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  1. Thoroughly reflecting upon the meaning of our short pathetic lives.
  2. No autism here as far as im concerend. Though I have had some friends that had autism and they were wonderful people.
  3. 433565 Been gone for quite a while sorting stuff out but ima be somewhat active again around this here forum.
  4. Just the fact that some of them manage to get a good night rest while having a job is quite the feat.
  5. Probably the intro of Once Upon A Zeppelin. Finally confirming that Spike and Twilight consider each other family. (Also the Spike and Twilight christmas tradition scene is really nice solid 2nd place)
  6. Fluttershy. Mostly because I think the shyness gimmick is overused. She also doesn't really seem to get any more confident in herself even after 7 seasons. Not that i hate her or anything its just that i think she is pretty bland.
  7. I have grown attached to the cast of G4 and it would be a shame to see them go. However if season 8 and 9 give proper closure to G4 then atleast the hole in my heart would be smaller.
  8. I happen to like all the sparkly fireworks. But I dislike all fireworks that are dangerous like fire crackers and the bigger variants of them. Most dangerous thing that ever happend to you?
  9. Some edgy overpowered guy. Kinda like Uchiha Madara from Naruto Same question
  10. Not an american so I know little about each state. But I would gladly get rid of states with a lot of gun violence.
  11. Believe this would be the second time. But...I would still run away
  12. I loved the fighting scene against Tirek and would like to see more of it. But as you all have already said its not really the show for it.
  13. Nothing except for my school play in which I was just a background actor. Never been much of an actor. How many brohoofs does it take to be a cool dude in here?
  14. Starlight by far, she had wayyy too much screentime in season 7 and she is just not that much of an interesting character to me. Best episode in season 7?