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  1. Honestly I dont even know what a ''average'' brony looks like. But I do kind of look like that guy in the gif just a bit younger
  2. General

    I'm afraid of the future. I'm worried if i can find my place in the world, if i can find a good job, a good wife and just in general be happy. Because honestly at the moment I have no idea what I should do with my life. I haven't really accomplished anything yet
  3. spoiler

    Episode is nothing special in my opinion just Pinkie going crazy like usual. But enjoyable nonetheless. I would give it a 7/10
  4. Mostly on my phone but occasionaly ill go on PC. At the moment im on my phone
  5. Mega Thread

    427542 Chill as can be.
  6. Depends on the situation ( for example if he is under influence of a love potion or not ) but it would make much more sense in my opinion for Spike to kiss Rarity even if by accident. Wouldnt be freaked out about it though i have seen weirder stuff. Example:
  7. Mega Thread

    427540 We missed 427528 ya dimwits
  8. Spoiler

    Have not read them but will do soon. Though judging from the comments maybe I should have read it before watching the movie.
  9. Movies/TV

    Dont really know any of these besides Star Wars so... yeah im most excited for Star Wars.
  10. To match my name mostly.
  11. WOW I COMPLETELY FORGOT THERE WAS AN EPISODE THIS WEEK ( dmn u mlp movie for making me forget ) Anyways in my opinion this was an amazing episode The opening scene was really charming and it was really selfless of Spike to let Twilight go on her vacation while he stayed behind working. Also it is finally confirmed Spike is part of Twilight's family That is the one thing i always wanted to hear . Also we finally get to know Twilight's parents a bit more which is really awesome as well. The return of Iron Will was amazing as well. Seeing him return after like 5 seasons or something is really nice. For he is an amazingly overly manly character which i enjoy XD. The entire Sparkle family was entertaining as well. And Star Tracker was freakin hilarious that guy was just so creepy Twilight also was entertaining to watch especially when she had her mental breakdown. I consider this a solid 9/10 episode probably my favorite episode of the season. (Also batbrony that is one hell of a review I couldn't say it better myself)
  12. Like you all said some are beyond redemption. In my opinion Chrysalis is beyond redemption as well so I hope she wont be redeemed She probably will be though because friendship and such
  13. Rotterdam -->Trotterdam The Netherlands --> The Neighterlands
  14. Flabbergasted by robot butlers, I ate fifty ponies with Feld0. However, this is only a Sidestory.The boombas bounced on Pinkie Pie, she protested against cupcake massacre
  15. Welcome dude have a good time out here.