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  1. I’m so, so sorry I missed your birthday! 

    It’s still so hard believing that you’re gone..I miss you very much :(

    Happy belated birthday, Rest In Peace.

    1. Nature Tune

      Nature Tune

      You are my friend and I’ll never forget you..

  2. I never talked with you, neither did i ever truly learned to know you.

    But hearing so late what happend to you, makes my heartache.

    You have made a great impact on many peoples life and they will be forever grateful

    Wherever you might be, be it heaven, Equestria, or whatever lies in the great beyond, i know that you are in a good place, where you don't feel anymore pain.

    Let the calm embrace of peace cover you for eternity.

    Rest in Peace. :(


  3. I hope you re-incarnated in Equestria!

    Happy Birthday!

    Still cannot believe we'll never see you on the forums again!

    I'll miss you friend!

  4. My dear friend.

    I still can't believe that I will never read any your new post on the forum, that I won't receive a mesage about your new status update. Sometimes I have a ind of feeling that you are still alive and  I only can't explain your absence here. I know terribly fact but something inside me still  is not able to believe.
    I completetly don't know where are you and who you are now. I hope that you are on this beautiful land where good always win with evil, where living wonderful and good ponies,  I hope that you are in Equestria and that you wake up every morning to drink a cup of coffee with Twilight, Fluttershy, Princess Celestia, Luna, Tempest Shadow and with their amazing friends.

  5. I hope they still celebrate parties similar to birthdays in the afterlife.

  6. Happy Birthday, My Friend. I miss you. 

    I know you are happily living in Equestria with everypony &

    I also know that they are just as proud to call you their friend as I am. :rarity:


  7. Happy Birthday my friend. i miss you, i wish you where here with me. i know you would be if you could. i hope youre happy where you are now, and i hope to see you again one day.

  8. Happy Birthday, mine dear friend! And happy Equestria re-birth day, as I truly believe that thy soul found the vista through the shadows of void to the light of the blessed land thou aspired.

    Thou shalt be missed dearly hither by thy friends, gathering in the club lounge, thou created so generously... till time cometh and we meet again. Alas, we didn't have much time to spend together, but I know what were thine dearest wishes methinks; so, may them come true for thy equine and human friends both.

    Mine Garden of Shadows is now arrant open for thee, but don't forget to seek for the light. Good bye, friend, till we meet again

  9. May it feel like your birthday everyday wherever you are my friend :rarity: you were such good friends with some of my closest ones on here.. we were just starting to get to know each other when everything in my life went upside down and made me leave...

    You never know what's going to happen, or what kind of time you have with those around you. I wish I would've had more with you, but maybe I might get that chance when I myself leave this plane 

    May everything you ever wanted in this life be fufilled, and may your picture hang in the little coffee lounge you left behind for your friends 

  10. Merry Birthiversary dude. Regardless of where your hallowed presence has traveled, I still wish to acknowledge the special day you were brought into this world, and touched so many lives ever since. 

  11. I know you are no longer with us, but, happy birthday, @TempestShadow... Didn't realize your birthday was so close to my own :( 

    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Man, it's a real shame... I never even got to meet him... 

      I hope he had a good life while it lasted. :sunny:

    2. King of Canterlot

      King of Canterlot

      Damn, my heart dropped when I saw his name in the "Birthday" side-bar on the main page..........

      I hope he is having the best birthday ever, where ever he ended up...... :(

  12. Rest in peace prayers to your family and loved ones. 

  13. Tempest, I never really did have a chance to formally meet or know you. Despite this, from the little I knew of you, you were a nice, cool and funny person and you added a lot of joy and memories to many including myself, even if just indirectly. 

    I never like seeing people pass on, but I do sincerely hope you have found peace and happiness.

  14. May you rest in what afterlife there may be, we shall hold you in our hearts and remember you fondly. As will your family and those you have made such an impression on. We will never forget you