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  1. We have at least two example of unicorn losing horn and regaining it later - first, Discord stealing Twilight's and Rarity's horns. Whether or not it fits the question depends on what exactly Discord did there. Second example is king Sombra, who lost part of his horn during his failed charge at the weakened barrier surrounding Crystal Empire - and yet he managed to grow it back later. I also like the idea of prosthetic crystal horn, though I approached it from a bit different angle - Tempest with a 'repaired' horn
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  5. @Califorum Truth to be told, Cadance was starting to enjoy this - the mere adrenaline rush made her feel more alive, and dodging Sombra's attack was almost like a part of a dance. Right now she was only toying with him - as she should from the beginning of the fight. Too bad that she was too afraid back then to use all her powers... "Oh, don't worry, you will survive - and you will be grateful for that, maggot". Next dark crystals arose around king, in a conscious effort on Cadance's part to trap him. "You will be cleansed and purged, not even an inch of darkness will stay in your soul. You will cry, you will beg for mercy, you will find yourself not worthy the love that will rule in the Crystal Empire... but you will have it. New, better Sombra, a humble slave of the Harmony", she giggled at this vision. Oh yes. She will enjoy dissecting his soul and changing it to fit the world better... actually, she could do it more often. So many ponies around would be far, far better if she could simply take their flaws away from them.
  6. @Califorum "Seriously? Are you that dim?", Cadance's reaction to dark crystals appearing was pretty simple - she just spread her wings and flew into air, avoiding effortlessly any traps. It was actually dissapointing - who would think that Sombra would use so primitive tactics against enemy that was able to fly and teleport? "It's a rule of nature. Royals, like me, fly. Maggots, like you, crawl in the dirt". She could practically hear the shadows - they were whispering to her, promising her their loyalty and servitude, practically begging her to command them... With this power she could protect her Empire and her family for eternity, turning entire land into a country filled with love and joy! Why she never noticed it before? She was imprisoned by that pathetic changeling worm, Chrysalis, and later she barely hold off Sombra - but she refused to see the obvious. She had a power of gods, destiny itself has chosen her as a princess, and yet she was afraid to understand her duties properly. Oh, she was almost grateful to Sombra for showing her a better alternative. Of course her gratitude didn't change the fact that she was going to utterly and completely destroy his very being. Cadance merely nodded slightly and crystals have arisen around Sombra's shadow form - but this time they were under her command, clinging to fallen tyrant to hold him down long enough for her next spell to strike him. She was going right for the head.
  7. @Califorum "How? By bleeding on me?", Cadance sneered with a grim satisfaction in her voice. She didn't waste her time or energy by trying to counter his spell, instead immediately 'blinking' out of his way - short distance teleportation was so easy to use with powers of darkness on her side! Her next spell was more focused than her first attack, as she shaped magic into a spear and hurled it right at the dark king. A bit of guilt jabbed her - Sombra's cape was nice, it was such a waste that it had to be destroyed. Maybe she should get one for herself later, as soon as she'll finish this little pest control? "You should be used to defeats, insect. I'm actually surprised you went so far this time!". While princess of love never learned before how to fight properly, it seemed like she was a quick learner, as she almost immediately casted another two spears, not giving Sombra any respite and immediately blinking away, hiding in the shadows from his counter-attacks. She didn't have too much experience, yes, but her raw magical power was incredible - a normal state for an alicorn. This time, however, it was supported by dark magic and her utter lack of self-restraint, turning her into far more dangerous enemy than she would be normally. "Scared, insect?".
  8. @Califorum Maybe there was a bit of truth in Sombra's words - there was a little weakness in Cadance and her empire, if by 'weakness' one means taking care of subjects instead of acquiring riches and weapons. Princess of Love's mind bent under the weight of mental assault, but didn't break - at least not in the way dark king expected. The longer he was talking and treating her with dark magic, the more her fear was replaced with a completely different feeling - frustration. It's always a bad idea to toy with powerful beings instead of dealing with them swiftly and brutally, Cadance's mind was forcefully flooded with dark magic, artificial negative emotions were twisting her thoughts and feelings, but there was an unchanging constant - fiery, burning hate towards king Sombra. Normally calm and somewhat meek nature of kind-hearted alicorn of love would keep it at bay, but right now tyrant was doing his best to unknowingly unleash it. Serve him? Do his bidding? What a joke! As if a phoenix could bow to a fly, or lion share his hunt with a mice! "Force of nature? Don't make me laugh...", princess of love focused. Purple smoke started to erupt from the corners of her eyes - and in a moment crystals holding her broke, just as her mind broke under the pressure of power granted by dark magic. In a blink of an eye she teleported effortlessly herself into a standing position - angry god of fury. "... insect". Her next spell was directed right at the Sombra - a powerful slash of dark magic. Contrary to her attempt before this time she wasn't attacking to stop him, but to kill.
  9. @Califorum Cadance was fighting against the unwanted corruption, but in her current situation - with dark magic crossing right into her veins and spilling into her mind - it was quite... tiresome. She was already confused, scared and angry, and Sombra's words, actions and spells were quite efficiently countering any attempts of her to calm down and focus. The only chance she had was based on the possibility of rescue - Shining Armor, guards, or maybe (miraculously) Twilight with friends. Unfortunately, it looked like no miracles were planned for this day by the cruel, uncaring universe. The headaches weren't helpful as well. However, there was still one thing that she couldn't understand, and the more furious she was getting, the less she understood... Why did Sombra think that, even under the effects of corruption, she could be an asset? Purple clouds bursted off the corners of Cadance's eyes, that started to glow with sickly green. "This time I will PERSONALLY make sure you are dead", she growled as the bubbles of dark magic started to gather on her horn.
  10. @Califorum Maaaaaaybe it was a mistake. However, what other options she had? With no real experience with fight, let alone with magical duels, Cadance didn't know that it would be so easy for Sombra to absorb her magic. She also didn't expect a warlock to charge and simply tackle here instead of using any of his fancy dark magic spells. Alicorn of love liked surprises - but not like that. Considering that Cadance was an alicorn and a powerful magic user, it was quite disappointing that she was defeated so quickly. Overwhelmed by Sombra and his crystals she could merely scream in anger as he started to corrupt the Crystal Heart. That view alone was able to inflict a physical and mental pain, as the most sacred and important artifact in the entire Crystal Empire was getting desecrated. It was the sacrilege. It was the ultimate mockery of everything Cadance was loving and standing for. His plans about corrupting not only Heart, but Cadance as well, had two major flaws. First, she was fully realized as a princess, mother and wife, and nothing he could offer was enough to tempt her into darkness. Second... who said that corrupted princess of love would have any reasons to stand by Sombra's side? The fiercer attack on her mind was, the more anger was boiling in her. He was threatening her country, her subjects, HER FAMILY! But she was weak, too weak to defeat him without Shining or Crystal Heart... and the latter was already taken over by Sombra. What options she had? "You... will be... UNDONE BY ME!", Cadance growled furiously as she struggled viciously against the dark crystal that were holding her.
  11. While Cadance, as an alicorn, was far powerful in terms of raw magic than her husband, her fighting abilities were... somewhat lacking. Up to this day she once managed to fend off changeling invasion using love, and protect Crystal Empire from Sombra - once again with a help of her husband. Anything more than that? Not so much. As soon as she noticed distortions caused by dark magic she speeded up, just to get the Heart as soon as possible - before anypony would get seriously hurt. Her own guardians were fighting each other - just how far was this madness going to go? She knew many of them by the name, and it hurt her to see them in such a state. Her first thought was to stay here and help them fight off the corruption, but she quickly discarded this as illogical - considering how many of them were already under Sombra's influence, and that he was still rampaging somewhere, the Crystal Heart was the only option left. Alas, as soon as she stepped into treasury and saw the Crystal Heart falling to the floor she knew that Twilight and her friends are probably the last hope for Empire left. However, it didn't mean she was going to give up without fight. Cadance didn't want to waste her time for banter, she had no interest in delaying him or stalling - so she simply and immediately powered up her horn and shot raw magic right at the dark king.
  12. @Califorum On one hoof, Shining managed to at least hurt Sombra - on another hoof, it didn't seem to even slow him down. If anything, it merely angered him, and angry warlock was even more dangerous. (Un)fortunately prince didn't actually had to put up fight with him in this state, as the the very next attack broke through every single one defence he still had. The fight has ended - but Shining still had to struggle against the unholy, dark incursion into his mind. Anger, hate, fear... darkness inside him was growing, as he was trying to fend off terrifying visions and painful memories brought up by cruel king's spell. Whether or not he would win or end as a mentally scarred puppet - it didn't matter. He was defeated and immobilized, and the soldiers he called turned out to be so easy to brainwash that it was pathetic, really. Meanwhile Cadance woke up, as chaos has started to reign in her palace. It didn't took too long to realize that the entire Empire is in danger - everything was practically reeking of dark magic, and she could hear Shining's screams alarming everypony. She had to act quickly - first she woke up Sunburst (he was always a heavy sleeper, not even a battle in the palace managed to disrupt his sleep) and sent him away with Flurry Heart. Now, with safety of her daughter dealt with, she quickly ran to the imperial treasury - where Crystal Heart was placed.