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  1. What is your opinion on man hating? Are men really useless? What is your opinion on men?
  2. No it has not. Why should we tolerate what is deemed racist? Why should anyone? The next thing I know, you're going to make a complaint that the swastika should be unbanned. -_-
  3. Watch "Snow White with the Red Hair". Trust me. You WILL fall in love with it as much as I did. It is not cringy at all, but cute and romantic and collected, and there are no nude scenes. Violence is kept to a few punches and stuff every so often. Oh, and it's set in the medieval era... kind of. If you want to know more, either try it out first, or contact me. :3
  4. I did not anticipate all these arguments happening. They are currently petty, but if they get any worse, I'll delete the thread.
  5. What is your opinion on gender neutral parenting? Should the idea that dresses (as an example) are for girls and that guns (as an example) are for boys remain intact, or should they be abolished?
  6. If you were to date someone, what would you say is more important to you, and in general? A person's body (ie they have to be above average or hot), or their personality? Do they matter equally? Bonus: Say someone has an average body (a 6 or a 7 out of ten), but they are witty, kind, interesting, intelligent, funny, etc. Would you date them, even if their body is not a 9.5/10?
  7. Precisely. Plus, if a thumbs up and thumbs down system was implemented, people would be more concerned about the amount of likes they get versus the reactions/responses they get from people. I am in favor of not only keeping the reactions we have now, but maybe adding a few more? (I've got no ideas.)
  8. This I can live with. However, as happy as I am with the range of reactions we currently have, is there any room for any more? I personally don't have any ideas in mind, but as long as they are not "too controversial", then the more the better in my opinion! They allow a person to express what they are thinking instead of an emotionless "thumbs up" or "thumbs down".
  9. Still... At least they are better than a thumbs up and thumbs down system.
  10. I personally become very offended whenever I receive the "Crazy" reaction on any of my posts, and I would be correct in that many other people feel the same way. I request that it be removed and replaced with a less extreme version of it. I am currently on another website (that shall remain unnamed) that has a very strict policy: you mess up once, you're done. The moment someone reports you, you are banned from the site for good. Currently it is a very strict but efficient and happy site to be at. I'm not saying MLP Forums should develop a similar system, I am just saying that anyone who uses the "Crazy" reaction for example should ALWAYS explain their actions.
  11. So, what is your opinion on Trixie Lunamoon? Would you trust her? Would she trust you? Would you like to be friends with her, and vice versa? And predictions! Do you think Trixie will ever date anyone? And what do you think it would take to get close to Trixie (as a friend)?
  12. (Gosh darn it! Are there any mare fan clubs that are not yet posted? )
  13. (Does anyone know if a Trixie fan club exists? I would like to post one. And no, stop typing. Do not steal my idea! We good? Okay. Resume typing. :3)