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About Me

Most of my acquaintances call me Frosty because my personality often gives the impression that I'm cold and distant. I'm not cold (just cool) B) and I'm not really distant (just a little outside typical circles of society). I do have a light side, after all, I'm on a pony forum, duh. :orly: I also have a soft spot for Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, Santa Claus and old movies.

I enjoy singing, walking and solitude. I spend a lot of time by myself but I've come to the forums to become more open (or at least open about imposing my thoughts and opinions on others). :dry:

I live in California, which facilitates some of my weird pastimes like exploring the unusual and unknown. I'm nocturnal in nature, understated and far prefer to find worlds of my own than embrace the one I was born into. I'm not anything spectacular, just an ordinary girl and this is my little corner of existence, for what it's worth. >_>