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  1. When do you go to sleep?

    Early in the morning (4 or 5 a.m.) since I started spending more of my time messing around at night. Night suits my lifestyle and I'm not a morning person.
  2. General Do you enjoy being tickled?

    If you tickle me, you die. That's it. I don't like to be touched or especially tickled.
  3. General The "I admit it" Thread

    I admit I'm introverted, grumpy and unsociable. I admit I have a girlfriend who makes me feel warm and fuzzy (the horror!) I admit I like to spy on people sometimes. I admit I do a lot of weird things that I'm not supposed to do.
  4. Are you embarrassed to be seen with your parents?

    I'm never around my parents, so no. But when I was with them it didn't bother me as long as they didn't attract attention to me or themselves. As long as I remain more or less invisible, I'm happy.
  5. What do you do for most of the day?

    I spend most of my time exploring my surroundings on foot or on a bike. I like to know all the nooks and crannies and what's interesting. When I'm at home I like to sing and I sometimes write.
  6. How did you discover MLP

    I started watching it because my cousin got me into it. I like lighthearted entertainment and MLP sounded good so I tried it. I was having difficult times in my life and MLP was a nice diversion. I soon got into the characters and kept watching. Most people wouldn't believe someone like me would like a show like this, but it rocks my world. Awesome show.
  7. Food What was the last thing you ate?

    I had a turkey pot pie. Nothing fancy but it got the job done.
  8. Why are you single? :3

    I'm single because I'm an acquired taste. I'm introverted, cynical and hard to reach. When I meet someone I like, they have to see past the exterior and find what's good under the surface. Most people don't go that far and I don't blame them. The last time I got close to someone, circumstances beyond my control took me away from her and that messed me up a lot. I've met someone new and I like her but I'm awkward around people, especially the ones I'm attracted to, so it may take time to develop.
  9. General What is your current emotion?

    I've been feeling tense but I'm starting to calm down. I hate waking up and hitting the ground running. I like to ease into everything slowly and take my time. I was hit by a wall of cheerfulness by everyone I met today from the moment I woke up. I know that's not a bad thing, but I'm not a morning person and the last thing I want when I'm fresh out of bed and grumpy is cheerfulness and a suffocating desire to be helpful. I know I'm a monster for being so cynical about people being nice, but I'm a monster kinda girl.
  10. mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    Straight is no more boring than anything else. I think it's awesome (and I'm bi).
  11. MLPForums vs Other Forums

    It isn't boring here. Most forums I've been on get a new thread once a month or so. But it's very active here and that's good to see.
  12. Who do you dislike seeing on tv?

    Anything news related. But worst of all I hate getting that notification that says "No satellite signal." Technical difficulties suck.
  13. General Do you like parties?

    I'd rather die slowly of dehydration than attend a party of any sort. Happily, no one in their right mind would ever invite me to one, and I wouldn't accept if they did. I don't like mingling with groups of people. If I'm going to interact at all, it'll be one on one. The whole party thing leaves me cold.
  14. It's only an honest opinion. Someone in her position shouldn't be too thin-skinned (even if she isn't thin under the skin). And if all goes as planned, she'll give me all her cake so she won't be tempted any longer by it.
  15. What is love

    Love is hate painted pink.