understand why some people may think that it's simply too much of sunshines and rainbows for them, but reviews like IGN are just completely nonsensical and should just be ignored. Hell, I saw a review a couple hours ago that said it was just as, if not worse than the Emoji Movie (Yes, seriously).
  10. At the moment it currently has a 56% on Rotten Tomatoes 😕
  11. Hey guys just made an account. Anyways, theres a second review on Rotten Tomatoes that's positive with a B- so that's good I guess.