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  1. Mega Thread

    I happen to like all the sparkly fireworks. But I dislike all fireworks that are dangerous like fire crackers and the bigger variants of them. Most dangerous thing that ever happend to you?
  2. Mega Thread

    Some edgy overpowered guy. Kinda like Uchiha Madara from Naruto Same question
  3. Not an american so I know little about each state. But I would gladly get rid of states with a lot of gun violence.
  4. Believe this would be the second time. But...I would still run away
  5. I loved the fighting scene against Tirek and would like to see more of it. But as you all have already said its not really the show for it.
  6. Mega Thread

    Nothing except for my school play in which I was just a background actor. Never been much of an actor. How many brohoofs does it take to be a cool dude in here?
  7. Mega Thread

    Starlight by far, she had wayyy too much screentime in season 7 and she is just not that much of an interesting character to me. Best episode in season 7?
  8. Mega Thread

    I would love a time skip. It could give Spike and the CMC's some major character development with them growing up. Though I know a timeskip is unlikely to happen Who needs more screentime in season 8?
  9. Don't have any merch and considering I more or less a closet brony I won't be buying any either. ( Not that I mind )
  10. Mega Thread

    Not really sure what its called but the one with Spike singing for Thorax. Best song in the show?
  11. Mega Thread

    I second this #stop the spike abuse and give him a spin off. Also he does have an emote Spilight, what a suprise. Though I ship them 50% as mother/son and 50% sister/brother. Best non Twilight/Rarity shipping for Spike?
  12. Mega Thread

    I live in a country where there is a grant total of 3 fast food chains. McDonald Burger King and KFC. I like Burger King the most. BUT! In thailand when i was there on a holiday the KFC had some very tasty spicy special edition thailand chicken wings. That was sooooo goooodddd Also that eggnog looks pretty gross Best piece of meat from a chicken?
  13. Ehhh nothing a bit of magic or dragon fire cant handle.
  14. What there is a thread of episode ideas?! Why did nobody tell me? Anyways... I want a episode in which we finaly get so see Shining Armor and his Royal Guard be useful sometime. Have them fight off a fully grown dragon that attacks Canterlot or something. Just give those poor guards a purpose man