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  1. The WPCC Lounge

    No problem we make new fresh coffee when I return to the lounge *giggle* Right now I´m in the very very south, yesterday evening I was down to the sea shore, and just the water in between and on the other side is your country @Fluttershy Friend Ok I´t s far away but still a lot nearer I hope you all enjoy your coffee here all friends !
  2. The WPCC Lounge

    Quote myself ? Why not *giggle* I posted this one because I just was just then told that I needed to go away for a work down south. Normally I only work in the plant where I stay every work day´s. But this time they had an urgent problem with a gas turbines control "things". We have the same old 60s technology here for an emergency backup electricity gas turbine near my work, and there is not many left that want or can work with this old completely computer less electronics. So had to jump in my car for a 800km (500miles) drive right away. *sigh* That´s where Sombra comes in, he destroyed my life in a fraction of a second. And I just wanted to be friendly with him.... bad move Tempest, newer trust him.. he is Sombra. Now some coffee and then I´m busy again until evening at least with work, If we get the old machinery back to work I hope to be able to go home again tomorrow. Sorry friends for being so of from answering and follow the happenings here..... simply I cant´t at the moment. But Tempest will return, I miss you all !
  3. Hello friends, sorry for not coming in here for a long time. I had to go urgent for work in south of our country, and my phone run out of battery, then later when I arrived, plugged it in to charge and nothing happened at all. And this was late in the evening yesterday evening. Traveling down was a 9h trip about 800km (500miles) from home.

    Then in the morning today it was just work from the morning until now, and in for sleep now. I managed to get hold of a phone but I have not my simcard in it and not much surf data in this company thing. As it looks right now I possibly can return home to the weekend. If I get some spare time I try to find a computer so I can follow you my friends. If not I´m thinking of you all. *hugs* to all my friends, and thanks a lot for caring about me.

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    2. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      I'm glad you're safe, hun. 

      *hugs close* 

    3. Johnny1226
    4. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Uff. It's good to know that you are safe. We are waiting for you!

  4. I hope you're alright my friend, its not like you to be gone so long. I hope everything is ok :sunny:

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    2. TempestShadow


      I´m ok friend thanks !

    3. Jade Fire

      Jade Fire

      *hugs* im so glad you're ok ^-^ i was so worried about you. 2 days went by without you saying anything, thats not like you at all

    4. TempestShadow


      No I know.... I talk a lot :) and when not there is a special reason ;)  Thanks for caring so much <3

  5. Hello friend!

    Today you are inactive?!^_^

    Are you busy at work  or rather have problem with internet?

    Anyway take care of yourself friend

    Something for your from my music collection (in two versions):


    1. TempestShadow


      Thanks for the music, check this when I can again.

  6. The WPCC Lounge

    A little bit lonely today in the WPCC lounge, but no problems I enjoy my coffee here anyway. I have a friend with me also...
  7. Balefire Malady

    I really liked it, thanks for posting it
  8. Do you have a busy day today friend ? *boops*

    Missing blue Luna ?.... Yes, I know *hugs* she will be back... soon


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    2. TempestShadow


      @Fluttershy Friend I understand that of course. For sure you have more friends here too <3 *boops*


    3. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      I know @TempestShadow Be sure that all my friends are  important for me and that you are one of my the best friends!

    4. TempestShadow


      Aww thanks I needed that.... now just wait for the blue princess, and see you both soon again :)


  9. The WPCC Lounge

    This is the same here, near the bigger cities they keep expensive horses and lives a pretended "farmer" life, driving an executive 4x4 car in the city. Pushing the prices so normal income families has to go. Can i tell they are hated like the pest by locals ? We did nearly the same but far from the city and completely without any money at all, starting from zero. Now I´m the only one left with animals and tractors in my little village, and all are friendly and happy for the animals that keeps the fields open. It´s a happy place and we all neighbors are ready to help each other with any thing needed all the time. One thing sucks....internet. The telephone company in our country decided to remove the phone lines due to the fact that most ponies only uses mobile phones. So our DSL line was *pop* gone. Now I need a sat link to even get any internet at all. *sigh* I talk a lot, think I need to return to what the pay me for here.... se ya all friends ! I´m just fine friend ! Sorry to hear that, actually I have never tried the "net" way of love..... think I´m to old fashion pony for that. Sorry to hear that but keep it up, some day the mare for you just stands there when you least expect it *hugs*
  10. The WPCC Lounge

    @CypherHoof @Mirage I have always stayed young at heart, so I´m more the little Fizzlepop Berrytwist inside Mmm Lunas age ? Or Celestia... hard to guess, but old enough, and for sure a lot older than my mental age Well good morning then ! Back at my work this morning. We got a lot of snow this night, are we using metric or the other (strange one for me) here ? *scratches head with broken horn* 20cm or approx 8inces. And no snow plowing done the first (oh those measurement units) 8km or 5miles. But I made it to work Enjoying my first machine coffee... yuck at first... but it will improve in taste as the day progress Just YAAY about this ! And have to check that song... btw I love the songs, mostly because I´m a child *giggles* Mmmhm something to check out for me then. I have about 1hour drive to the nearest city in good road condition. So this is a nice option for me.
  11. Is this chart right ? *giggles*


    1. Jade Fire

      Jade Fire

      lol thats adorable ^-^ thank you <3

  12. The WPCC Lounge

    Happy to hear that friend ! Ahaa ! Sorry my English sucks... and maybe my intelligence a bit.
  13. The WPCC Lounge

    @CypherHoof Hee hee, no happily not I want to live in that kind of world, and sort of I do that every day, thank´s to the fantastic friends here. Even if flawed so many have showed me the best of friendship. That was great words, thanks ! I don´t know of the rules of Sundays in the Celestianism "religion", but free to work at home I hope Here where I live nearly everyting is open on the weekends, that´s the best days for the stores to lure of money from stupid persons Think you have a way better knowledge of coffee than any other of us in this tread. So I mostly go with the ready made "mix" from different brands. But you have made me more interested to learn more about coffee. In the rural area where I live the varied supply is poor. Next city tour maybe... It´s no use to have bigger place than nesessary I think. I have started my life as an city pony and lived a city life. But I have always since foal had the best memories from the tranquility and open space far from the cities. So for different reasons and because of the stressed life me and my family made a change into the country style living. I think we are older than many ponies here ? *giggles*
  14. i hope you're doing ok my friend i found a tempest picture for you ^-^ it's different but i thought it was cool


    also i sent you 2 pms last night, i dont think you saw them, but i hope you do :rarity:

    1. TempestShadow


      Thanks for the nice picture (saved) It´s very Neo Baroque, like it a  lot. Oh yes I know.. finaly I have answered, very busy annoying day for me today, sorry friend <3

  15. The WPCC Lounge

    Maybe about a hyperactive pink pony ? Morning Jade !