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  1. Porrot

    General Where is everypony from?

    Britain... I was born in the North East of England (Ashington) and I grew up in London after my parents moved.
  2. Porrot

    What Are Your Biggest Pet Peeves?

    You'd hate my ex-boyfriend... I once accused him of being passive-aggressive and he was so angry with that accusation that he refused to talk to me for months. Is that ironic or what?
  3. Porrot

    Who is your biggest fictional crush right now?

    This little bitchtard... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Wells
  4. Porrot

    Health Do you vape?

    Nope. I keep pet birbs, and they have delicate respiratory systems. I don't know what the exact effects of vape fumes on birds would be, but anything that contaminates the air they breathe could have very rapid detrimental effects on them. I knew a guy who chain-smoked around his birds and his pet parrot tragically died at 5 years of age (she could have lived for 40+ years.)
  5. Porrot

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    I am sexually aroused by chocolate pretzels.
  6. Porrot

    Rarity Fan Club

    Badass marshmallow pone FTW. (Sorry, AJ... I love you too.)
  7. Porrot

    Reasonable ships

    I love RariJack! (Much for the reasons you stated.) Not so sure about FlutterDash... I sometimes get the impression that Fluttershy hates RD, but I wouldn't rule it out. Lyra/Bon Bon, if only because of the 100th episode. Vinyl/Octavia was my OTP for a while. The fan animations featuring Nowacking as Vinyl were/are pretty good. I used to ship AppleDash, but they're more friendly rivals than a couple. Luna and Discord sounds... interesting. I don't read the comics but I think I can almost imagine it.
  8. Eh... I think I see what you're saying. No point in arguing over this. Nevermind, no offence intended. I think it's hard to prove avian intelligence, and some people are (understandably) sceptical.
  9. Is this an example of metacognition? BTW, predatory birds are pretty dumb. Parrots and crows are almost like human children in intelligence. (Tool use in birds deserves a mention.)
  10. I hate Party Pooped and Not Asking for Trouble. I can't watch them. So... boring. And P.P.O.V.
  11. Eh... sorry. I only have a very vague grasp on that concept (metacognition.) I just couldn't resist jumping in and being kinda rude... a lot of people think birds are dumb, and they're not, and I am a bit too aggressive when defending them (birds and their intelligence.) No offence intended.
  12. Cats are hygenic and dignified, like women... Dogs are smelly and sniff butts and hump things. Just like men. (I'm only half-serious.) Totally wrong. Birds are extremely intelligent.
  13. Porrot

    Reasonable ships

    What do you guys think of Trixie/Discord? There was so much chemistry between them in To Where and Back again. They bickered and argued like an old married couple. I seriously expected them to kiss. Plus, they're both redeemed villians with sharp wits and antagonistic personalities.
  14. Porrot

    My relationship with my brother

    Move out! I don't know how old you are, but living alone is very resfreshing. Me and my bro' were always at each other's throats when we lived in the same house... now I have my own place, we're almost friends and quite civil towards each-other. We still see each other often, but we don't fight anymore. It's amazing.