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  1. Guyss!! I just watched the new episode that was just released yesterday: School Daze! The plot was really interesting and a big step forward for the big 6, opening a school was really brave of them. I believe the 6 students who made friends in the end will help them spread friendship to all the other lands! p.s that school rule pony triggers me
  2. I've been to around 17 countries ♕ Japan ♕ Thailand ♕ Hongkong (China) ♕ Singapore ♕ Italy ♕ England ♕ Wales ♕ France ♕ Belgium ♕ Vatican City ♕ Czech Republic ♕ Slovakia ♕ Hungary ♕ Austria ♕ Switzerland ♕ UAE (just the airport) ♕ Saudi Arabia (just the airport) Yeet I have also been to the Vatican and it's a country inside Italy so I'm pretty sure it counts!
  3. I am really unsure about all the topics I could have put this under but I hope I got it right! Anyway, here is a little something I drew by following a template that I found. Here is the template if anyone wanted to try it out!
  4. Hey guys, I know I have posted about the Equestrian girl books lately. However, I wanted to talk about the movies and episodes today. I'm just wondering what all you original MLP fans think about the Equestrian girl series? I actually started watching the Equestrian girls before I even watched the original MLP, which is why I'm very curious to see how it felt for you guys to watch the Equestrian girls series after getting used to the original series. I personally think that both the Equestrian girls and the original MLP is exciting. The plots and animations are all developed by the same people
  5. GUyyyysss I have just finished watching the official movie!! IT WAS AWESOMELY AMAZING I Loved it!!! Everything happened really fast but it was still a really really fun movie! There was a bit of mlp cliche when Tempest became good but I like that, I think its an mlp classic and it's great the way it is! Well, at least the storm king was defeated and wasn't part of the cliche. Many people talk about how the bad transforming into a good person is getting boring but idk, its always a good feeling when the evil learns their lesson!
  6. Hey pony fans out there! I was just wondering if any of you read the Equestria girls series? I'm just wondering if there will be more books after the latest one.
  7. @Twilight Kyle Yeah I guess, it was just a thought. Like I said, I'll have to see for myself when I finish watching it. But I do see why you say the movie isn't that special, people have been waiting a long time and we all expected more from it. However, it still is hard for me to pause the movie!
  8. @Twilight Kyle I see what you mean now, I have watched half of the movie. I could be better, there is a lot of chasing going on in the movie and it is becoming quite repetitive. Yess you need to see it, I watched half of it and I couldn't stop it. It was very hard to turn it off XD. You can watch it here: http://kimcartoon.me/Cartoon/My-Little-Pony-The-Movie-2017/Full?id=77201 Tell me what you think of the movie if you watch it! Im planning to finish it on the weekends.
  9. @FlowerSun I'm actually watching it right now with the link that @King of Canterlot gave me! I'm on the part where they are in the desert and going crazy XD
  10. @King of Canterlot I see what you mean! And for the animation part, yeah after watching the trailer I was thinking about having to get used to the very different animation style . Thank you for sharing your opinions and also the link!! @Twilight Kyle Hmm, interesting. It is possible that it was more difficult for you to appreciate the movie getting to watch it before it was released. Well, I guess i'll just have to go watch it for myself and see! Thanks for sharing tho!
  11. I know the movie has been out for like a week or so already.... I still have not been able to watch it *cri*. For anyone who has watched it, how is the movie? Is it similar to the episodes or completely different? Also, I am not sure how to get the movie for free. Is it possible? ~ ShiningPastry
  12. Thankyou so much!! @Snow And thanks to all of you guys who welcomed me too! @Trotteur Sauvage @pegapony @Rikifive @vengelstrudel
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    I love sunset shimmer too!
  15. Hello Jeric! Thanks so much for welcoming me! May I ask you how people get sorted into types of creatures in the pony world? Like the Ponies, Butterflies, Changelings, Squirrels, Unicorns etc.
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