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  1. Note: this is a problem with OCs or self inserts having a 7th element, this in no way presents any form of opinion about characters that are already in the show possibly representing an element. The Problem: A Lot of people hate the idea of the 7th Element of harmony, including myself but there is a good reason for this. First off, the main problem (like most things) is the way it’s presented. When people put it in their fanfictions they make it so their OC has it and already it hurts because it feels like wish fulfillment, it feels un-creative because they could not have made him special in a different way rather than making them one of the heroes. Honestly when there is a story when a OC is the 7th Element and they are equally important it makes me feel like it’s a special snowflake or like a self-insert, giving them an excuse to befriend the mane six. Another bad way to present this idea is to make the 7th Element have special properties like having powers besides the rainbow death laser, this includes special weapons and magic that can be used independently. Even if you make the ability only work when being with all the elements it still is terrible because the other elements don’t have separate abilities that they can use. You see what I mean? IT NEEDS BALANCE Even if none of these things happen (which is unlikely) it still hurts me because it makes me feel like they are forcing the mane six to befriend this character, no matter their personality which makes me feel like no matter what, no matter what you do it will always feel like wish fulfillment because the 7th Element was built from the temple of self-inserts that don’t reflect on their flaws. The name of the 7th Element also greatly hurts the idea; there are 2 reasons why this will definitely be hard thing to overcome. The first reason is originality, I remember reading a fanfiction that had the element of hope and while this is fine at first it started to get repetitive as i switched to a different fanfiction only to find another story that also had the element of hope. This is the problem, originality of names and how the author uses those names to make a story. The second problem is that the functionality is the same; Hero gets the 7th Element of harmony; Hero defeats nightmare moon with little to no changes in the timeline; Hero either finds out his Element has different properties or the rest is just the Hero befriending the mane 6 or solving problems in a more crass way but ultimately still having the same timeline. These are just the stories types that I can name off the top of my head. Even if none of these things happen (which is unlikely) it still hurts me because it makes me feel like they are forcing the mane six to befriend this character, no matter their personality which makes me feel despite changes you make or what you do it will always feel like wish fulfillment because the 7th Element was built from the temple of self-inserts that don’t reflect on their flaws. How I think people can fix this cliche: One of the ideas I had was to make it an artificial Element, the reason for this is to explain why it is different if you decide to make it have special properties, it also makes it have different possibilities as to where the hero gets their Element. Another reason for this is that there are quite a bunch of possibilities that sprout from this one change, maybe a villain made this element and it’s evil so the hero is forced to kinda have a permanent enemy, maybe Equestrians see it as a monstrosity since it mimics the elements and if someone can make similar elements and give it to everyone then everyone in Equestria is armed and that type of power can corrupt people’s morals. Another interesting you can do is to make your Element faulty, so conflicts are not easily resolved and the element is not a safe net for the character if something were to go awry then the hero has a real reason to be worried. A more universal way to approach this is to have the characters know that there is no 7th element and due to some uncertain circumstances are now against each other but have the same goals, kinda like superheroes and the government in a weird way. Look I suggested a lot of things but the bottom line is that if you create an Element, BE CREATIVE. This is not hard people, the whole point of fanfics is to show someone various ideas that differentiate from the show but are for fans. Change it up, maybe use cliches as a support beam to subvert the reader’s expectations so they are surprised and the story sticks out to the reader. Remember, BE CREATIVE -Bloco100 P.s sorry if the format is weird, this is the first time I’m approaching a problem and I’m not quite an expert at it yet… but at least I tried and please don’t be afraid to voice your opinions on the matter. I don’t expect this to have many views but if someone does visit wherever I post this then please comment your opinion, I like seeing that I made any sort of impact on people or the world.
  2. Please do not take anything seriously these are only my thoughts and nobody else’s, though if you want to me mad then go right ahead, Celestia know I tried to not make anyone mad. I have a soft spot for Spikebelle, the reason for this is that I find it only logical for Spike to fall in love with sweetie belle because sweetie belle has adopted some of the traits that rarity has from being with her for so long. Some people might argue that it seems kinda weird for Spike and sweetie belle to go out because of the age difference, after all Spike was born when Twilight was a filly. I have to counter this with some of the more famous shippings like: Discord x Fluttershy Celestia x Twilight Etc. My point being that while some of you might despise the idea of Spikebelle because of age difference, I can guarantee that some of you are hypocrites. Also a side note; I heard of Lauren Faust saying that she thinks Spike to be about 8 in maturity and so I believe that Spike dating Rarity would be weird since his childish attitude would make it their relationship ridiculous but if we take Spike’s attitude to Sweetie Belle then it would click since Sweetie Belle has the same attitude. Now the next argument that I see a lot in the forums is that Sweetie Belle would seem like a “you tried” prize where sweetie would just be substitute for rarity because spike was not successful. In a certain way you are right but only accidentally and not in the way you intended. Sweetie Belle would definitely be like her sister that would certainly attract spike because Rarity’s personality is what made Spike have a crush on her so in that regard you are right. Now let’s examine the other side of the coin by using the logic presented here with the example of: you have dated 2 people in your life the second is similar in personality to the first person you dated or is similar to a crush you had long ago. Now you date the person after you have accepted that the first crush/relationship won’t work and so you got over her and you decided to move one and you find a person that cares for you and has a similar lifestyle and so the person becomes your beloved. Now notice how I worded it and notice that the person in my example moved on from the crush/1st relationship and now because you dated a 2nd person in your life now she will always be considered a second prize, by that logic everyone who has dated more than one person is always just looking to fill the gap for the first person that they did not get together for. Now you might be saying that it’s different since it’s Rarity’s little sister and to that I have to say: So he’s not allowed to date anyone he likes? It’s part of the fun, an awkward situation for an awkward drake. That sounds something that Spike would do, he would be awkward even after he succeeds in life. How I would see the episode go (if it happened, which will certainly not happen): Spike flaunts over Rarity, as usual and Spike has the courage to confess (or he would go overboard in helping her and Rarity would feel bad for leading him on) but is shot down by Rarity. He becomes sad and stays in the castle for a long time until Twilight approaches him. Twilight comments about his attitude and how he needs to be happier so she sends him off to the CMC. The CMC are very busy to the point where they divide to cover more ground (whether it might be helping other’s with their cutie marks or collecting materials for their camp) and Sweetie Belle and Spike would be paired together randomly. Spike and Sweetie Belle go off to do (whatever the plot demands) and while this happens Sweetie Belle tries to cheer him up by showing examples of how the world is great and full of opportunities. Eventually Spike would fall for Sweetie Belle and it would leave off with the indication that Spike has a crush for Sweetie Belle. OR Spike is flaunting over Rarity as usual and Sweetie Belle and Spike hangout since the rest of the CMC are busy and Sweetie Belle decided to talk with spike. Sweetie Belle would get attached to Spike after pushing her out of harm's way many times (it would be like thrown objects/falling objects or dangerous things that she is attempting to do but Spike is perceptive enough [and the only one around] to save her) Sweetie Belle would fall for spike. Sweetie Belle would confess and Spike is immediately awkward since he does not know what to do since he still has a crush on Rarity. He concludes that if he doesn’t agree he will break her heart so he agrees to go on a date with Sweetie Belle. They hang out and after a while Spike starts thinking that Rarity never showed any feelings back and he would rather not keep trying to chase someone who obviously did not want to be together and would rather be with the kind and energetic filly in front of him that cares for his well being. Sweetie Belle goes to the clubhouse after a day with Spike and talks to the CMC about her date when someone in the CMC brought up that Spike had a crush on her sister. Sweetie Belle would make sense of it all and goes home to cry and be sad at the fact that Spike only dated her because he did not want to hurt her feelings. Spike hears about this from one of the CMC (or one of the mane 6) and goes to the carousel boutique to make it up to her. He goes and finds he can’t get through the barricade she has made and has to speak to her from the other side and Sweetie Belle tells him of her findings. Spike expresses that it was true but he sees that she is wonderful and she could never be anyone’s second prize because she was perfect in every way possible and seeing her sad was not fun since he liked her happy and energetic, the things he had come to love about her were gone and it was his fault because he hurt her. Sweetie Belle would say something along the lines on, “Do you really mean that?” and Spike would say, “of course!” and she would un-barricade herself and then go hug Spike. Then they would head to their separate homes excited to see each other again. Rarity would come up to him and say something along the lines of, “Did you really mean that?” Spike would find out that she overheard everything that happened (of course she did, the carousel boutique is her home/workplace) and is worried that Spike is going to hurt her little sister. Spike says that he has gotten over her and understands the suspicion but he has no intention to use her or even think of her as second best because Rarity and Spike never clicked and he was blinded by her beauty and generosity so much that he never saw the radiance of Sweetie Belle and her pure heart. He promises that he will take care of Sweetie Belle and they leave on good terms with Spike finally getting some rest from the emotional rollercoaster that was this day. Of course this is only an outline but you get my point, I love the idea of SpikeBelle and the situations that would arise. But don’t take it too seriously like I have, I’m crazy and should not be taken too seriously since I’m just a person on the internet, just like you are. So please go enjoy your day but if you do like to argue then go ahead! I love good discussion, though no promises to respond (I get pretty lazy). -Dr.Mortal